Loretta Lynch’s lies and corrupt actions are sickening

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Months before her secret airport meeting with Bill Clinton on June 27, 2016, Attorney General Loretta Lynch went on television and promised the American people that Hillary Clinton would not receive special treatment.

On March 10, Lynch appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.  The host asked Lynch if Clinton would be indicted for risking national security by setting up private servers to conduct government business while at the State Department.

Lynch assured Colbert and his audience that her Justice Department would act “fairly” and “independently” and that anyone with a “famous name” or “political interest” would be treated not at all differently from someone “you’ve never heard of before.”

“Americans look at what we do,” she said, “and have to have that faith in the Department of Justice.”  Lynch also stated that “we don’t talk about ongoing matters under review in the Justice Department.”

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3 comments on “Loretta Lynch’s lies and corrupt actions are sickening
  1. The WHOLE District Cesspool needs to be investigated and prosecuted for treason. Then Hung by the necking the sqare.

  2. She swore on a Quoran book instead of a Bible.
    And she’s been helping Obama and Hillary to get away with murder.
    She never gave a direct answer when asked about the whereabouts of the wife of the Orlando’s muslim killer.

  3. The whole damm district cesspool should be flushed and then tried in front of jury when found guilty hung in the town square. JUST MY HUMBLE opinion!

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