2017: The Year of the Undertaker for ISIS

By Ray Starmann

ISIS has been on a global murder spree in 2016. From Paris to Berlin and Ohio State to Orlando, the Islamic Satanists have been emboldened by the speak softly and deploy James Taylor national security policies from the White House and the Jim Jones national suicide open borders directives from German chancellor Angela Merkel.

It’s been open season for ISIS to shoot, behead, torture, run over and blow to smithereens any array of soft targets that they can find from one end of the planet to the other; in cafes, in theaters, in offices, in night clubs, on college campuses and at Christmas markets.

ISIS knows that the one thing that can stand in their way, the United States military, has been literally castrated under President Obama. For two years the US has conducted a half-assed, Five O’Clock Charlie air campaign, while also lacking the fortitude to launch special operations missions and subsequently failing to take the reins as traditional leader and power broker of NATO.

Combined with the timidity and outright incompetence of the Obama administration are the insane open borders policies in Western Europe, primarily in Sweden and Germany, which have turned the normally quaint and orderly countries into havens for criminals and terrorists. Berlin has become Benghazi and Paris has become Palmyra under the leadership of Big Brother EU.

Yet, as the monsters waving the sword of Allah detonate the bombs and machine gun the innocent and massacre women and children, liberals continue to light candles, sing Kumbaya, make excuses for the rapists and refuse to utter the words, Radical Islam. In Germany, Merkel’s government produces commercials showing a blond woman modeling a hijab, as if it’s the current vogue fashion of the day. In the US, disgust for the violence of Islam is labeled racism by the fools at CNN. It is a world truly upside down. It is a world created by cultural Marxists who have no idea how to confront the boogeymen.

In lockstep with their principles of seeing the world they want it, not the way it really is, liberals have simply refused to acknowledge one very simple principle: ISIS wants us dead or subjects in their Stone Age police state.  The West has only one option, to eradicate ISIS from the face of the earth or become their willing victims on the way to the charnel house.

But, all is not lost. In fact, January 20, 2017, will be the beginning of the end for ISIS.

Thankfully, there is going to be a new sheriff in town and his name is Donald Trump.

President-Elect Trump is more than aware that ISIS must not only be destroyed but vanquished from the planet, like the plague upon mankind that it is. He has already chosen retired General James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis to serve as Secretary of Defense, a man who is the closest living reincarnation to General George Patton.

Mattis will replace Ash Carter, a man who believes that transsexuals in a unit are force multipliers and that sensitivity training creates massed combat power. Carter can’t leave the Pentagon soon enough. Hopefully, he will take with him Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus, who is the most inept SecNav in the long and glorious history of the US Navy. Under Mabus’ reign of incompetence and political correctness, the Navy is teetering on death’s door.

Good riddance you worthless duds.

President Elect Trump, General Flynn and General Mattis have what was sorely lacking in the Berkeley coffee house, aka the Obama administration; the will to send ISIS where they belong, on an eternal cruise down the River Styx.

There is no doubt that Trump will order a massive bombing campaign against ISIS in Syria and Western and Northern Iraq. Possible targets include: logistics depots, oil tankers, oil pipelines, paramilitary formations, roads, bridges, assembly areas, headquarters and communications centers.

The US must strike violently and swiftly. There must be no quarter given as we would expect none from them. We must raise the black flag and not lower it until ISIS is exterminated.

In coordination with a massive bombing campaign, special operations units must go into action, decapitating ISIS key personnel, conducting sabotage and other direct action missions. We must arrive by night and kill by night. We must own the night.

Bombing missions and special operations must be conducted free of any interference from the White House. Currently, the Obama administration micromanages every aspect of Operation Inherent Resolve, with hipster lawyers authorizing military operations, Ivy League lawyers who believe that combat is like a weekend Outward Bound camping trip to Vermont.

The fight against ISIS is really a two front war. Fighting the conventional war against paramilitary targets in the Middle East is the easy part. The hard part is fighting the intelligence, police, special ops battle in the cities and towns of Europe and in America itself.

Hopefully, Mr. Trump will do as he promised, which is to shut down all immigration to the United States from countries like Syria, Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan, countries that breed terrorists like rabbits.

Unlike the Europeans we believe in national sovereignty, not national suicide.

If only Europe would follow suit.

But, they won’t. As the crimes skyrocket and the terrorist incidents rise, the Europeans and primarily the Germans seem hell bent on self-destruction. What will it take for the Merkel government and much of the German population to realize they’ve opened a Pandora’s Box from hell; a suitcase nuke explosion and a mushroom cloud over Munich?

The shadow war against ISIS has been and will be largely conducted in Europe, where ISIS has cells hidden among the Islamic population centers or no go zones that dot the land now.

The Europeans, in 2017, must stop reacting to events and instead go on the offensive. ISIS believes that the people of Germany and Sweden and France are weak and to a large extent, they are correct. With the US leading the way across the world, the Europeans must take action or they will be nothing more than dust in the wind in thirty years.

It’s time to terrorize the terrorists. It’s time to take the fight to ISIS.

It’s time for ISIS to cower in public places, to look over their shoulders, to be terrified of the knock on the door, the flash bang and Delta trooper through the window, the cruise missile through the wall and the laser guided bomb through the roof.

It’s time for ISIS to fear the reaper because the reaper is coming and his name is Trump.

2017 is going to be the Year of the Undertaker for the Islamic State.

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  1. In addition to everything mentioned in this article, I would suspect that America has very specific biological and other weapons that could target with precision, rendering the Islamic monsters either dead or simply very sick and unable to fight. Muslims are evil monsters and they hate all non-Muslims for all eternity, so it is reasonable to send all Muslims to eternity.

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