The Real Strategy

Russia has officially declared that Billionaire George Soros is a wanted man in their country, citing him and his organizations as a “threat to Russian national security”.

Putin banned Soros from Russia last year due to the fact that Soros helped to nearly destroy the Russian economy in the early 1990’s.

Matt Taibbi of the Rolling Stone said of Goldman Sachs six years ago:

“The first thing you need to know about Goldman Sachs is that it’s everywhere. The world’s most powerful investment bank is a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money.

“In fact, the history of the recent financial crisis, which doubles as a history of the rapid decline and fall of the suddenly swindled dry American empire, reads like a Who’s Who of Goldman Sachs graduates.”

Obviously Soros wants to be like Goldman Sachs. Phil Butler puts it well when he says: “George Soros has a finger in every political pie there is. If there is a crisis on our world, it’s a safe bet he’s had a hand in it.”

One can say that Soros and Goldman Sachs are ideologically part of the same brotherhood. Their strategy is a little different, but the end result is the destruction of lives via the economic system (be it capitalism or socialism) and political manipulation.

That’s why Soros seems to think that he is invincible. He thinks he can move the political and economic planet in a few blinks of an eye and no one can tell him to stop. In fact, he writes books such as The Alchemy of Finance. Soros thinks he can kill political stability throughout Europe and indeed in America with no challenge.

Soros is certainly old, but he doesn’t want to be obsolete. His organization has recently been caught conducting covert operations designed to destabilize Russia. Here is an interesting quote from the leaked files of Soros’ Open Society Foundation:

“Our inclination is to engage in activities and with actors that will understand and counter Russian support to movements defending traditional values…Naming and shaming from us is problematic: we are also in the business of channeling money into other countries for political purposes.”

      • Geanne, tell us about all the good things Israel has done for the US. And then figure out the $ number of all the US money, arms, whatever that has gone from the US to Israel. There seems to be a disconnect on both sides as to what’s really up with Israel…so, tell us.

      • The thing to remember about the Zionist Bankers is that they are playing the same game. Just because George looks like he’s anti Israel doesn’t mean he is not in league with the Zionists or even Israeli Jews. It is an insidious and sinister game. Their religion is the religion of money. Don’t forget that. Nothing is what it seems. blessings on you… may all beings be happy…

    • In America we would go for dead. Soros need to be deprived of his OXYGEN. He is just rich TRASH.
      Putin, let us know how we can help dis-guard this trash.HE causes trouble were ever he goes. Kicked out of his own Home Land. and 3 other countries.Speaks Volumes.
      Good Luck.
      Hope you and Trump our NEW president Join together .
      Highest Regards,
      American Lady.

      • Thank you!
        I’m from the Crimea.
        We really want to see America and Russia become friends.
        Why fight? It is better to defeat cancer and to feed the hungry.

        I read here many good messages about Putin. I want to say thank you to everyone who voted for Trump. Now I hope we stop ssoritsyach. and instead of hitting by Daesh.

        All Good!

      • It’s certainly a sad day in America, when the majority of the US population respects our, “proverbial enemy” more than we do our current sitting POTUS. Not, that it’s hard to do, by any means, just sad! But, I do hope and pray that President Elect Trump will follow through and show the world that we are a force to be reckoned with, once again. May he go down in history as one of our greatest Presidents 🙂

    • America now loves Putin for doing what we cannot. Imagine 100 packed stadiums full of people cheering as they hear Putin is going after Soros !!! This, ( and Trump winning, ) is the best news we’ve heard in decades. THANK YOU RUSSIA !!!!!! WE LOVE YOU !!!! XXXOOOO

    • Is there anyone other than Hillary and Obama that like this guy Soros.

      Now Obama will have to nuke Russia to save his best friend and employer George Soros

      • That will never happen ,even though Obama is in the white house for 60 more days or so he would not do that.When Trump gets in he will get our relations with Russia back where they should be. The Russian people are very much like us .I met some Russian Students at WVU in the late 1970ds ,they were intelligent well spoken young men .Other than their accents they are just like us .We have a lot in common with Russia ,hopefully we will become allies.

      • a pill right between his zionist eyes forever gone .. send him back to hell from whitch he spawned this piece of shytte was not born oof natural mother he was spawned from hell itself lets send him to where he belongs

      • A rich Hungarian Ashkenazi Jew with a god complex, who betrayed his brothers and sisters to the Nazis towards the end of the second world war. He has brought death and destruction to many people especially his own species. He has always been about the devils work. Now on behalf of the ”New World Order” His purple Revolution has been instrumental in setting ablaze the cities and towns of North America. Having failed to ignite and fan the flames of discontent in the hearts of the ancient Nation of Russia he feeds the troubling breeze of the Mass Biblical exodus from Syria.

    • He was born in 1930 which made him about 3 years old when Hitler became Chancellor. He did emigrate to the US to escape nazi power. A shame he funds hate groups. You’d think he remembered.

      • Soros has given first hand accounts of what he did in the holocaust.
        He was a teenaged Jew (14 IIRC) that helped Nazi confiscate property and round up other Jews.

    • Yes, Putin is as evil as they come, and the number of bankers who are dead, supposedly committing suicide is out of sight. Thank you President Putin

    • http://londonprogressivejournal.com/article/view/2482/in-the-panama-capers-we-trust

      One must mention here that the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) was George Soros USAID funded. USAID has been tied to corruption and mismanagement for years:[4] “USAID last month suspended its association with International Relief and Development [IRD] and the action means the group will not be given any new USAID contracts … The Washington area aid group has received more than $2.4 billion in contracts and cooperative agreements through USAID since 2007.” As for the megalomaniac Soros, according to Kurt Nimmo writing on April 5 2016 for Infowars:[5] “The establishment has not bothered to investigate the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), the organization behind the leak. A trip to its web page reveals its support and funding sources: the Open Society Foundations (a George Soros outfit), the Ford Foundation and a host of other foundations. Soros’ anti-Russian obsession is well-known. Less well-known is the fact the Ford Foundation is connected to the CIA and has specialized in international cultural propaganda since the end of the Second World War.” Soros’ obsession with endless accumulation of wealth makes him the über capitalist whilst dressed up as a self-preening socialist. According to Forbes, George has a net worth of US $24.9 billion.[6]

    • When is America going to do something about this guy??? What price has Putin put in his head? I’m sure it’s not enough. You may not like Putin but you really need to respect him for his sting lead.


      • OK lets say you have 4 or 5 guys rock ready. Now you have to track him down and have everyone ready to do the job. Intelligence approx $20,000 to $50,000, sending crew and getting weapons, transpo ext ext, approx $200,000. Payday for 5 guys $1,000,000. So having said all that 2 mill or more bounty would get the job done. 2 mill should cover unsuccessful runs untill successful.

    • He will not be going to Israel any time soon. During the war, he ratted out hundreds of his fellow jews to the Gestapo for extermination.


  1. Soros openly admitted to being a Nazi war criminal many many years ago and only now someone wants to deal with him now that he’s a short timer.

    Better late then never!

    But the snake will grow a new head as soon as Soros is gone.

      • There is a long list of Clinton Body count..perhaps his son could just be mad to disappear along with his evil father.

      • Then he will be shot down. People are tired of the TRASH, REMEMBER, man makes money, money don’t make the man.

      • George Soros has a son?
        Must be adopted or purchased on the Black Market or stolen.
        I cannot imagine any woman voluntarily, consciously procreating with that Monster.
        “Okay, I’ll pay $1 million”
        “2 million?”
        “Okay,final offer $1 billion.”
        “What’s that?”
        “Yes, we can do it with the lights off”

      • Hello Americans !!!
          We are Russian, very happy for you. We are very glad that you made the right choice by selecting Trump your president.
         We Russians are following very closely the events in America. Very much to ask you, Do not be fooled, and the Soros CLINTON !!!
         We know that some Americans, for the money go to rallies organized by the Clinton and Soros against President Trump.
         We Russians are very much hope that our relations will improve. We are citizens of Russia, in the same way as you do, do not want war. We want to live and raise our children. All the same as you do. We are simple people of both countries, have nothing to divide among themselves. We can only share with one another than good.
         Let’s not much time to pay attention to our politicians. Let’s just be friends among people. It’s is just great!

          And I want to tell you this: We in Siberia and in Russia, there is every year the summer. Just like you.)
         We do not drink a lot of vodka.) And we do not always walk the streets bears, except in the extreme north, and in the taiga.

         Just like you. The only difference, in our country, all you can do recreational fishing are completely free and without any special documents.)
          And we have 70 million families have vacation homes in the property with the land. There we usually leave out of our cities during the summer.
         Apartments in our cities also in personal property.
         Here we have this freedom. Envy. for good.
         And we, the police did not shoot the people on the slightest suspicion.
         Schools have complimentary. Colleges by 50-60% free too. Higher education institutions have also a 50% free.
         What esche7 …
         Medicine did about as you have insurance. That is very bad. But there is hope that our President Putin, our medicine return to the Soviet system, when it was all free.
         Our education from next year, too, will be returned to the Soviet system, that is free for all.
         Our system, in 90 years, destroyed it, George Soros, with the help of traitors. This article is just written.

          Porosto ask me for my English curve.))) I write across the machine translator. In any case, I post the texts in both languages. I hope you have friends who know the Russian language, buyout you translate perfectly.
          Write to me, I will try to answer all if I can, and you will not have too much.)
         I’ll tell you everything I know about Russia.

        Привет американцы!!!
        Мы русские, очень рады за вас. Мы очень рады, что вы сделали ПРАВИЛЬНЫЙ выбор, выбрав Трампа вашим президентом.
        Мы россияне, очень внимательно следим за событиями в Америке. Очень большая к вам просьба, НЕ ДАЙТЕ СЕБЯ ОБМАНУТЬ КЛИНТОН И СОРОСУ!!!
        Мы знаем, что некоторые американцы, за деньги выходят на митинги организованные Клинтон и Сорос, против президента Трампа.
        Мы россияне, очень надеемся, что отношения между нашими странами наладится. Мы граждане России, точно так же как и вы , не хотим войны. Мы хотим жить и растить наших детей. Все так же как и вы. Нам простым людям обоих стран, нечего делить между собой. Мы можем только поделиться друг с другом чем то хорошим.
        Давайте не будем много времени обращать внимания на нашим политикам. Давайте дружить просто между людьми. Это ведь будет просто здорово!

        И еще я хочу вам вот что сказать: У нас в Сибири и в России , бывает каждый год лето. Все как у вас.)
        Мы много водки не пьем.) И у нас не везде по улицам ходят медведи, разве что на крайнем севере, и в Тайге.

        Все как у вас. Единственная разница, у нас в стране, везде можно заниматься любительской рыбалкой совершенно свободно и без всяких специальных документов.)
        А еще у нас 70 миллионов семей, имеют загородные дома с землей в собственности. Туда мы обычно выезжаем из наших городов в летний период.
        Квартиры наши в городах тоже в личной собственности.
        Вот такая у нас свобода. Завидуйте. по хорошему.
        И еще у нас, полиция не расстреливает людей по малейшему подозрению.
        Школы у нас бесплатные. Колледжи на 50-60% тоже бесплатно. Высшие учебные заведения у нас тоже также 50% бесплатное.
        Что еще7…
        Медицину сделали примерно как у вас, страховую. Что очень плохо. Но есть надежда, что наш президент Путин, вернет нашу медицину к Советской системе, когда было все бесплатно.
        Наше образование со следующего года, тоже будет возвращено к Советской системе, то есть бесплатной для всех.
        Нашу систему, в 90 годах, разрушил именно Джордж Сорос, с помощью предателей. Об этом в статье как раз и написано.

        Прошу поростить меня за мой кривой английский.))) Я пишу через машинный переводчик. На всякий случай, выкладываю тексты на обеих языках. Надеюсь у вас есть друзья знающие русский язык, котрые вам отлично переведут.
        Пишите мне, я постараюсь ответить всем если смогу и вас не будет слишком много.)
        Я расскажу вам все что знаю про Россию.

        • Thank you! I agree we should all be friends and don’t want war. The rhetoric Clinton was using about Russia was alarming. Only after reading about what Soros did in Russia did I understand why. Though I don’t agree with everything Russia does, as I am pro LGBT rights.

          I think we have the right to preserve our borders and regulate immigration. As respect for all cultures, not racism.

        • Hi Genadii,

          I am a citizen of Australia, and like you, our American friends and people all over the world, am also a Citizens of the World.

          It’s so nice to be able to connect with you in peace and goodwill.

          Keep your heart light shining!

          Best wishes to us all.

        • Gennadii RUSSIA, would be great to connect. I feel as you do. And, would advise that I believe Russians have greater lives than American’s live at this time. I Am so grateful for the opportunity to create unity with Russia – and for peace. Much love

        • I hope that our countries will grow together and that as we move away from war to peace that we can accomplish great things,perhaps send some of our people to Mars or solve some of the secrets of our own world.

    • Hmm, a Nazi War criminal? Born in 1930? Was he 9 years old when he joined the “party” in ’39, and by the wars end, when he was a 4 months short of his 15 year.

      I’m not a Soros supporter, but let’s do some simple research before we come up with this stuff.

      Besides, you got issues with Nazi’s?

      • Soros turned in his family friend and neighbors to the Nazis when he was a young boy, a jewish boy who betrayed his own. When asked about this in a letter interview, he said, “better them than me” Do your research before making assumptions. He has been an evil vile creature since he was a 9 year old boy, yes indeed it’s true!

      • As a boy, he helped the Nazis by pointing out fellow Jews to them. Soros says this was the happiest time of his life. I saw him say this myself in an interview. It must be on youtube if you want to verify this for yourself.

      • In 1944 he was 14 years old and turned over other Jews that were hiding, to the Nazis. He got an early start being evil.

      • He claimed he was merely 14 years old when he took part in taking Jewish property in Nazi Germany….while he pretended not to be Jewish himself….& his mom changed their name to Soros.

      • I guess you didn’t catch a TV interview of him a few years ago when he personally told his story and showed great pride in pointing out Jews for the Germans to pick up and haul into concentration camps. I DID catch that interview. I also recall it being reported by the MSM that he threw some kinks into monetary systems throughout Europe a few short years ago. The man is a MONSTER, unfit to live among decent humans, whether or not you know anything about him is irrelevant to most of us who DO know something about him.

      • Yes Soros as a young boy did do Nazi dirty work. He admits it in an interview many years ago. He is a self hating Jew piece of garbage.

      • He was 14, saved from the camps, helped his “godfather” gather up and take personal belongings from captured jews. Simple research, as you sid.

      • George’s father Theodore tried to change the family’s fortunes by changing their name to something less Jewish-sounding. It didn’t help. And soon war came.

        When the Nazis took total control of Hungary in 1944, the Holocaust followed. In two months, 440,000 Hungarian Jews were deported to death camps.

        To survive, George, then a teenager, collaborated with the Nazis.

        First he worked for the Judenrat. That was the Jewish council set up by the Nazis to do their dirty work for them. Instead of the Nazis rounding up Jews every day for the trains, they delegated that murderous task to Jews who were willing to do it to survive another day at the expense of their neighbours.

        Theodore hatched a better plan for his son. He bribed a non-Jewish official at the agriculture ministry to let George live with him. George helped the official confiscate property from Jews.

        By collaborating with the Nazis, George survived the Holocaust. He turned on other Jews to spare himself.

      • Soros has repeatedly called 1944 “The Best Year of his Life.” 70% of Mr. Soros’s fellow Jews in Hungary, nearly a half-million human beings, were annihilated in that year, yet he gives no sign that this put any damper on his elation, either at the time or indeed in retrospect. During an interview with “Sixty Minute’s” Steve Kroft, Soros was asked about his “best year.”

        KROFT: My understanding is that you went out with this protector of yours who swore that you were his adopted godson.

        SOROS: Yes. Yes.

        KROFT: Went out, in fact, and helped in the confiscation of property from your fellow Jews, friends and neighbors.

        SOROS: Yes. That’s right. Yes.

        KROFT: I mean, that sounds like an experience that would send lots of people to the psychiatric couch for many, many, years. Was it difficult?

        SOROS: No, not at all. Not at all, I rather enjoyed it.

        KROFT: No feelings of guilt?

        SOROS: No, only feelings of absolute power.

      • Soros ADMITTED to it on a 60 Minutes interview that is easily found on the Internet.

        I did the research you suggested.

      • He looks older than 86. Since his reputation for veracity is somewhat tarnished, who really knows what is true about his birth.

        The fact that he boasts about his role with the Nazis in the round up of Jews should raise questions about his actual age. All kinds of things can be done to keep him looking youthful. He would not be the first man to lie about his age.

        Regardless, he should be in a rocking chair on the porch and not trying to make the world into his ugly ideology.

        Nazi’s… weren’t they a bunch of socialist control freaks? I have issues with control freaks, regardless of ideology.

      • in 1944, 14-year-old George Soros went to work for the invading Nazis. It is said that until the end of the war in 1945, he worked with a government official, helping him confiscate property from the local Jewish population. In an 1998 interview with 60 Minutes, Soros described the year of German occupation as “the happiest time in my life.”

      • Look for his Charlie Rose interview from several years ago. Although he was a kid, he was definitely a Nazi supporter and justifies his actions to this day. I believe he helped locate jews for the Nazi’s. One of his parents was a Jew and he was ashamed. He wanted to show that he wasn’t a Jew and had no love for Jews. He is a despicable person.

      • It’s always easiest to influence them when they are young (hitler youth) and yes, I do have a big problem with hitler and the nazis. They did what so many other despots in the past, present and future have done/will do. Control the media, health care and disarm the populace and barage them with dis-information so they do not know fact from fiction.

        • What you just described the Nazi’s doing is exactly what the modern Democratic Party of the USA is trying to do. Right down to control the Healthcare & disarm the populace. That’s why Soros is currently funding BLM & protests against Trump. Soros is an EVIL little man!

      • We watched a video this evening of his interview on 60 Minutes in 2006. He was 14 during the time that people were being taken to concentration camps. He helped his “adopted” father take possessions from people for the Nazi’s. He also said he felt no guilt and still doesn’t. This guy made my skin crawl and my blood boil. Google the 60 minute segment.

      • Please, get a clue, European. Seriously. Soros himself has admitted he collaborated with the Nazis as a very young man.

        Research? You need to start with yourself, mon ami. None of this is contested, even by Soros (he merely justifies it) himself.

        Nazis? Yeah, I have issues with the National SOCIALIST Workers’ Party. Socialism destroys everything it touches, for, as Bastiat noted, “Socialism is the great fiction, whereby everybody endeavours to live off of everybody else.” Never has worked, never will work, and never CAN work

        • Never confuse socialism with social-nationalists. It’s like black and white.
          The Soviet Union was socialism that has socially oriented society where everyone is equal, and the kingdom of justice.

          In Nazi Germany had the social-nationalism ..
          The total between the two terms is the only one: it is a community of people focused on the same goals.
          Society, a group of people.

      • Soros betrayed other Jews and helped steal their property and send them to their tragic deaths to spare himself. he worked for the Judenrat. That was the Jewish council set up by the Nazis to do their dirty work for them. Instead of the Nazis rounding up Jews every day for the trains, they delegated that murderous task to Jews who were willing to do it to survive another day at the expense of their neighbours.

      • Here are some Soros facts; When he was a child he was protected by a colonel. He was not a Party Member but he pointed out Jewish families to them. He states his happiest days were under the Nazis. Check his life out.Deqadly but interesting.

      • At age 14, Soros posed as the Christian godson of an official of the fascist Hungarian government’s Ministry of Agriculture. The official was involved in making inventories of the estates of wealthy Jewish families who were being sent to death camps. Rather than leave Soros alone in the city, the official brought him along and Soros participated in this action.[26] He has stated that he accompanied the confiscation of Jewish property on multiple occasions, but that he felt no feeling of guilt for his actions, explaining: “In a funny way, it’s just like in markets – that if I weren’t there… someone else would be taking it away anyhow

      • Maybe you don’t remember the Hitler Youth. Nazi children who turned in their parents and relatives.

      • A 60 Minutes interview is on YouTube; Wikipedia supports the info. He indeed worked (happily, as he said) for the Nazis at a very young age.

      • Europe continues to live in a persistent state of denial they call continental cosmopolitanism. Educated Europeans have been indoctrinated by megalomaniacs posing as philanthropic interests. The last century demonstrates how hopelessly naive these people are. They remain the serfs to their own antiquated aristocracies and monarchies. They are the easiest people in the world to dupe and enslave while their masters convince them that slavery is freedom and servile stupidity is superior intellect. You confuse arrogance with what should be shamed embarrassment. So, European American, I am not surprised by your hopeless naivete. However, your self-deluded assumption that you possess even a splinter of credibility still amazes me. Go back to serving your multiple masters.

      • The Nazis had the Hitler youth and yes it was common for children of 7,8 or 9 to turn their Parents in and neighbors for conspiring against the Party. Do Your research. You don’t have to be in a movement to sympathize with it either.

      • If you recall the Nazi’s recruited small children to turn their own family in for what ever they considered a threat. At 13-15 he very well might have committed atrocities.

      • Soros has given first hand testimony that he assisted the Nazis with confiscating property and rounding up other Jews. He said was 14 at the time.

        By all means, please verify.

      • The evil Soros DNA must be removed from the gene pool… Hopefully his son is with him when he is blown into thousands of pieces. That will save us from tracking down the junior cockroach later.

        • Why hasn’t Mossad agents taken him and his son out if he worked with Nazis ?I don’t doubt that he would do that .It makes him a war criminal doesn’t it ?

    • Soros’ multi $BILLION fortune was started on supposedly stolen Jewish property, and yet NOT A PEEP out of Israel?! Why are janitors and clerks persecuted but Soros walks free and BRAGS about it!? No demands Soros’ money be turned over to holocaust survivors? !
      in 1944, 14-year-old George Soros went to work for the invading Nazis. It is said that until the end of the war in 1945, he worked with a government official, helping him confiscate property from the local Jewish population. In an 1998 interview with 60 Minutes, Soros described the year of German occupation as “the happiest time in my life.”
      This is the face of pure evil… and with whom the Democrat party has aligned itself. George Soros Says He Feels No Remorse For Collaborating With Nazis During WWII to Send His Fellow Jews to the Death Camps, Steal Their Property…: — viaOttawa Sun, Billionaire George Soros has made a living wrecking the lives of others. “

      • Soros is doing the work of the zionist Rothschild Mafia who founded and own Israel which is the Rothschild’s personal military base.

      • Those who have researched WWii and holohoax properly all agree that it was instigated by zionists, same as October revolution in Russia and most of the other conflicts around the world, including Syria, Iraq, Lybia and muslim invasion of Europe currently taking place. Jews that DID die in work camps were purposely targeted because they were the real Jews. Soros is not, he is Khazarian mafia same as 90% of inhabitants of israhell. He is (soros) just one of the pixels in a much larger picture that paints the world as joo controled depopulated and mixed race one and all slavery.
        He, rottenchilds, rockefellers, and many more like them should be deleted together with their families for the world to stand a chance of freedom for all humanity.


      • When did America start turning to foreign leaders to mete out justice? I agree that Soros needs justice, but it grieves me that we have begun to depend on anyone but ourselves to see him prosecuted. Maybe what Putin and others have said about Americans is true. We worship money so much that we allow criminals like Soros to buy his immunity. We have allowed our politicians to sell our democracy to the Saudis and people like Soros. We are in danger of being the butt of Historians’ jokes, because our greed made us monetize our morality and common sense. Nothing but decay and collapse will follow. Asking Putin to do our own work is just an early sign of our inevitable decline. What a loss.

        • Ellisberg, Yes, however, what is fantastic is you recognize the truth, as do many others. We’ll rebuild after the collapse – and we’ll do it with integrity – because – finally – we are all about truth. One for all and all for one – together we shall prevail.

    • Most disgusting thing is that Mossad pretends it did not hear this interview with Walters. This is all joke with hunting Nazi criminals then.

    • The new head of the snake will be his son that he is currently indoctrinating on how to destroy countries through the dumbing down of the people and thus having a endless supply of actors for his evil/greedy ways of installing civil unrest for his desire to set the ground work for his staged revolution and if successful will swoop in during/ after the revolution to buy everything he wants to on the cheap. His policies of operations were developed during WWII against his own people! Why he was never charge with war crimes is big question mark. The plan he implemented during WWII he has now expanded to the global agenda ? He and his Minions are the poster children of pure evil .

    • If we had the cajones we could have done this a long time ago. We could’ve also frozen his assets and seized them. His billions would at least put a dent in the national debt…which he delighted in raising to utterly destroy our economy. Putin will freeze and seize If we don’t do it first.

  2. He funnels money through Tides Foundation headquartered in San Francisco, CA on the site of the old Presidio Army base – and it is another one that should be shut down and all the funds confiscated before they have time to keep funding anymore communist organizations also headquartered there in San Francisco and the entire West Coast. If people truly understood the vast amount of communist organization in place and active, all headquartered out of San Francisco, California, that city would have been surrounded by Federal troops by now and half the population put under arrest for espionage. And that is what George Soros is helping to fund, is that.

    • I think the Russians AND the USA should get together and hunt those suckers down like the Isreali’s hunted the Nazi’s down after WWII. Put them on trial and hang them for crimes against humanity !

      • 10-19-16
        Full Circle
        The Spirit of God says: “Russia, that’s right Russia, I will use Russia, the United States of America and her allies, to take on the 4th Reich called lSlS. For it has come full circle again, that’s right again. The New World Order is trying to rise and take its’ place, just like they did in WWII, using the Nazi’s. They will try again using lSlS. For this plague is spreading but not for long, for they will be wiped out for their wrongs. For just as in WWII, America and her allies came in from the west and Russia from the east, so shall it be again to slay this so called beast, and it will be brought down to the least. Some will say, “why would I use Russia? Am I not the God of the cosmos? I will use anyone and any nation I choose, whether some like it or not! I will not be put in a box!” The Spirit of God says, “The ties that were severed between America and Russia, will begin to mend and they will take on this so called Goliath and with one stone shall slay it and all those that are behind it. For it is not just lSlS they will fight, but the Elite, the Globalists, and the llluminati who will be exposed by My light. For they are an enemy to the world and My agenda. They shall fall with a mighty blow, so that My gospel will begin to flow. For they wear their flag as if it were a prayer shawl, so they will be taken down with My Shock and Awe! For freedom and liberty will begin to ring, and the people will begin to sing, as healing and light come from My wings. My people rejoice and shout, for my gospel is coming and will go through all the earth, and all the nations will know this is why My America was birthed!”

  3. How come Elie Weisel never went after George Soros? His murdering of Jews, as a Jew, is much more egregious than those Weisel pursued.

  4. I would pee my pants if I saw ISIS parading SORO’s head around on a stick……..laughing so hard I ould roll on the floor.

  5. Pray that this is true. I’ve advocated this action by the U.S. but our pussified officials are tied in with this terrorist.

  6. Soros is a threat to many countries. He is the puppet master and needs to be destroyed in one way or another. Thanks, Putin!

    • D.Drake ! The “bounty’ IS In the Taking Down of soros And Everyone of his ILK who are Still ‘ above ground ! ‘ It is Shameful that THIS USA has NOT Already Taken These Vermin OUT..And Worse, THAT The Citizens OF This USA IS Looking TO President Putin TO DO IT FOR US . That IS A Shameful Admission…Now, Isn`t it ? As for Any son of Soros Being Primed TO Take That OLD Mans` place on the Stage of Iniquity HE Seems TO Think HE Can`t fall off of.. Forget That ! When THIS Snakes` head is Chopped off..And His Body parts Scattered All over THE Universe.. That is WHEN NO MORE SOROS es Will be Sticking Their Heads Above Ground to BE ..CUT OFF. Putin..YOU NOW DO Have A LEADER OF this “”SO_Called Free World “” Who Will Be A FRIEND>>But Never An Enemy. {One Thing We need MORE OF.. are FRIENDS..}

  7. Better dead than alive but what is the bounty?
    The fact that the Clintons wore his purple colors, and now followed by riots are facts enough to hunt this man down with dogs and send him to Siberia.

    • This type of evil cannot be allowed to live in this earth age. Putin understands this where most Americans are completely clueless or are too busy groveling with snowflake issues.

  8. Don’t stop with just Soros! Got to be room for half the American senate! Most of the uks parliament and all the EU leadership! ( The real leadership is the banking cartel ) if the jobs worth doing? Do it once.

    • Half of the US Senate? How about 95% of the Senate and about 95% of the House?

      This is why both party leadership were against Donald Trump from the beginning. In September of 2015 Trump promised to prosecute the treasonous criminals within the US government.

      Now the treasonous cowards are all shaking in their pedophile boots. I think many will flee the country to escape prosecution before Trump is sworn in on January 20th..

  9. Georg Soros is a Nazi criminal, financial criminal and state criminal.
    Soros must be judged and executed.

  10. At last someone is stepping up to take out the trash. This so called human is nothing more than a giant SH*T stain on American culture and society. I had been saying for years that Soros should be on a most wanted list. POTUS must be humiliated. Putin did something POTUS did not have the balls to do. He stood up to this Hungarian trouble maker whom thinks he is a Living GOD.

  11. If Putin really wanted Soros dead, he would already be dead. Simple really; Make it look like you are doing the right thing, but never truly finish the task because humans have such a short attention span.

    Now, if a ten million dollar bounty was placed on Soros’s head, you would have a thousand assassins banging at your door ready to jump at the chance.

  12. Why isn’t the Corrupt US JUST-US Dept doing their job, AGAIN?

    Title 18 U.S. Code § 2331:  

    the term “domestic terrorism” means activities that—  

    (A) involve acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State;

    (B) appear to be intended—

    (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population;

    (ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or
    ({>>>>OR<<<<} my emphasis here on the word "OR" not to mean including in the remaining subsection (iii)

    (iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping; and

    (C) occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States.  

  13. Wouldn’t it be nice if the US would put out a warrant like that too? A great example of “international cooperation”…

  14. Anfld killing him will stop what?

    Are the blind masses that dumb to think another isn’t groomed to fill his shoes?

    Let’s worry first about fixing the divide and conquer,..then worry about the divider.

  15. It has been said that if you take these elitist vermin out of the equation, there will always be someone else to step up and take their place.

    Indeed, the real problem here is that these parasites are a reflection of the darker side of a faithless humanity that encourages an individual to justify hoarding while others starve, or causing misery for millions in the way of failing crops through weather manipulation, if only to position themselves to steal even MORE wealth from those already suffering.

    So, their mindset is that mankind is just an animal with some individuals being more cunning than others, never once realizing that they were just given a set of economically and financially based “benefits” earlier than others; spiritual “bait”, as it were. This “test”, they are all failing miserably.

    Instead of taking a Jeffersonian approach to a burgeoning social consciousness by educating the masses, these vermin see their only hope for survival, as they know it, is to make sure the masses never find out the truth or never become educated enough to question anything. We are still seeing the results of this con-job in the attitudes of these brain-dead young snowflakes who are rioting in the streets in Pavlovian fashion whenever some Soros minion blows his dog whistle.

    As individuals, we are confronted on a daily basis with that choice. As Locke, Burlamaqui, deVattel and other philosophers have repeatedly shown us, running a civil society mean that ALL people have to participate in it, not just a disillusioned population being manipulated through a set of rules by a self-appointed elitist class. As long as these parasites can keep convincing us to fight among ourselves, we will always be a “house divided”. That is why the elites are so in favor favor of the Marxist Manifesto breaking down the cultural ties among people so that everyone then becomes subservient to the state ……. which would just happen to be run by these same dysfunctional parasites.

  16. I’m actually surprised he is still alive! After what we have been through with Soros being behind the trying to install Hildabeast as our New World Order royalty, and now… word that he is behind bussing demonstrators around to violent hot spots…it’s a wonder someone has not put 2 and 2 together yet…?
    Dont we have someone that knows how to add 2 + 2?

    Thanks Putin…again!

  17. Posing as legit grassroots org. sponsors, Soros&Co also infiltrate existing ones [Sierra Club?] to subvert, then agitate and provoke ‘controversy’ leading to civil UN_rest. Stopping at noThing, Soros is behind vote rigging [SmartMatic] & voter fraud [VeneZuela, etc], ‘Reg*me Change’ in Georgia and Ukraine, deploying mercenary killers, and a war of aggression launched by the Georgian ‘auth0rities’ against its peaceful neighbor, on behalf of the NaZ!0-Khazarian cabal aka UN_NW0rder. DestabilizAtZ!0n and violent ConFlict and SubjugAtZ!0n are his/their M.O.

  18. The SPLC was able to sue the KKK for inciting violence and was able to bankrupt them. It should not be very hard to connect Soros to the violence and intimidation and sue them out of existence.

  19. DRAIN THE SWAMP,hahaha,YEA right,Washington DC is a giant whore house,and george soros OWNS IT,and your filth the police gangs protect it,AND THEIR PIMP GEORGIE BOY IS THEIR DADDY,AMERICA CAN’T be fixed till these scum are taken down,AND untill you take down their protecters,THEY CAN’T BE TOUCHED,SO instead of peace, your going to get NUCLEAR WAR,its what you really wanted right,BURNED TO A CRISP IN YOUR HOUSE,as america is VAPORIZED,YOUR going to be invaded,and the WORLD will get the TERRORISTS by force and IT can’t be stopped,WHEN ALL YOU YELLOW COWARDS,and OATH BREAKERS, SEE THE DEAD IN THE STREETS,KNOW THEIR BLOOD IS ON YOU……….

  20. Soros open society is behind all these protest. Please don’t be fooled. He is controlling our media. His group has infiltrated our colleges and Universities. Be safe and aware!

  21. Soros is a Rothschild puppet but if Putin and Trump work together on this one he is done as well as the other puppets like Obama, Clintons, etc.

  22. Thankyou Vladimir Putin it’s about time! Iam ashamed that USA has not done so but perhaps this will give courage for other nations to follow suit.

    • After Donald Trump is sworn in, he will meet with President Putin. America and Russia will become allies and will work together to rid the world of the zionist cockroaches who are trying to destroy mankind.

      We will put an end to the senseless and endless wars for Israel. This will create peace and prosperity for centuries to come.

    • Don’t usually agree with Mr. P, but, he is right on point with this disciple of satan. You don’t have to go far, Soros has no issue with admitting it. He is out to create a subjugated world with him as the center. He has financed riots throughout the US with a goal of creating a federal police force controlled by our liberal Ahols.

  23. I hope Soros is arrested on RICO charges and terrorism once Trump takes power. Could me or you finance riots in multiple cities and get away with it? Could ISIS?

    Moveon.org should also be put in jail and broken up, not for their beliefs, but for their Nazi stormtrooper tactics.

  24. I hope they get him with a Hole in his head, it is a worker of the Devil, in fact he may be the devil. He wants to destroy ever political government there is because that is the way he makes his money


  26. And let us not forget that Heidi Cruz, the wife of Ted Cruz, is deeply embedded in Goldman Sachs. And the CFR. She was on the CFR Task Force to create the North American Community (open borders) So for all of you that think Canadian Ted Cruz was badly treated think again. He is dangerous. He is not a US citizen. And he sleeps with the enemy.

  27. Excellent, the US and Russia have a common enemy in the Progressive Left. Why was Obama/Clinton moving 300,000 troops to the Russian Border? What would the US do if a coalition moved 300,000 troops to its border? Putin and Russia have embraced Capitalism and are trying to win, can anyone blame them for that? All these wars are about Gas pipe lines to Europe. Check that out, American blood spilled for European Gas. Soros pushed to destroy US coal, would not hear of “clean coal” or invest in it. Soros bought up as much Coal interests as he could after Obama destroyed it by declaring it public enemy #1 while Muslim Brotherhood outlawed in Egypt have seats in the Obama administration

  28. I wonder if Soros has his hand in hiring protestors through Craigs’ list in the USA to cause unrest over thr Trump election?

  29. Exactly, and how is that any different than Sharia Law? It isn’t. It’s the same gene pool of Abrahamic camel jockeys, and both “siblings” in this dysfunctional family of Abraham are still at each other’s throats after all these thousands of years. One would have thought that, eventually, as these two malcontents grew up, that they’d eventually learn how much more they had in common than not. But NO, here we are, the rest of the world, being held hostage to these two groups still throwing temper tantrums.

    It’s obvious that these people (the whole bunch of them), shouldn’t be allowed in the playground. They just never learned how to “play well with others”. I wonder if sending them to their rooms without dinner might snap them out of it.

  30. Christians who Prayed for Trump to win the night of the Election and caused the Election to turn around right after 8:00PM NEED to get back on their knees again and ask JEHOVAH GOD to take care of George Soros who has caused so much misery in the world.

    I truly believe that JEHOVAH is giving America one more chance and this is it. Christians better stay on their knees and keep Praying. Don’t stop just because Trump is in. Pray for Trump that JEHOVAH will put in his mind how to run our Government; And Pray that the Holy Spirit will convict the hearts and minds of ALL those who are going to be a part of Trump’s Government. Every Christian needs to do their part in Praying. We need to become fierce Prayer Warriors.

    • Elaine, yes let’s pray the truth and love of the creator awakens all hearts and minds to the attributes, virtues, and qualities and blessings within. Let us pray for integrity as one, for unified strength in the way of love. Let us be bold bearers of light and love. Blessings to you for your courage.

  31. Just get the government out of business and restore the Constitution. He’ll have nothing to latch on to. Audit the Fed, get back to sound currency and impose equal treatment under the law, wherein no one gets preferential treatment or is targeted for unfairly. The less power the government has over how we live our lives, the less able evil people are to use it against us. Land of the free and home of the brave.

  32. I hope our new President-elec Trump can understand the need to arrest Soros for instigating riots and vote rigging. Why are we Americans so ignorant?
    No hard feeling to our Russian friends. I did NOT vote for Obama, twice. You can blame me for the Globalist Bush. But understand who the Democrats picked to feel my pain.

  33. Soros posted this 2 days ago:

    27 years after the Berlin Wall fell, we must continue to tear down the divisions among us. trib.al/7t1kakc
    2 days ago – Twitter

    You people are screaming for blood based on an article mainly based on fluff with hearsay information. You are Calling him a nazi while his values clearly sits in the liberal capitalist area.

    Please think, and please don’t agree with putin.

  34. It looks like Trump is the America’s saving Angel but, it seems that it the Russia’s Putin who is going to save the world from destruction of human kind.

  35. I’m either obtuse or blind -maybe both- but where is the backup for Putin puttin’ a DEAD OR ALIVE bounty on this POS Soros?

    • так он давно объявлен в России в розыск,это не секрет,поищите в РТ или СКР

  36. This Devil man with his Zionist friends need to be stopped for good ore American is gone America wake up before is to latte this Zionist Rat’s will destroy American future

  37. Is there a reward? All a pilot would have to do is declare an emergency (smoke in cockpit, whatever) with Soros on board, make an “emergency” landing in Russia, and pick up a nice paycheck.

  38. I was wondering why Clinton was suddenly trying to create so much fear about Russia. I thought it was just to distract from her emails, but it looks like there is more to it. Soros is creating and profiting off chaos, he is an enemy of America and cultures around the world!

    Does anyone know the true globalist agenda? what is their end game?

    • Hope this helps… pretty scary stuff…continue to follow the rabbit trail and you will definitely be informed …be prepared… your life will never be the same… all that you believe will be challenged and eventually changed… if you are a true, truth seeker ,it is inevitable..enjoy the journey…people of interest- Steve Quayle,Tom Horn,Russ Dizdar, Hagmann & Hagmann, Infowars, and many more!



    Yey you fools think the Bush family is a American Hero? The Bush got their power by Prescott Bush, who was appointed to rule America as KING, if Hitler won. As US and UK soliders were dying in WW2, the Prescott Bush was money laundering all the stolen goods from all of Europe in the US. Yeah – you call the Bush family American?

    Do any websearch “Prescott Bush 1933 Nazi” and you will read all the this FACT YOURSELF! This way I am not influencing you to a specific bogus story…

    So remember, Clintons have been part of Goldman Sachs for decades, so you all see who the #1 partner is with Soros.

    I wonder why no one bumped him off yet… What a shame….

  40. Perhaps Putin should expand the warrant to include his offspring since they are part of the organization that Soros promotes. Taking out the whole family would be adequate retribution for Putin. He has done worse things as a KGB agent I am certain of it.

  41. I would have to say, Go Putin! But really, this can’t be a credible story. Unlike Barack Obama, who wears mom jeans, Putin would NEVER telegraph his next move. Why alert the guy you’re trying to take out that you’re trying to take him out?

    Sadly, I’m going to have to call BS on this one.

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  43. There’s no proof such a thing has taken place unfortunately. It’s just one a couple of loser, nothing websites like this on.

  44. The new head of the snake will be his son that he is currently indoctrinating on how to destroy countries through the dumbing down of the people and thus having a endless supply of actors for his evil/greedy ways of installing civil unrest for his desire to set the ground work for his staged revolution and if successful will swoop in during/ after the revolution to buy everything he wants to on the cheap. His policies of operations were developed during WWII against his own people! Why he was never charge with war crimes is big question mark. The plan he implemented during WWII he has now expanded to the global agenda ? He and his Minions are the poster children of pure evil .

  45. You go Putin!just like it use to be here in old west!why can’t we be like that again?gulity hang’em!

  46. Soros is a subversive and should be delt as such. Actively Interfering with a Sovereign country’s economy to further his own twisted agenda is criminal.

  47. Why destroying an expensive plain, pilots and crew ?
    Just spend one round .45 and its done.
    No money-wasting for this furuncle at the arse of mankind.

  48. Finally, the voices of reason. Thought that I will not experience such a reversal of the world situation. God bless Russia and Donald Trump – the new US president. Trump and Putin help us in Europe too. Defend us from the lords of the EU and their tyranny.

  49. George Soros did more for democracy and freedom than any of you commentators. And his war path against totalitarism (aka communism as he had fled from it in 56′ Hungary) makes him the natural opponent for mafia godfathers abusing his own country and extending to others, like the most overrated man of our time, Putin, does. His foundation has been forbidden in Russia, the black hole of rights of any kind, and Putin – who certainly uses his hidden wealth in more destructive ways than Soros – does not stop at this. Of course idiots don’t understand this, they fall for antisemitic fascist propaganda, which is shaped exactly for their tiny brains.

  50. He owns the Dutch goverment and the MSM . He owns the EU, and he is sending every week 3 or 4000 african men in to Europe to rape and make trouble, he is distroying Europe!! Kill the bastard before its to late!!!

  51. Exactly what is it that would prompt anyone into voting for hillary clinton, knowing full well she was OWNED by this beast?? Why is the indisputable disputed? The left are already demonizing Trump even before he is inaugurated, taking issue at every twist and turn on the decisions he has made so far but a free pass for obama and clinton for the years of many very serious flaws and crimes they’ve committed? What a backwards state of affairs we are living through. Sad.

  52. Exactly what is it that would prompt anyone into voting for hillary clinton, knowing full well she was OWNED by this beast??

  53. Mr Putin , you are what every American could only hope to be, and im sure I speak for all Americans when I say it would be an honor and a privilege to fight along side you to defeat this parasite. Hats off to you sir, much respect…

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  57. Thank You Mr Putin …
    I’m a blond , caucasian, woman,
    But , That doesn’t make me stupid

    I’ll be there for the hanging !
    I can’t even talk to my closest friends about any of this .. they keep buying their heads in the sand !
    Maybe one day they’ll wake (TF) Up

  58. Get rid of him for good along with the rothchilds the clintons and Obama they are everything that’s wrong in the world then let Putin and trump wipe out Isis Russia is not the bad guys as made out in the media that is all controlled to make the people of the world conform for the elites that own all the world banks and most of the governments Putin can not be pushed around like most of the puppets and he deserves respect time for the population to wake up and see the truth

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  60. Russian and American special forces (Spetznast and Delta Force) need to join forces, track that bastard and his cohorts down and KILL THEM ALL IN THEIR SLEEP!!!!

  61. the only thing this khazarian jew did was he as a nazi collaborator in ww 2 who sent his own people to the gas chamber, thats what the p[piece of pig crap stands for. for me i would love to see him taken out by the commies or by us. and that goes for his entire family, or i would love to see the Israeli jews take him out using there mossad.

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