Trump’s National Security Adviser on Radical Islam: ‘This Is a World War … They Are On The March’


CNS News

After the radical Islamic terrorist attack in Nice, France, which killed 86 people and wounded 434 people, Lt. Gen. (ret.) Michael T. Flynn, now the National Security Adviser to President-elect Donald J. Trump, said he was “done” with trying to convince President Obama “to actually define this enemy” and added that the enemy is “radical Islamic terrorism,” it is “on the march,” and “this is a world war.”

Lt. Gen. (ret.) Flynn, who served as the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency for two years in the Obama administration and in the U.S. Army for 32 years, was interviewed about the July 14, 2016 terrorist attacks on Fox’s The Kelly File.

“These guys are so sophisticated,” said Flynn in reference to the terrorists.  “There’s so savvy, and we are foolish. What we have not done — and I’ll stop here and get off my soapbox in a second. But what we have not done is we have not, from an international standpoint, we have not established an international set of strategic objectives to go after this very vicious, barbaric enemy.”

“They have declared war on us,” he said.  “This is a world war. This is a world war.”

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