Thinking the Unthinkable


By Joe Ragonese

It was a flash across my grey matter.  A dream while awake.  It made me gasp for air, and then hold my breath.  It was the thought that Hillary Clinton had won the election and become our 45th President.  God help us.  That thought made me contemplate the possible ramifications of such an event.  As frightening as it is, here are the things this writer feels may happen under a Hillary Presidency.

The first is higher taxes; a lot of them coming at us nonstop and rapidly.  That isn’t a guess, she has said those are her plans for us.  More frightening; however, is the prospect of a nuclear war with Russia.  Of the two people running for the highest office this year, one wants to negotiate with Putin, the other wants to keep poking him in the eye with a sharp stick.  Hillary is the one holding that stick.

There always is the possibility that she will moderate her stance once in office; but that seems unlikely because Putin, like Trump, is not a globalist.  The global faction wants to end American independence just as much as they want to stop Russian nationalism.  Neither theory fits into their plans for a one world government where all of the money flows to the elite.  That’s what globalism is.

So Hillary doesn’t like Russia any more that she likes America.  The nuclear trigger would be pulled because Russia cannot beat America in a conventional war.  They could inflict a lot of damage on us and force us to take many casualties; however, they are not up to par with our military even in its weakened condition.  They also do not want to lose.  In order to stop a defeat, they will employ their nuclear weapons in the hope of America signing a peace treaty with them under favorable conditions.

I truly expect that a war with Russia is right around the corner if Hillary wins.  Russia is already preparing for one.  Their civil defense training drills that include 40 million civilians, and the military operations around Estonia, are telling.  They too have a sharp stick and have been poking NATO with it.  I believe that they actually want a limited war with NATO to break it apart, while at the same time regaining their lost empire.

To understand the way Russians think you have to look at their past.  Russia has always had an inferiority complex.  They are on the edge of Europe, yet not quite a part of it.  They always wanted to be respected by Europeans, and never were.  That feeling of inferiority is what drives Russians, both the people and their leaders, to exaggerate their superiority to the West.  It is why they act as they do, their hotshot pilots doing Top Gun encounters with NATO aircraft and defying their enemies to do something about it.

Being treated like an equal goes a long way in placating their feelings.  The only politician on the world stage who treats them in that manner is Donald Trump.  He is a businessman who treats others as potential partners in mutual deals to earn profits.  It is in his book, “Trump, The Art of the Deal;” in case you’re interested in learning more about the way he thinks.  It is interesting to note that President Ronald Reagan and Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev had a respectful relationship.  That relationship helped end the Cold War in 1991.

Hillary, on the other hand, is working toward an international global community with open borders, as she stated in her speeches to international bankers.  A nationalistic Russian nation does not fit in with those plans;  meaning that she and Vladimir Putin are automatically in opposition to one another.  With Hillary as President, war with Russia becomes almost inevitable.

If that prospect isn’t enough to give you nightmares, think about her appointing Supreme Court Justices.  During her first four years as President, Hillary will appoint no fewer than two justices, one vacancy already exists and Ruth Ginsberg will retire or vacate the office within the next four years.  She will be quickly followed by others, as our Supreme Court is an aging body at this time.  She may appoint as many as four before her term is complete.  They will all be young and remain on the court for the next 30 to 40 years.

The justices that she would appoint would be in lockstep with her thinking.  They will be Marxists, globalists, elitists. With just one appointment to the court the Second Amendment will be found unconstitutional, followed by the right to worship as a Christian or a Jew. These are things that Marxist do not abide by.

Her leadership will be more harsh than that of Obama, because she comes into office with an extreme ideology already in place thanks to eight years of Obama.  That leadership style will upset many Americans.  She will ram legislation down the throats of whoever is in charge of Congress, while implementing massive regulations.  We have seen what Republicans have done to stop Obama. There will be little difference in the way they will act under Clinton.

With the prospect of more Obama type leadership, in concert with much higher taxes, a dwindling middle class, war with Russia and draconian regulations that she will implement, Americans, we the people, will have little choice but to disband the union and form an American Free State or States, where the principals that our founding fathers wrote into the Constitution will be obeyed and become the law of the Free States of America once again.


This is what this writer sees as the future for our nuclear bombed out country with a President Hillary.   The end of the United States of America is at hand.  There is a way to prevent this nightmare scenario; however, and that is to vote Republican on November 8, 2016.

3 comments on “Thinking the Unthinkable
  1. This seems like a plausible scenario in the coming election. We are doomed if Hillary wins, but it seems now that Trump is falling fast. What can be done to get him back in the race? We need him desperately! It’s going to be a long winter!

    Please help us, God!!!

  2. If there is a God, and until 2008 I truly thought there was, she will not be allowed to live until the election. This evil woman is undoubtedly the prophesied ‘Anti – Christ’.

  3. That is an idiotic assessment. Containing Russian expansionism through NATO and economic sanctions is precisely the way to avoid hot warfare. Taxes can’t be raised without Congressional approval, and the Republicans will likely maintain control of the House.

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