The Sign of the Times


By Joe Ragonese

I voted yesterday.  It was a first for me, voting early.  I decided to vote early because every day this past week I passed the township office where there was a line waiting outside to cast an early ballot.  Yesterday was warm and sunny, so I too stood in that line.  Each day as I passed the voting place, I observed those who were waiting to cast their vote for America’s future.

It was obvious that young people are not waiting in line to cast their vote.  The line consisted of middle aged and senior citizens.  The youngest may have been in their mid to late 30’s.  I don’t know who will benefit most from their absence, the only thing I know is that millennials are not enthusiastic about either candidate.  Four years ago, when President Obama was on the ballot, there were many millennials in line.  I am going to guess that fewer millennials is bad news for Hillary as more young people vote Democrat until they grow up and learn better.

Another observation was the sullenness of those waiting.  There was little banter between those of us who waited over half an hour to vote.  In other elections there is almost a festive atmosphere while waiting in line; with banter between the people.  This election is so contentious that everyone seemed afraid to speak least they upset someone.  I know I was dying to ask the people around me who they were voting for, but didn’t for fear of causing a riot.  Except for one woman, who I think was voting based on a person’s sex, no one else even hinted at whom they may cast their vote for.

There were no election judges at this voting location, for either candidate.  I expect that the politically appointed people working in the township office were insuring that no politicking or other shenanigans was taking place.  To vote everyone was required to present a driver’s license or some other form of photo identification.  No one complained or said that they were being disenfranchised because of this requirement.  The woman behind the counter said that it was because anyone in the county could vote here and that they needed to verify who was voting and determine their precinct and district.

This same requirement is not necessary when applying for an absentee ballot at the polling place.  This is how the Democratic operatives who are trying to steal this election, caught on Project Veritas footage, are stuffing the ballot box with illegal votes.  It is a simple thing to do, go to a voting precinct on election day, know someone who is dead, and say that you are that person and use their ballot.  Suddenly I could be George Washington of Virginia and me and my wife, Martha, could cast our votes for whomever we want, then go to the next voting station and become James and Dolly Madison.  This is what the Democratic Party has done and why they fight tooth and nail against any reasonable anti-voter fraud legislation.

But the early voting in this township office was fair because everyone was required to produce a photo ID.  The vote was anticlimactic for me.  I have known for almost a year whom I was going to cast my vote for; businessman Donald Trump.  Yes, I said it, unlike Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, who all admitted to voting for Trump, but would not say his name.  After Mr. Trump wins, he will have to bring these wayward Republicans to task.  What is completely upsetting is that the Bush family has stated that they are not voting for Trump and instead are casting their vote for Clinton.  What is even more maddening is that John Kasich, the Ohio Governor, is so childish, that he bragged that he wrote in John McCain’s name for President; in essence, giving one more vote for Hillary.  This is the end of his political career, and I’m sure President Trump will make sure of it.

The daily conduct of my business takes me across south Cook County and Northeast Will County in Illinois as well as across Northwest Indiana.  In none of those places have I seen more than three yard sings for President.  (My yard signage poll is two Trump signs against one Hillary.)  In front of the township office where I voted there were dozens of signs for local politicians, and not a one for President of the United States.  I suspect that everyone is afraid to say who they support because both candidates are disliked; even though in Mr. Trump’s case it is due to media bias and not a true corrupt culture as it is for Hillary.  In a sign of the times, yard signage is missing so that neighbors can be friends on November 9th and pretend that they are not voting for the most important position in the world.

This election is unlike any before.  Those who have a chosen candidate are firmly behind them and vehemently opposed to the other.  Civility does not exist between the opposing views.  In the mix are a very few people who are so confused about the two candidates that they do not know, even at this late date, who they will cast their vote for on November 8.

The fate of our nation rests in their hands.  I am eminently confident that they will do the right thing and vote for America by casting their vote for Donald Trump.  I believe this because the greatest President of the 20th Century said so.

Ronald Reagan, the consummate optimist, believed that Americans will do the right thing.  He has been proven right on almost everything he said, I’m sure he is with this too.  So, based on President Reagan’s advise, I would like to be the first to congratulate President Donald J. Trump on his victory.  God bless President Trump and God bless the United States of America.

One comment on “The Sign of the Times
  1. Cong. President Donald Trump. Even though I am not voting in the USA election 2016 cuz I am not the citizen of that country, however, I am for President Trump. I like to see following things are done by President of the United States of America once he starts his office at the White House.

    1. Please do not monger war in the World tying with the banksters and globalists.

    2. Please do not hate Good Muslims. You can hate Radical Muslims.

    3. Act wisely and with good politics with Iran, Syria, Iraq, and all other countries around the World. Please do not get involved with wars with those countries and with all other countries around the World.

    4. Please keep ties with UK, but dont involved yourself with policy issues with UK. Because they are the most vicious Govt. in the World. Look what Tony Blair has done with USA and Iraq. Know that it was Tony Blair who was the man behind the war between Iraq and USA. Tony Blair pulled your nose into that War. Learn from those incidents.

    5. Learn from the incidences of the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln, John F Kennedy and from all other Brilliant President of the USA. Please, please, Mr. President do your homework wisely.

    Again, Congratulations, Mr. President Donald Trump.

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