You did it!


By Ray Starmann

You did it! Yes, you, the American voter.

Yesterday, you voted to save the Republic. You voted to rescue your nation from the shackles of globalism, the tyranny of political correctness, the insanity of open border policies, the feminist destruction of the military and the pusillanimous foreign policy of the Democrats.

You voted for an uprising, a peaceful Second American Revolution that all but guarantees the right to bear arms will live for another generation and that the 200 freight car train wreck, Obamacare won’t.

You voted to wrestle the power out of the hands of arrogant, establishment puppets who are the dutiful minions of George Soros and Wall Street robber barons.

You voted to ensure that a criminal sociopath in Doctor No attire wasn’t sitting in the Oval Office.

You voted to guarantee that Huma Abedin, a Saudi intelligence officer with ties to radical Islam, never steps foot in the White House, except as part of a school field trip.

You voted to certify that the Clinton Foundation has a going out of business sale.

You voted because the rule of law was being flushed down the toilet by James Comey and Loretta Lynch.

You voted to stop the endless, unwinnable wars and to smash the dark, twisted Napoleonic dreams of the neocons.

You voted for decent wages and the pursuit of happiness, which had become nothing more than vestiges of our former greatness.

You voted to stop the spread of cultural Marxism in our grade schools, colleges and churches.

You voted for Donald Trump and his victory will resurrect America.

President-elect Trump’s to do list is long indeed. His immediate tasks include: rebuilding the military, ending Obamacare, fixing or privatizing the VA, appointing conservative Supreme Court judges, renegotiating our trade deals, BUILDING THE WALL, destroying ISIS, ripping up the Iran Deal, repairing the nation’s decaying infrastructure and creating jobs, jobs and more jobs.

The election of Ronald Reagan in 1980 was gigantic, but Trump’s victory seems even larger. While Jimmy Carter was largely incompetent in many aspects, he was at heart a decent man who did what he thought was best for the country. Reagan’s election was a repudiation of Carter and a rebirth.

Trump’s election is also a rebirth for the nation, but there is the feeling that the country has dodged a bullet. We were close to electing Hillary Clinton, a criminal and a puppet of the globalists who would have overseen the destruction of this Republic.

But, Americans knew better and elected Trump. As Winston Churchill once remarked, “Americans always do the right thing, when they’ve exhausted all alternatives.”

A year ago, who would have ever thought the Cubs were going to win the World Series and Donald Trump was going to be elected President. These are indeed interesting times!

4 comments on “You did it!
  1. Yes! We did it! I wanted to thank you Ray Starmann for authoring and sharing such a range of information keeping us abreast of issues which helped me personally in understanding the depth and gravity of the head on collision course America was on! As the Electoral Votes were flooding in for Trump last night I was thinking of our Military, Police, FBI Agents, Americans….and your heartfelt pleas for Americans to vote!

  2. I live in a nice home in a nice area. It’s just too bad that so many liberals control this state. maybe we can change that now and put California into the right side of America!

  3. Donald Trump worked his butt off for the past 15 months to win this election, let’s hope this doesn’t have a negative effect on his health.

  4. Excellent article Mr. Starmann. You hit on the essence of the election and did it concisely and incisively.

    We need to be ready to back up President Trump. He will face monstrous opposition from the Washington political establishment (both parties), K-Street, Big Banks, and the globalists like Soros.

    Trump’s ultimate weapon to bypass the entire DC Cartel is to rely on We the People to use Article V to amend the Constitution — I hope all your readers will study and make ready.

    For example: Mitch McConnell has already indicated he will NOT allow consideration of a term-limits amendment. What arrogance!

    If We the People want term limits on Congress, that’s what we should have. If McConnell won’t respond to President Trump, he can boot McConnell or, barring that, call on our state legislators to propose and ratify a term limits amendment.

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