Left wing cupcakes melt down over election results


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Van Jones says: “Donald Trump’s election was a white-lash“.  Unfortunately for Jones’ narrative Romney won 59% of the white vote. Trump won 58%, so it wasn’t a racial issue.

Feminist Democrat Leaders/Politicians blame gender bias against Hillary Clinton for Trump’s election.  Unfortunately for their narrative Obama won with 47% of women voters, Hillary Clinton only carried 43% of female voters – so it wasn’t a gender issue.

However, both groups are on the street tonight marching in protest against Donald Trump’s election.

The George Soros’ funded Black Lives Matter group (Van Jones), and the raging left-wing feminist moonbats are joined by the Bernie Sanders Occupy Wall Street (OWS) anarchists.

Go figure…

It’s actually a sad state of affairs to see these these oblivious sheeple marching around the streets of New York, Chicago, Seattle, Philadelphia and San Francisco in protest to the free and fair election result they lost.

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One comment on “Left wing cupcakes melt down over election results
  1. Incredulous and hypocritical ‘left wing liberal dems’ are now showing their ‘true colors’ by exuding violence, vandalism, death threats to ward a newly elected president and blatantly rioting in the streets across our great nation: due to the fact that their insufferable, captious, incompetent, corrupt, evil, self serving agenda to destroy America and their deviant queen witch wasn’t elected to the office of the presidency and their destructive plans were derailed!

    With that in mind, there is but one response and deduction that ‘TRUE’ patriotic Republican/Democratic/Independent Americans can make in lieu of their heinous actions of late: this a blatant display of lawlessness, selfishness, cowardice, disregard for law and order, defiance toward the Constitution, hatred for traditional American values that made ‘US’ what we are today as a nation, Godlessness, mindless hypocrisy, unimaginable destructive behavior behavior and an inherent desire to simply have a reason to get out and literally raise hell in our nations streets: that can only be describe and dubbed with one simple word… deplorable!

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