Election Night MAYHEM: Hillary’s Drunken, Physically-Restrained RAMPAGE


I Have the Truth

We all knew that Hillary Clinton, the Election-rigging, tantrum throwing, lying, Democrat heir-apparent, would not take losing easily. After all, she has watched her husband get away with every wrongdoing imaginable and somehow still maintain a somewhat positive public image.

One source at CNN has leaked what they witnessed on Election Night, and apparently, the scene was uglier than we first thought.

Hillary has been described as having been in a “psychotic, drunken rage” on Election night. She is said to have become violent towards campaign manager Robby Mook and campaign chairman John Podesta. Reportedly, she even screamed about the meddling of the Russians. A doctor helped to restrain her, then gave her sedatives first, then amphetamines in the morning. It is also reported that she had so many amphetamines in the morning that she suffered from nosebleeds the following day. Her staff is said to have been afraid that she would bleed during the concession speech.

Multiple sources are reporting the story.

Read more: https://ihavethetruth.com/2016/11/15/election-night-mayhem-hillarys-drunken-physically-restrained-rampage/#ixzz4Q6JBtgbt


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  1. Remember ALL of the ‘projecting’ she did about Trump not having the temperment to be president? Only a malignant, psychotic, delusional, raging narcissist would have the balls to say that out loud AND BELIEVE IT!

  2. Just think of how terrified Hillary’s staff must be of her to put up with her all these years! She has to have tons of serious dirt on all of them to keep them from leaving. They must truly fear for their lives. I have no doubt she is capable of killing without remorse.

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