Soros, Democracy Alliance, Dark Money, and Violence


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In the days and weeks since Donald Trump’s historic upset victory over Hillary Rodham Clinton, the Big Money establishment globalists have been in hyper-drive, colluding and scheming to launch a multi-pronged effort to undo the election. Their plan involves multiple operations providing simultaneous “pressure from above and below,” utilizing legal challenges, petitions, media campaigns, and “direct action” street violence.

On November 22, two weeks after Donald Trump was declared to have been elected the 45th president of the United States, the Open Society Foundations (OSF) revealed one of its new political initiatives: funding a $10 million program to “confront hate” in the new Trump era. The OSF, of course, is one of the main conduits through which hedge fund billionaire George Soros, for decades, has been funneling his rivers of dark money to rent-a-mob rioters in dozens of countries.

In announcing its new effort to condemn “hateful words and deeds,” the Soros “philanthropy” did not direct any of its condemnation toward the #NotMyPresident rioters, who had just wound up a prolonged campaign of violence and mayhem that included attacking police, burning buildings, smashing cars and windows, defacing public property and monuments, beating opponents and bystanders, threatening to kill the president-elect, and urging rape of First Lady-elect Melania Trump.

No, those actual, documented “hateful words and deeds,” carried out by anti-Trump/pro-Clinton partisans, are not the concern of Soros and his huge funding network. Instead, the santimonious philanthropists are targeting the alleged hateful words and deeds of Trump supporters compiled by the thoroughly discredited Southern Poverty Law Center, a vicious smear bund that poses as an impartial defender of American values while promoting a radical anti-American, anti-Christian agenda.

“In response to the national wave of hate incidents, the threat of forcible removal of undocumented immigrants, and the fear pervading communities across the country, the Open Society Foundations today announced a $10 million initiative to support and protect those targeted by hateful acts,” the OSF press release stated. The OSF statement continues:

Harsh rhetoric and policy proposals during the 2016 presidential campaign that drew on racist, sexist, anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, anti-Semitic, anti-LGBTI, and other forms of hate have encouraged a wave of physical and verbal attacks nationwide. The Southern Poverty Law Center has received over 700 reports of “hateful harassment and intimidation” since November 8.

The Open Society Foundations initiative is an effort to move swiftly to address this urgent problem, providing support designed to encourage and empower communities to resist the spread of hate and strengthen services and protections for their most vulnerable neighbors.

“We stand in solidarity with the tens of millions of Americans of all political preferences who condemn these hateful words and deeds and embrace inclusion, tolerance, and hope,” the Soros operation declares. “We applaud the many communities, organizations, advocates, and concerned families who are rising to meet this challenge, and invite others in the philanthropic community to join this fight to reaffirm core American values.”

“Top-down and Bottom-up” — Pressure from Above and Below

“Through this initiative, a combination of top-down and bottom-up approaches, we join with the millions of Americans around the country who disavow hateful rhetoric and acts,” Christopher Stone, president of the Open Society Foundations, stated in the OSF press release.

Stone’s endorsement of a “combination of top-down and bottom-up approaches” is an important restatement of the long-used strategy of the funding elites (think Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie, and Gates foundations) for coordinated action between the suites and the streets, between the corporatist one-worlders and their faux “grassroots” controlled opposition. And that coordinated action has ever been utilized by these globalist forces with the object of undermining our constitutional system of checks and balances, eroding our national sovereignty, and (eventually) submerging the United States under an all-powerful world government.

The Stone/Soros/OSF statement should be viewed as a bow to one of the seminal essays outlining the globalist agenda, entitled “The Hard Road to World Order,” which appeared in the April 1974 issue of Foreign Affairs, the official house organ of the organized one-worlders at the Council on Foreign Relations, or CFR. Time magazine once called Foreign Affairs “the most influential periodical in print.” It can be viewed as the vehicle by which the intellectual upper tier of the globalist elite deliver the Party Line to the Party faithful.

Written by CFR member Richard Gardner, “The Hard Road to World Order” recognized that, despite the massive efforts of the organized internationalists (Gardner included) since World War II, “instant world government” had still eluded them. He acknowledged the hard truth that popular resistance to the goal of a global superstate — the globalists’ vaunted New World Order — necessitated a long-term, gradualist approach. He wrote:

In short, the “house of world order” will have to be built from the bottom up rather than from the top down. It will look like a great “booming, buzzing confusion,” to use William James’ famous description of reality, but an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, will accomplish much more than the old-fashioned frontal assault.

Much of the social chaos we see happening around us does indeed “look like a great ‘booming, buzzing confusion,’” as Gardner said, but there are globalist hands behind the activist bands agitating in the streets. The Astroturf “bottom up” efforts of the Left invariably are  directed from the top down. And the top-down directions invariably flow through CFR Central, which some critics have aptly dubbed the “Imperial Brain Trust.”

The street mobilizers from and #BlackLivesMatter are some of the most notable Soros-funded chaos agents. George Soros is a leading member and funder of the Council on Foreign Relations. His son, Jonathan Soros, is also a member, as are key individuals who are (or have been) operatives in OSF and other Soros-funded activist organizations. Aryeh Neier, who served as president of the Open Society Foundations for nearly a decade, from its founding in 1993 to 2012, is also a CFR member. (Incidentally, and worthy of note, Neier was one of the ‘60s radicals who founded the violent Students for a Democratic Society, SDS. He subsequently went on to lead the ACLU, which, like the SDS, invokes “democracy” while doing everything possible to undermine our constitutional republic.) Which brings us to the Democracy Alliance, another major Soros operation, run by CFR member Gara LeMarche. Like Aryeh Neier, LeMarche was also a professional rabble rouser/revolutionary for the ACLU before being promoted to director of U.S. programs for the Open Society Foundations. He then got bumped up to CEO of the Atlantic Philanthropies, where he oversaw the foundation’s grantmaking avalanche of funds to “social justice” activists.

Democracy Alliance Billionaires Huddle Against Trump

George Soros and his fellow deep-pocket funders of the Democratic Party and left-wing causes wasted no time after the election to plan their counteroffensives. The millionaires and billionaires of the Democracy Alliance gathered with a lineup of party activists and luminaries from Hollywood and Wall Street for a three-day “investment conference” (November 15-17) at the luxurious Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington, D.C., which ran under the headline, “2016-2018-2020: Seizing Opportunity & Building Power.”

The agenda for the closed meeting described President-elect Trump’s 100-Day Plan as “a terrifying assault on President Obama’s achievements — and our progressive vision for an equitable and just nation.” Speakers, presenters, and panelists at the Democracy Alliance (DA) soiree included such standard fixtures of the establishment Left as Gara LaMarche, Van Jones, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and Rep. Keith Ellison, as well as leaders of the AFL-CIO, SEIU, AFSME, and other labor unions. But the A-List of attendees, around 100 DA “Partners,” are those that can write the big checks, and have been known for giving millions to fund radical “progressive” causes. Although a complete list of this year’s attendees has not been made available, the DA Partners includes such financial heavyweights as Donald Sussman, Herb and Marian Sandler, Tom Steyer, Norman Lear, Rob McKay, Amy Goldman, Philip Munger, Adam Abram — and, of course, the Soros family (George and sons Jonathan and Alex). Not surprisingly, a number of the activist foundations were also listed on the DA agenda as “hosts”: Rockefeller Family Fund, Surdna Foundation, Solidago Foundation, Tides Foundation, JK Irwin Foundation, Arca Foundation, and Wyss Foundation.

Between the time of its founding in 2005 and the 2014 election cycle, Democracy Alliance reportedly had funneled $500 million into “progressive” Left-wing organizations. (The Capital Research Center and have produced extensive reports on the DA’s donors and the group’s funding activities.) The highly secretive Democracy Alliance serves as a “pass through” conduit that allows high-end donors to contribute anonymously to a variety of leftist causes — in addition to what these same donors give directly to political campaigns. In the latest election cycle, the DA Partners comprise not only an important subset of Hillary Clinton’s prominent donors, but also key funders of virtually every port-side political activist contingent concerning hot-button issues from abortion, gun control, and global warming to LBGTQ rights, Muslim refugee resettlement, and amnesty for illegal aliens. The DA’s intertwining relationships with the Surdna Foundation, Tides Foundation, EMILY’s List, and other “pass through” groups allows the DA funders additional opportunities to double-launder their dark money contributions.

A spokesman for Soros has denied that the magnate’s Open Society Foundations have funded the #NotMyPresident protests and riots. “George Soros is not funding these (anti Trump) protests,” Soros spokesperson Michael Vachon said in an interview with Value Walk. “This is a fiction promoted by the alt-right.” Of course, Soros also denied funding the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement. But, financial records showed that he had provided millions of dollar to the Tides Foundation, which had then passed through funding to the OWS activists. He has also been a major funder of and #BlackLivesMatter, two of the organizations fielding cadres for #NotMyPresident mayhem.

The $10 million initiative mentioned above that the OSF claims is going to “confront hate” is not a large amount compared to the billions of dollars that Soros and his DA Partners have lavished on the perpetual protesters and malcontents of the Left, but it is serious seed money that is, undoubtedly being matched many times over through ther ubiquitous funding founts that oil the activist machine. And it is likely safe to assume that much of it will work its way into coffers that will be bankrolling the organizing and transporting of the rent-a-mob rioters who will be materializing in Washington, D.C., and in cities nationwide, to disrupt the Trump inauguration.

“We will begin soliciting applications via our website next week, and plan to make funding decisions on an expedited basis, directing grants to organizations that are well positioned to provide support, services, technical assistance, outreach, and public education in the face of acts of hate,” declares the November 22 OSF press release.

The acts of hate carried out in recent post-election riots may have been only a foretaste of what is to come. The same forces responsible for that havoc are calling for even larger “protests” on Inauguration Day. The funders of this chaos must be held accountable. Only a few days before the Democracy Alliance convention, the Internal Revenue Service denied non-profit status to Tea Party groups, after stringing them along, tying them up in expensive court fights, and delaying a decision for nearly seven years. Meanwhile, the IRS looks the other way as non-profits such as Democracy Alliance and tax-exempt foundations such as Soros’ fraudulent Open Society network sluice their dark money to armies of Marxist misfits. Putting an end to this tax-exempt tide of corruption and subversion should be a top priority of President-elect Trump — if the “top-down and bottom-up” co-conspirators do not prevent him from taking office.


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