Transgender handbooks and erasing a 240 year old Navy tradition: another stellar week at the Pentagon


By Ray Starmann

It was another stellar week inside the Pentagon social engineering maelstrom. Inside Ash Carter’s laboratory, the final stitches are being sewn on the feminized Frankenstein monster that calls itself the US military, but is nothing more than a Bob Fosse musical with weapons.

Once upon a time, when the military was actually a functioning fighting machine, transsexuals, cross dressers, aka, the Corporal Klingers of the world were kicked out and given Section 8 discharges for being mentally ill. Of course Klinger’s biggest problem was that everyone knew he really wasn’t a cross dresser, but was using it as a scheme to escape the hell of Korea. Hence, his indefinite stay on the 38th Parallel.

Flash forward to Looneyland, aka the US military in 2016, when the mentally ill are now being welcomed with open arms.  In fact, the Pentagon recently issued a new handbook for transgenders and their commanders.

Transgenders are going to receive gender reassignment surgery courtesy of Aunt Samantha, who was once Uncle Sam.  Furthermore, millions have been put in the Pentagon piggy bank for these services, money that could have been used to treat vets and active duty personnel with real medical issues.

As reported in the Weekly Standard this week:

The Department of Defense issued its official implementation handbook for transgender service members and their commanders on Friday, just days before a Pentagon deadline for the military to provide gender transition medical care to members of the armed forces.

According to a Pentagon spokesman, “Service members are able to get the full gamut now. Counseling, hormone therapy, surgery—the whole deal.”

Vets die in line for health care and the Pentagon makes this a priority. What a disgrace.

As “an administrative management tool,” the handbook is the core policy guide on which each of the services will base its own implementation plan. The handbook defines key terms, such as “gender dysphoria,” the clinical designation for individuals who feel that their sex and gender do not match. And in an introductory section titled “The Basics,” the handbook explains the differences between sex and gender identity, an understanding of which is now necessary for all military personnel:

The Pentagon sure has been churning out a lot of tool kits lately. There’s the commander’s tool kit for brainwashing yourself and your fellow troopers that Buffy, the cute little cheerleader next door is going to be able to go toe to toe with Joe Habibi from ISIS in a K Bar fight to the death. There are commander’s tool kits on lactation in the field, your new commander Colonel Liberace, how female Rangers can urinate while standing, the Bible as a racist, sexist document and Diversity as a Combat Multiplier.

Of course there’s no commander’s tool kit on how to set up a mortar, or how to stop a wounded soldier from bleeding to death, or how to put a hole in Ivan at 300 meters. Those things, those military type things are passé in the Chorus Line military. What matters is diversity and political correctness.

“Every person has the right to have their gender identity recognized and respected, and all Service members who receive a diagnosis that gender transition is medically necessary will be provided with support and management to transition, within the bounds of military readiness.”

The Pentagon is making it more than clear that their priorities are not fighting wars, but instead focusing on a plethora of social engineering fiascos that are wasting the military’s time and burning through taxpayer money, while real defense issues are completely ignored.

Onward diverse soldiers, marching us to disaster…

Meanwhile, that maestro of disaster, Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus decided to scrap the Navy’s 240 year old job titles and replace them with generic sounding terms. The decision has been met with outrage by sailors who have already had enough of Mabus and the New Navy.

As reported by the Washington Free Beacon:

The U.S. Navy’s decision to scrap its 240-year-old enlisted ranking system has roiled service members and prompted tens of thousands of dissenters to petition the White House to reverse the change.

The Navy announced last Thursday that it would do away with its 91 enlisted ratings titles, unveiling new rules under which sailors are no longer identified by their job title and are instead subject to job classification similar to the Army, Marine Corps, and Air Force.

The decision ignited immediate backlash on social media and led over 47,000 critics to petition President Obama to restore the retired enlisted ranking system.

“For 241 Years Navy personnel have been identified by their Job specialty, known as a ‘Rating.’ The oldest rates such as Boatswain Mates, and Gunners Mate predate the founding of this country. Being known by your job title was a sense of pride. A sign of accomplishment,” said the petition, which faults Navy Secretary Ray Mabus and Adm. John Richardson, chief of naval operations, for “senselessly” erasing the centuries-old tradition.

In modernizing our enlisted rating system we are not only giving our sailors increased opportunities within the Navy, such as a higher level of flexibility in training and detailing, but also increasing their opportunities when they transition out of the service,” Mabus said Thursday. “In aligning the descriptions of the work our Sailors do with their counterparts in the civilian world, we more closely reflect the nation we protect while also making it easier for our Sailors to obtain the credentials they’ll need to be successful in the private sector.”

Mabus is going to go down as the most hated and most incompetent Secretary of the Navy in history. He is a walking, talking, politically correct train wreck.

While the military focuses on its main mission of feminizing itself to a point of absolute weakness and ineptitude, our enemies across the world are on the move. Tensions between the US and Russia have risen to a level not seen since the height of the Cold War.

This week, the Army Chief of Staff, General Mark Milley issued a warning to our enemies:

“I want to be clear to those who wish to do us harm….the United States military – despite all of our challenges, despite our [operational] tempo, despite everything we have been doing – we will stop you and we will beat you harder than you have ever been beaten before. Make no mistake about that,” said Milley.

You can’t have your cake and eat it too, general. You can’t feminize yourself to the point of no return and spend all of your training time on sensitivity and then talk tough. No one believes your fake John Wayne swaggering; the Russians don’t, the Chinese don’t, the Iranians don’t, the North Koreans don’t, vets certainly don’t, for we know how you and your fellow senior leaders have sat by and watched as the military has been decimated by traitors and cowards and Marxists. Vets know more than anyone what the US military is capable of doing and what it isn’t and right now, the US military isn’t capable of taking the fight to Aunt Bee and the Little Sisters of the Poor.

And, last night, in a harbinger of an unimaginable horror to come, Democratic Vice Presidential nominee, Senator Tim Kaine, with eyebrows stolen from the Grinch and a look on his face from Freddy Krueger was firing point blank rounds at his foot all night; stating that terrorism is on a decline, the military has no problems and the Iran Deal will bring peace in our time.

For God’s sake, if Trump isn’t elected, we really are doomed, aren’t we?

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  1. With politically correct craven cowards running the country, and the world looking on at our weakness, it is just a matter of time until our enemies will attack us on several fronts, and our pansy leaders will wet their panties and cry. Then Trump or someone like him will use massive retaliation against our evil enemies, and the landscapes of the world will be rearranged with nuclear chemical and biological warfare, and our previous leaders, like Obama and Hillary will be hunted down and hung from lamp poles to rot.

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