This election is about Good vs. Pure Evil


By Ray Starmann

The hand of God was on Mr. Trump last night.

Donald Trump walked on to the debate stage, savaged by the leftist mainstream media for his locker room remarks he made to Access Hollywood host, Billy Bush in 2005. Liberal and conservative pundits alike said Trump and his populist movement of deplorables was done.  GOP hacks like Paul Ryan called for Trump to resign because he could never bounce back.

He did. Trump is back and he’s got the Big MO again and he has goodness and the light shining right upon him.

Trump hammered Hillary Clinton on a myriad of subjects ranging from her pathological lying, her criminal private server activities, her corruption, her record of incompetence while Secretary of State, her call for open borders and endless, unvetted refugees, her host of Wall Street backers, her disdain for the middle class and of course, her husband’s serial abuse of women and her participation in aiding and abetting his sexual crimes and peccadilloes.

Trump told Hillary if elected, he’d call for a special prosecutor to investigate her national security crimes and he’d personally throw her in the slammer.

Hillary was on the defense most of the night, glaring daggers back at Trump with her Caesar Romero Joker smile. After nearly 23 years of literally getting away with every crime imaginable, someone has finally called out the Clintons for what they are; criminals, predators and dark blackguards that have hijacked a political party, the White House and the country.

This election is about more than Democrats vs. Republicans, even more than about Globalism vs. Americanism; it’s about good vs. evil, the light vs. the dark, angels vs. demons.

Mr. Trump, while flawed like all men, represents the hopes and dreams and aspirations of millions and millions of Americans who have been left behind in the dust by the global elite who are destroying this nation. Have no doubt. Mr. Trump is on the side of the angels.

The Clintons are evil incarnate. There is more than ample evidence that both Bill and Hillary Clinton are more than your average liberals who want to raise taxes and confiscate your firearms.

Bill Clinton is a serial sexual predator who has been preying on women since he was Governor of Arkansas. With his undertaker charm and Boss Hogg corruption, he is the living embodiment of Elmer Gantry’s evil doppelganger.

And, Mrs. Clinton is worse than her ‘husband.’

There are more than enough stories concerning Hillary’s psychotic episodes as First Lady, as a Senator, as Secretary of State; stories about her using foul language, screaming for no reason, throwing objects, her sick rejoicing in the deaths of foreign leaders, her vicious disregard for other human beings, which is on a level that is tantamount with the behavior exhibited by sociopaths.

Her behavior could also be construed as that of someone who is either mentally ill or one who is under the influence of evil entities, or both.

I do not believe this is hyperbole. Hillary Clinton may very well be possessed.

Besides Hillary’s own dark side, she is also a puppet of the globalists. She will do and say whatever the global elite want her to do, which is the continued rape of the United States of America through open borders, wretched trade deals, outsourcing, an inundation of Muslim refugees and the invention of a New Cold War to placate neocon maniacs who also serve the globalists.

In the next month, look for the globalists to pull out all the stops to try and destroy Trump. There will be more active measures undertaken by the Clinton campaign, their minions in the media, all funded by Soros and Buffett and the bankers in their dark towers of hate and greed. There will be more claims of things Trump said and did decades ago. There will be more contrived and rigged polls, and especially by CNN. There will be more faux outrage by Wolf Blitzer, Dana Bash and the newest fallen angel, Megyn Kelly. There will be more lies and deception, for that is all they have to run with.

The globalists will attempt to steal this election and if that fails, there is no limit to what they will do to stop Trump. They will collapse Deutsche Bank, start a war with Russia or go after Trump himself. They are desperate because they know their time is running out and an awakened populace is marching against them. Freedom and goodness are lining up against evil.

Trump is the voice for the nation, a nation that is disgusted with the sickening, anti-family, anti-American, anti-God, liberal agenda: open borders and unvetted Muslim refugees and diversity to the point of death for a country; the Marxist destruction of our schools, the poisoning of our churches with their twisted doctrine, the complete and utter annihilation of the US military from the greatest fighting force on earth to nothing more than an asylum for lackeys, cultural misfits and social engineers.

Trump has started a movement that simply cannot be stopped. The globalists can’t destroy us all; although, no doubt, they will attempt to do so. We will take this country back and restore it to the rightful place it belongs as the City on the Hill no matter what we have to do. We will not allow this nation to be drawn and quartered by American traitors and foreign interests who wish to only line their pockets, while they destabilize the world and take down America as they hide out in gated communities on tropical atolls, while sycophants like House Speaker Paul Ryan are at their beck and call.

Be forewarned, Trump is only the beginning. If he is cheated out of the election, or if an uninformed populace believes the lies and ushers in a demon as President; or if God forbid, something else happens to him, the movement will continue. It will continue on Drudge, on Breitbart, on InfoWars and on a thousand and one other patriotic media outlets, large and small, known and unknown.  It will continue in the towns and villages and cities of America. Trump has ignited a nation. There is nothing that will stop us.

As President Eisenhower remarked to Walter Cronkite on the 20th Anniversary of D-Day, “It’s a wonderful thing what those fellows were fighting for and sacrificing for, what they did to preserve our way of life. Not to conquer any territory, not for ambitions of our own. They did it so the world could be free. It just shows what free men will do rather than be slaves.”

This nation is at a crossroads, perhaps not seen since the Revolution itself. Will we be slaves to domestic and foreign globalists who wish to destroy our way of life, or will we choose freedom over tyranny?

This election is about Good vs. Pure Evil.

Pray for Trump.


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21 comments to “This election is about Good vs. Pure Evil”
  1. Dear Fellow Americans,
    Let’s share some FACTS on the “Syrian No Fly Zone” that Hillary Clinton endorses as there are CRUCIAL POINTS being MISSED or IGNORED.

    1) Vladimir Putin is NOT a “Dictator” as Hillary Clinton and the entire US Corpo-Media portray him.
    Putin is an ELECTED LEADER with massive popularity and support in Russia and worldwide.(outside NATO/USA)
    Putin is not “murdering” anyone. (Unlike Hillary whose friends and associates have dropped like flies and total over 44 deaths “around her” so far)

    2) Russia and Putin are ALLIES of a SOVEREIGN NATION called SYRIA whose President was Democratically ELECTED as well.
    Russia was INVITED by SYRIA to help get rid of SUNNI MUSLIM TERRORISTS.
    There are NO “Moderate rebels”, and the term “Syrian rebel” actually refers to CIA funded, Sunni Muslim JIHADIST MERCENARIES (ISIS) mostly from Saudi Arabia, that are fighting the SYRIAN ARMY to illegally oust Assad and install a US/Saudi Arabia/SUNNI Muslim government in Syria.
    This is a Regime and Religion Change in a SOVEREIGN NATION!

    3) The USA has no business in Syria other than OIL and GAS for EUROPE!
    Again for review, Syria and Iran are SHIA Muslim nations, whereas ISIS, Saudi Arabia, UAE are SUNNI Muslim entities and this is ALL about Regime Change, a Religious War AND a GAS PIPELINE from Qatar to the Mediterranean Sea that “we” want to build THROUGH SYRIA, but Syria and Assad do not want this pipeline.
    Syria wants an Iranian Pipeline as Iran is their ALLY, not their enemy……Sounds fair, Right?

    4) The Elites in DC consider Syria as just another “Regime Change WAR for Profit” like most regional wars have been for the last 70 years.
    Granted, WAR FOR PROFIT has worked great for over 120 years for Standard Oil, Ford, GM, GE, Boeing, Raytheon, Krupp, Daimler, The Pope, The Queen of England and the entire Royal Family, The Clintons, The Bush Family, The Duponts, George Soros, David Rockefeller, The Rothschild Family Banking Conglomerates and MANY MORE ELITE FAMILIES and Corporations WORLDWIDE.
    But not so great for America or Americans.
    Or the REST of the WORLD for that matter!

    5) The Problem NOW is… Russia is not Grenada of 1983, Putin understands our Government’s “Regime Change Game” very well, and since the USA Foolishly and Ignorantly suspended “Diplomatic Relations” with Russia last week, and the Russians take this VERY SERIOUSLY.. (because in Russia… either you are “AT PEACE” and have RELATIONS, or you are “AT WAR” and DON’T).
    So… The USA is at a “DeFacto State of War” with Russia right now.
    I bet you the Russian Military and Civilian population are much better equipped, prepared and ready for war than we are.

    6) Lastly, As of 10/8/2016, It is now impossible for any US/NATO Military Aircraft of ANY TYPE to fly in Syrian airspace without Russian permission and authorization.
    This is due to the massive deployment of the S300/S400 and other very advanced and effective anti-aircraft systems over the last 6 months that are now fully operational.
    These systems are on the ground in Syria and offshore on multiple missile cruisers, frigates and corvettes in the Mediterranean Sea.

    **So…You have to ask yourself… Do YOU want to get NUKED for a gas pipeline and rich, warmongering Elites? If Not, Please copy and Share this message.

    Best Regards, Good Luck and Carry On,

  2. This summation embodies the entire array of facts describing the terrifying assault by the Left on America. We are truly at war with a vicious enemy that will spare nothing to bring our country down. The Establishment Republicans are the ones who started the populist revolt within the Republican party due to their fear in challenging the Democrats in the Left leaning legislation that is taking down this country. Now, Paul Ryan and others of his ilk, have the audacity to attack Trump in an effort that advances the election of Hillary Clinton. The Establishment Republicans should fear for their political careers from their own actions, not those of Trump. This election is about the survival of our constitution and the traditional American way of life. The corruption in government during the present administration has been, without question, one of the darkest periods in our nation’s history. Our freedoms have been greatly diminished and we must fight back!

  3. I am happy to no longer be a registered Republican. I was….were.. but no longer. We all voted for Romney. What a huge mistake. No…we did not go to the Dark-Side where dirty old ‘Gropers’ can be dubbed politically correct ‘harmless aging petters’. Those dudes are sick, disgusting perverts looking for their ranking on the Sex Pedophile All-Star Team…something Slick Willie qualifies as a ‘First Round Pick’.

    How bout the pro-lapse group namely ….Republican Establishment [soon to be re-named Tories] who quickly condemned Trump for his locker-room nastees are sucking the wrong pacifier. In fact, Ryan, Priebus, Mitt Romney, and Jeb Bush, Mike-furgot-his-name-frum-Utah-Lee and others, all condemned Trump within the same 1/2 hour of the audio release by Hillary. Geeez…. a co-inky-dink!

    These dudes never played enough sports to ever have their jock straps dry from their own sweat overnight.. Butt they have ‘first-place-lip’ experience kissing corrupted booty ……. Pros in tha stat.

    Notice how these ‘ Groupies’ JUMPED ON HILLARY’S BAIT ….soon as it skimmed water surface!!

    Within 30 minutes of the official release…Hillary had a strike on bait. [NOT A NIBBLE BUT HUGE BITE] !! Must be great bait…Heh?? Lynch liked it….Oh wait… COMEY TOO!! Oh!! Now that I think about it …Isn’t ‘cash’ good for a variety of lures????.

    The nastiest mouth of the Presidential Election run …would pale Amy Winehouse or Sarah Silverman…..Yep-U-GOT-IT…..Killary sent the sneeek-PEEK-tape… to the Geek Pen Groupies from UTAH/Wisconsin….and Gov. Huntsman, wasn’t playing Ketch-up…he lead…”Arrogance always gravitates to lime-light”. [WASHINGTON POST aided and abetted] THIS WAS ORCHESTRATED…WHO DO YOU TRUST??


  4. Does a constant barrage of lies, propaganda, and undoable promises from the globalist thugs political mouthpieces surprise anyone? Satan is” the father of lies”, “manipulation is as witchcraft”, and “the love of money is the root of all evil” just as the bible tells us. No wonder they want the book banned!
    The problem is that ignorance of what is going on, indifference to it, distraction of attention,preferring to believe a lie, addiction to the federal nipple, and stupidity, all of which they are playing to is a huge obstacle to overcome.

    They have completely looted this country and want to leave behind with this empire corpse as few of us as possible to complain, expose and come against their evil.

    EVERYBODY that gets it must vote against the evil web of deceivers. Also realize, one cannot discount the fact a Jesuit Pope is a full partner to this Lucifer led globalism, and will strongly influence the huge number of Roman Catholic officials in politics to PUSH refugees and immigration and social justice, and redistribution of wealth, all of which are crushing our culture, constitution and financial well being for very nefarious reasons. Don’t be deceived, Adam Weishopft a canon law SJ Jesuit professor designed the Illuminati Luciferian secret society with the bankers. That occult movement today in all it’s derivatives is the scourge of the planet! Be careful of wolves in sheep clothing, because those who choose not to remember God’s ways are given over to a reprobate mind (Rom.1:28). Professing to be wise, they became fools—as any with eyes to see can behold today.

  5. Great article…. thanks for putting it in print… Those who know the TRUTH know that God is in control of all things and He will not be mocked. In the end, those who do mock Him with words and deeds will, of their own free choosing, condemn themselves to the fires of hell for all eternity. Yes, pray for Trump. Pray for our families. Pray for our country. Pray that God will open the eyes of the blind to see the Truth before it is too late for them and for us.
    Thanks again…Absolutely great truth you put out there…

  6. I would like to see Mr. Trump introduce more victims of The narrow minded left wing christophobic holier than thou democrats, namely in the persons of minority who continue to be enslaved in the 21st century inner city plantations where the politicians are their masters and the welfare system their chains.

  7. THERES no hope for a spiritualy blind nation,ALL the churches are blind to the truth,as are 90% of the people,DESTRUCTION will come on a day when its NOT expected,I hope you guys at Us defencewatch are ready,GODS going to slowly destroy america with one destruction after another, till all of america has been consumed,ITS GOING TO BE THE WORSE BLOODBATH IN HISTORY…and only a few will have seen it coming.AND BE READY…..

  8. Trump needs to bring up in detail the Clinton foundation, say we must exit the UN, do away with central banks and get back to constitutional banking, deport Muslims, close down the mosques, get Fed. judges that obey the consitution otherwise have them disbarred.

  9. EVERY election is advertised as “good vs evil”.
    EVERY election is advertised as “last chance to save the country”.
    It is a logical fallacy to use the same system to save us from the same system.
    Voting just give the people in power the illusion of legitimacy.
    It is impossible to vote yourself free.

  10. I can’t say enough good about Ray Starmann. This man has his head screwed on correctly and his columns/articles are always right on the money!
    How does he read my thoughts consistently?
    Whoever he works for needs to immediately double his salary, at least!

  11. I’m guilty of being a right-winger.

    However, I frame arguments in terms of right vs. wrong, not right vs. left.

    Liberals hate when I point that out.

  12. God; I’m not sure what “Your Cheeto Jesus is going to lose” is supposed to mean, but I am sure that our “nation” will most assuredly lose if the Clintons manage to slither back into the white house!

  13. With out any doubt Trump has a double digit lead over Bill’s wife! How will the elite convince the Bernie supporters?! Huge numbers of young people are getting a quick education in civic’s & politic’s! They can see that all the big nets are spewing pure vomit of lie’s!
    The Lord install’s king’s & removes king’s! Personally (as it all seems) we have only one choice – The Sa’tanic elites knows the consequences (as does Ba’al) for bucking what the Lord has preordained! Could this all be theatrics or did Trump flank the left or was he hoodwinked? I can see why someone like Donald would throw his hat in the ring – He’s (Trump) been bullied by those in authority & he had over come them! If the Lord ‘will’s’ it for Trump we can bet change will happen – for this reason alone the G elites will pull out all their stops and all for naught! If Bill’s wife is selected, well, Daniel’s week won’t be far behind!
    Does anyone actually believe that if Trump makes it this nation will return to the God who made her great?Humpty Dumpty may have fell but quickly morphed into this Pseudo deity of Roam!

    *the Rothshield’s will continue their bidding until the arrival of the Son of perdition – Sa’tan won’t need them anymore, fore the mammon they’ve accumulated will go into Lucie’s poke & AI will take the Rothy’s place! The devil hates anything related to the Lord’s special creation (Human’s) in fact he hates the ones he convinced to fall w/him (angel’s) but that apathetic being does love his own image – what a phool of a created being he is.
    From here on out (for earth dwellers) it only get’s worse (no hope, no nothing) for this one of many very reason’s we have our Savior our God Who’ll wash us clean of sin and make us heirs to everything He has! You bet I love Him for His agape Love won me over as of all that are Redeemed!
    ***The lawlessness in this Nation is overwhelming, people would kill their own family members if they felt they may get some kind of thrill, not even pondering the consequences!

    God bless
    you all at


  14. Yes it is. That is why the good is laid before you in Trump and the bad is laid bare before you with Hillary.

    We cannot DENY this. Therefore, there will be no excuse when the wrong one gets in.

    Choose wisely…. or she will be your DOOM.

  15. Spot on. The majority of Trump’s opponents don’t want the changes he’s proposing. It will cost them MONEY and force a change they don’t want. When he is elected they will lose the status quo and be held accountable. They all understand that. Things will get a LOT uglier as we get closer to the day of reckoning. Thievery of the election returns is also a distinct possibility. Why? Because they have much to lose (fat cat status, freedom to oppress). They will TRY to take advantage of every false story, every rumor and each opportunity that they dredge up from a regular guy’s past.

    No doubt this November we the people will change our destiny. Together we will put America back to where it was and should be; that shining city of light on a hill.

    God Bless America

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