Why the FBI Reopened the Clinton Email Investigation Now


By Joe Ragonese

This writer has no more information on yesterday’s events than anyone else. The opinions expressed here are based on my law enforcement background and having worked closely with the FBI on many occasions throughout that career, I know several retired and active duty FBI agents and understand how they feel about the events leading up to the letter sent to congress stating that the FBI is reopening the Clinton investigation. Based on that knowledge, the following is my best judgement on why these events happened now rather than after the Presidential election.

FBI Director James Comey has been thoroughly corrupted. He is in the tank for the Clinton and Obama Democratic Party. For whatever reason he did so, he sold his soul to the devil. His transgressions were many and over a long period of time. Comey appointed Andrew McCabe to lead the investigation after Senior Agent-in-Charge, John Giacalone, who originally headed it, retired, knowing that Comey was not going to investigate the many offenses that he knew Clinton had committed.

McCabe is the husband of Jill McCabe, who ran for a state senate seat in Virginia. She was provided with over a half million dollars funneled into her campaign committee by Clinton ally Governor Terry McAuliffe. McAuliffe was at one time so connected to Clinton that he was on the short list for Vice-President. Jill McCabe did not win her election; however, present political campaign rules allow any unspent money from that campaign to go to her personally. Andrew was the man who, with the permission of Comey, gave immunity to everyone with first hand knowledge of Clinton’s crimes, going so far as to destroy evidence of wrongdoing while doing so. McCabe also sold his soul to the devil.

Giacalone retired, to avoid the shame of what was going on, when Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Comey refused to impanel a grand jury to investigate the matter. Without a grand jury a federal investigation is impossible to pursue. They have no power to subpoena nor any way to place a witness or co-conspirator on record. It means that the most valuable tools they have to induce a co-conspirator to provide evidence against the subject of the investigation, Clinton, are not available. The only reason that a grand jury would not be called is because there is no intention of indicting Clinton. In other words, a coverup.

After Comey gave his convoluted reasoning for not indicting Clinton, all of us thought that until Donald Trump becomes the President, she would never be held accountable. (That can still happen if Obama gives her a pardon.). What Comey did; however, destroyed the reputation of the FBI. In a reversal of rolls, the FBI, who famously investigated local law enforcement for a variety of reasons, mostly dealing with corruption, was now the one held in low regard by the law enforcement community due to its corrupt leaders. The rank and file members of the FBI, who are among the most professional in law enforcement, were no longer trusted or held in high esteem. This hurt them really deeply.

The FBI is unlike most governmental agencies. They hold themselves above the political maelstrom that affects all the other agencies. What Comey did was to bring them down to the level of political hacks. The rank and file FBI agents we’re furious. It has been rumored that Comey made his July 5th speech clearing Clinton after agents who were a part of the investigation were about to go public about the coverup. His speech cut them off before they could leak the information.

Since then, the FBI has lost its standing among law enforcement nationwide. This the agents would not let stand. So, when agents in New York and North Carolina, who were investigating child pornography allegations against Anthony Weiner, who is married to Hillary Clinton’s Campaign vice-chairwoman and a long time close confidant, staffer and friend, Huma Mahmoud Abedin, uncovered more evidence of criminal activity by Abedin, Weiner and Clinton, with even more classified information in non-secure emails, they would not allow another coverup. We do not know what they found; however, you can bet it is extensive and damning because if it wasn’t Comey would have swept it under the rug to cover himself.

The only reason that the FBI sent congress a letter stating that they had discovered more emails and direct evidence of criminal activity is because FBI agents were not going to let another coverup occur. There is still honor among the FBI, just not at the top.


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