America’s 21st Century War for Independence


By Joe Ragonese

Radicalism ushered in the 21st Century with the attack on America on September 11, 2001.  It was radical Islam which brought our fight for freedom to the forefront.  But a subtle and unseen war had been ongoing since the Days of Rage on the streets of Chicago by violent, radical, anti-American Communists who euphemized their name as Weather Underground, a part of the Students for a Democratic Society.  They were not students, although they recruited members on college campuses across America, and they were not for a democratic society; rather they were for a totalitarian Communist government.

Through subterfuge, over the 18 years since they began their nefarious takeover in 1968, they have managed to usurp the Democrat Party.  That party’s radical Marxist wing, which labels themselves as progressives, codified the transition from a honest opposition party into a Marxist activist organization with the election of Barack Obama as President.  Their goal has always been the destruction of America and American principles.

This election, between globalist, Hillary Clinton, and patriot, Donald Trump, was always that of those who were for America and those who were against it.  That is why so many Democrats voted for Donald Trump.  They weren’t necessarily happy with him and his rhetoric, but they cast their vote for Trump to empower America once again.  I will clarify, because I know that the readers of this column will not accept that a globalist is a Marxist.  The globalists are those useful idiots who will expedite the transition of America from a capitalist society into a Marxist utopia.  Both have different agendas, but the radical Marxists of the Democrat Party will use anyone to obtain their goal of a Marxist America.

For those who do not know why I constantly use the term useful idiot, mostly in connection with the MSM, it was a term that was coined by Vladimir Lenin, the founder of the Communist Party of Russia, a mass murderer and revolutionary who toppled the czars.  When Lenin referred to the press in the West who supported him and his Communist ideals, he called them his useful idiots.  In other words, they are being used and don’t know what they are talking about.

When Donald Trump won his extraordinary election on November 8, we all woke up and thanked God for saving our great nation.  Those progressives, who are really Marxists, woke up in shock, but immediately sprung into action to try to reverse the elections results.  Quickly, money was distributed through dark underground organizations to disrupt America and shatter the victory’s impact.  Paid demonstrators violently protested the results of massive numbers of patriots going to the polls to stop America’s demise.  Those paid protesters were joined by useful idiots who really don’t understand what they are doing.

The impact of those violent protests; however, was never what was hoped for.  New plans to further disrupt the transition from Obama’s Marxist government to Trump’s American government found yet another useful idiot in Jill Stein.  She raised millions of dollars to force a recount of the votes in the three battleground states that elected Donald Trump.  The biggest useful idiot of all, Hillary Clinton, finally joined the effort in this quickly changing event this weekend.

Both Clinton and Stein believe they can change to results of the election through this recount.  Stein, a political neophyte, and her histrionic followers, are challenging the election results, not based on any evidence of wrong doing; rather due to the faulty and skewered polling that stated that Clinton would win in overwhelming numbers.  They think that Hillary should have won, and they intend on doing whatever possible to make that happen.  There is little evidence of Republican wrongdoing, but much in the way of Democrat misconduct.  The recounts will not alter the election’s results.

This is typical Democrat-think; not truth or logic to guide their thought process, only what they want the truth to be.  The radicals of the Democrat Party believe that the end justifies the means, and will do anything to have their way.  Those communists have been waging a surreptitious war against America for eighty years, only interrupted by WWII.  The useful idiots within the Democrat Party, who are not progressives, have been misled for so many years, that this illogic is the driving force for them.  They do not see that they are shamelessly being used.  Contesting the election gives them a glimmer of hope.

Like everything else in life, there are consequences for ones actions.  A recount may change the election’s results; however, this writer believes that it will expose the massive amount of fraud that is endemic within the Democrat Party.  Clinton is fully aware of the massive amount of voter fraud that the Democrat Party is involved with.  In fact, every Democrat knows this; that is why they fight so hard to stop any reasonable voter fraud legislation in congress.   One website has reported that no less than three million illegal votes were cast in this election (   They stated that it was learned through checking the names of dead people, who cast votes in this election.  That is the scale of voter fraud in America.

As was shown in videos presented by Project Veritas, as well as the hacked emails of the DNC and John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign manager, voter fraud is as much a part of the Democrat play book as are the false polls and one-sided political coverage by the MSM, whom they collude with.   On one of the Project Veritas videos one of the Democrat operatives, Scott Foval, brags that they have been stealing votes for fifty years and are not about to stop anytime soon.

On that same video he describes how they send illegal aliens from state to state, in rented cars, to vote using the name of a dead person or someone they know will not vote, to vote for their Democrat choice.  That man went on to explain that during the recall attempt of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, they were almost able to remove him from office; if only so many patriots hadn’t ruined their plans by voting to retain him.  Project Veritas conducted their undercover sting operation prior to this election, and I am sure that those dark operatives sent their minions trying to steal this election for Hillary.  Nothing gets in the way of their war for America’s soul.

Voter fraud is that wide spread and spans every state in the union.  I will prognosticate here and say that the Governor’s race in North Carolina will remain in the hands of Republican Pat McCrory after the recount is concluded, as evidence of voter fraud in the way of felon and dead voters has been found across the state.  Most, if not all of those dead and felonious voters, placed their mark for Hillary Clinton, too.  This is all a part of the larger plan to usurp America into a Marxist nation.  By the way, Russia is no longer Marxist, they learned the hard way that it does not work.

All of this brings us to the reason that the Republican congress needs to continue with the investigations into the Clinton Foundation, Hillary’s illegal use of a private server and her disregard for military secrets.  The investigation needs to widen into the voter fraud arena and into government corruption during Obama’s administration.  America is a nation of laws, and they lay as the foundation for our nation to stand as an independent republic.  The rule of law keeps this nation safe and whole.  Voter fraud sticks a knife into the heart of America.  This election was all about those who love America, versus those who wish to see it destroyed.  Democrats, at least those radical progressives, never had America’s interests in mind, they don’t like America.

The wanton disregard shown by the Democrat Party and Hillary Clinton for that rule of law sets a dangerous precedent that will eventually end when we are no longer an independent republic, unless it is stopped through the legal process. The disregard for the laws of this land is the course set by the Democrat Party through the illegal acts of Obama.  His desires, which Hillary promised to continue, of open borders and executive changes to the Constitution, all illegal acts, almost brought America to its destruction as an independent nation this year.  We were two states away from demise.  It was really that close.

Only through the heroic efforts of massive numbers of real Americans, we the people, was this great nation saved.  The elitists thought that we the people, who work for a living or want to work for a living, were dirt under their feet, while the Marxists thought they could fool all of us into submission.   We the people of the United States of America showed them at the ballot box that Americans will do the right thing; Ronald Reagan is smiling down at us.

Our victory at the ballot box, while extremely important for our survival as a nation, is only the first step needed to be taken.  We still need to safeguard this country for our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren’s future.  The Marxists’ war against America will continue until it is defeated, not at the ballot box, but in the courts.  The last attempt to do so ended in failure and is today called “McCarthyism.”  It was the first attempt to stop communism’s encroachment into America through labor unions, the media and movie industry.  Once exposed, those communists did not go away, they only became more surreptitious in their efforts.  Today they infect the MSM, movie industry, academia, unions, a large portion of the federal government, and the Democrat Party.

While Donald Trump’s victory makes us safe for now, that will not last unless something is done to insure it.  The unrest in the streets, vote recount, MSM attacks against Trump, and I am sure future movies and television sitcoms mocking American values, are only the symptoms of the war being waged against us by radical Marxists.

For too long we simply went about our business, thinking that we are safe because our Constitution protects us.  The last almost eight years has proven that we are not safe and that the Constitution is being usurped as we stand in shock watching it collapse.  Eight years ago, Barack Obama campaigned on the premise that marriage was between a man and a woman, today he is a part of the cabal that punishes law abiding businessmen out of business for refusing to bake a cake for a homosexual wedding.  That was no accident and it is a part of the radical war against America.

To insure America’s future, we must utilize our courts place the radicals among us on notice, that our Constitution is not changeable through any means outside of its words.  We must convict those who oppose it, and the laws of our land.  Day after day news has to be reported, by the MSM, if they will, and the alternate media if they will not, showing how corrupt the Democrat Party has been, simply to silence those people who cannot see the truth in any other way.  We need investigations and prosecutions of the IRS, remember they illegally targeted conservative organizations, DOJ, FBI, and all of the other branches of government that illegally tried to marginalize we the people of the United States.  Our laws must be obeyed if we are to win the battle against our nation that is being waged against us by radical elements of the Democrat Party.

To make America great again, law and order must prevail.

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  1. It is indeed the time for fighting for the taking back of the Independence of the United States Of America leading by the President Donald Trump from the Banksters,
    from the Fake Jews ( as all the religious scriptures called for ). But at the same time, you the President have to honor the dignified people like Julian Assange who helped you
    got elected. You have to save him and free him as he is the among the greatest people today on this Earth in this century. Remember you quoted him and the
    Wikileak’s truthful works during your campaign speeches. We the people of this Earth are all praying for his freedom so that he can give more to all the people of
    this Earth and fight for the Freedom of the people. Freedom Prevails. Long Live President Donald Trump and Freedom Fighters of the World like Julian Assange,
    Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning and others. May God help the Positive Consciousness.

  2. May God help the USA and President of the USA Donald Trump Free the Country from the Fake Jews and from the Blood Suckers Destructive Banksters.

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