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The Real Strategy

#PizzaGate Continues Internationally

This is the second hollywood connection recently connected to pedophilia this month and it’s out of Canada. The first was in connection with the U.S. “pizzagate” investigation – which stretches across continents…but most directly implicates members of the U.S. political machine (ie. lobbyists, donors, politicians, etc…).

The first hollywood connection: Zack Schwartz

Schwartz was CC’d in the Podesta Emails (zschwartz@!, specifically one “pizza” related email. He was credited in a movie called “A Girl Walks Into A Bar” where 44 minutes into the movie, there just so happens to be a creepy scene of people playing ping pong naked with kids running around.

“zschwartz” is Zack Schwartz, a younger executive at Shangri-La entertainment. He works for Steve Bing.

Steve Bing is “the playboy with a seedy side”

Here’s a Daily Mail profile on Steve Bing – the playboy with a seedy side

Known in the gossip columns as the ‘serial playboy with deep pockets’, Stephen Leo Bing was born on March 31, 1965, to real estate heir Dr Peter Bing and his wife Helen. Peter Bing had inherited a fortune from his property magnate father Leo, and donated millions to universities such as Stanford in California, which has its own ‘Bing Wing’.

Bing was a regular visitor to Hugh Hefner’s Playboy mansion. ’He was a sexual predator,’ recalled Tracy. ‘He liked sexual women, not prissy ones. Once, I had a threesome with him and one of my girlfriends.’


Pedophilia has long been rumored to be an occult ritual guarded by elite members of society as part of satanic practices. It is all coming to light.

The second hollywood connection: AZOVFILMS from 2013 Major Bust

AZOV FILMS allegedly made its films in Russia, Crimea and Romania but were directly connected to the CIA and implicated in Satanism. The company is alleged to have been used as a bribery and extortion tool by intelligence agencies operated by the elites.

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