Trump electors receiving death threats from Hillary supporters



One of Michigan’s 16 electors who will be called upon to cast a vote validating the election of Donald Trump in the Electoral College has testified on video that he and others in the state are receiving “dozens and dozens of death threats” from Hillary Clinton supporters urging them to switch their votes to Clinton.

On Dec. 19 the Electoral College will convene to cast their votes for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, with each state’s electors pledged to vote for the candidate elected on Nov. 8 in their state.

But more than a dozen states have no laws making it illegal for the electors to change their vote while others have only a minor penalty such as a fine for doing so. If Clinton’s supporters can get enough of the 163 electors from states where Trump both won and votes can be legally switched on Dec. 19, Hillary Clinton becomes the next president of the United States.

Michael Banerian, 22, of Oakland County, Michigan, is one of that state’s 16 official electors who will meet in the state capital of Lansing on Dec. 19 to cast their votes for Trump. He told the Detroit News Thursday he has received threatening emails, lots of them, from people telling him to vote for Democrat Clinton instead of the GOP victor he is pledged to support. Trump won Michigan’s popular vote and should be able to count on the 16 electoral votes in that state.

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2 comments on “Trump electors receiving death threats from Hillary supporters
  1. Well, Democrats are at least predictable, when they lose, they issue death threats… and then they just can’t figure out why President Trump won.

  2. Here’s a thought . . . Agree to meet them. Gun to head. POW. After all, they threatened YOU! If a gun is not your thing beat the crap out of them with a Tire Buddy. This is war people, Hillary must not only be taken down, the disease of liberalism must be destroyed completely!

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