CNN reporter states Hillary became physically violent towards John Podesta at midnight; had to be restrained



My friend is a trustworthy reporter who often sees anti-Clinton stories spiked. Not everybody at CNN is bad. The leadership is, though.This is a respected neutral who is being silenced – A good friend of mine, sick of CNN suppressing inconvenient stories that hurt the left.

On election night, Hillary was straight up “Hitler-in-the-bunker”

The few honest MSM reporters have been reduced to leaking info to new media people because their corporate bosses won’t let them report it.A friend at CNN says Clintonland reports Hillary was in a “psychotic, drunken rage” election night; needed hardcore meds to speak Wednesday.CNN reporter tells me Hillary became physically violent towards Robby Mook and John Podesta around midnight; had to be briefly restrained.  Hillary on election night was straight-up Hitler-in-the-bunker shit.  It even included psychotic screaming about “the Russians.” The doctor helped restrain Hillary when she violently attacked Mook and Podesta at midnight. Gave sedatives, then amphetamines next morning.  CNN reporter says Hillary needed so many amphetamines Wed morning she had unexpected nosebleeds all day.  Fear was she’d bleed at concession.

And we seem to have separate sources corroborating her drunkenedness:

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3 comments on “CNN reporter states Hillary became physically violent towards John Podesta at midnight; had to be restrained
  1. There were at least two other embedded reporters present who witnessed staff and attendees actually being physically assaulted and battered by Hillary Clinton. Two presented accounts to their publishers or editors who silenced them under penalty of firing, and refused to print their articles. This WILL get out eventually. Hillary Clinton is a seriously sick and dangerous individual. Any other person would have been committed to a mental institution long before this.

  2. If she wasn’t such a hate-filled, muslim-loving, Leftist ‘Progressive’ Lying Monster, I might feel sorry for her.

  3. Is her behavior really a surprise?? She acts just like her clueless supporters : Immature, self-centered, entitled, emotionally unstable, throws tantrums when she doesn’t get her way, has no God or belief in a higher power to center her life, no character, values or integrity, hates authority and despises Western and Judeo – Christian traditions.

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