Nigel Farage: I fear for my life – Ukip leader fears violent attacks every day


UK Express

NIGEL Farage says he cannot leave his house without security after Brexit and Donald Trump’s US presidential election victory.

The interim Ukip leader has received death threats and just last week was confronted during a night out.

The revelation came as the 52-year-old Brexiteer refused to rule out backing fascist National Front leader Marine Le Pen for the French presidency.

In his most explosive interview to date, the controversial MEP said he was “on the fence” over whether far-Right Eurosceptic Le Pen’s election was a price worth paying to bring down the EU, saying: “If she wins, it’s over.”

Revealing he had been threatened with a glass on Thursday night, he said: “I’ve got no life – I can’t do anything, I can’t go anywhere.

Certainly I would not go out in London of an evening on my own without security – couldn’t even think about it.

I can’t even walk down the street without it. I have to go to private places, private venues.

“The thought of doing a Friday night pub crawl around Westminster – I just can’t do it any more.”

I’ve got no life – I can’t do anything, I can’t go anywhere

Nigel Farage

The father of four, whose family was chased out of a pub and had their car attacked by protesters last year, said the “aggro” had become worse since Trump’s victory.He added: “It might diminish, it might not. The America dimension changed everything. It’s been so full-on, unbelievable really.”

Farage announced his retirement the day after Britain voted to leave the EU on June 23 amid claims he quit over fears he would be assassinated.

It emerged would-be attackers had been caught trying to smuggle knives into his campaign rallies on at last two more


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