Stein Vows To Launch Recounts In More States To Ensure “Election Integrity”


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After drawing criticism from almost everyone for her recount efforts in WI, PA, & MI, Jill Stein is doubling down saying that she “would support efforts elsewhere to uphold election integrity.”  Ironically, the only thing actually threatening our “election integrity” at the moment is Jill Stein’s recount effort.

Just yesterday we wrote a note asking why Jill Stein was pursuing these recount efforts (see “Is This The Democrats’ Real Strategy In Launching Recounts?“).  Certainly there is practically no hope of switching the ~100,000 votes that would be needed for Hillary to win WI, MI and PA and even the Obama administration and the Department of Homeland Security have confirmed that there is no evidence of election hacking.  Which left us to speculate that Stein is simply hoping to disrupt the electoral college process to push the 2016 election into the hands Congress while drawing the legitimacy of Trump’s presidency into question.

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One comment on “Stein Vows To Launch Recounts In More States To Ensure “Election Integrity”
  1. The reports are that Jill Stein is being funded by Bot’s connected with George Soros to the tune of $160,000 per hour.
    Makes one wonder if she was paid off to launch this recount since she only raised $3m her entire campaign.

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