Revealed: The NATO Freeloaders


Daily Mail

Data has revealed the NATO countries who are not spending enough on defence to warrant Donald Trump using US forces to protect them from an attack.

The President elect caused alarm during his election campaign by suggesting Washington would think twice about coming to the aid of an endangered NATO ally if it had not paid its dues.

The alliance has set a target for its members of spending 2 per cent of GDP on defence – but the likes of France, Germany and Canada are among more than 20 members not meeting the objective, figures show.

Even Eastern European NATO members Latvia – bordering Russia – and neighbouring Lithuania are projected to spend less than the target level in 2016.

Slovakia and Hungary – both bordering Ukraine – do not meet the 2 per cent recommendation either, according to defenseone.

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  1. If only some one would look at the UN in the same manner. TheUN today is not good for the American “we the people.”

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