‘The truth is, there’s something terribly wrong with this country’


By Ray Starmann

In the spectacular 2005 film, V for Vendetta, the globalist elite establish a tyrannical government in the United Kingdom after launching a number of false flag terrorist incidents.

The libertarian freedom fighter ‘V,’ breaks into the main government communications center in London. After seizing the TV station, V goes on the air and broadcasts to the people of London, in what is probably one of the greatest anti-government scenes in film history.

During the broadcast, V states, among many other things, that “the truth is, there’s something terribly wrong with this country.”

The same can be said for the US today.

While, the USA is not in the midst of a full blown tyranny YET, as in V for Vendetta, the globalists are intent on destroying the last refuge of true freedom and capitalism on this planet, the United States of America. The globalists are attacking our economy, our schools, our churches and our society itself. They have their eyes on the biggest prize of all and they will stop at nothing to have it.

Our military is in tatters and our troops are worn out from 15 years of fighting endless, unwinnable wars. The military’s senior leaders with any bravado are long gone, replaced by politically correct mannequins in Class A uniforms.

We the People are being ridden roughshod over by a global elite intent on stealing our money, raiding our bank and investment accounts and controlling us with a worldwide corporate technocracy.

This certainly isn’t the America we all grew up in; the America of jobs and stability and normality.  In fact, Americans under 40 have no conception what life was like in America when it was booming and more importantly, when most of its leaders were patriots.

Yesterday, the President of the United States, in full cooperation with the lackeys in Congress (minus Ted Cruz) turned over the full custody of the Internet from the US Chamber of Commerce and ICann to the United Nations. Now, the Chinese, the Russians and the other villains on the planet will eventually have control over what is seen and not seen. It is simply a catastrophe of infinite proportions.

The Russians and the Chinese are licking their chops. They knew that politicians like Paul ‘TPP’ Ryan were never coming to America’s rescue. Why would they ever do anything to stop the globalist gravy train?

The rule of law, in a nation that was once and truly a nation of laws, has been trampled and defecated on by government officials who will go down in history as the enemies of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Those bureaucrats and traitors are: President Obama, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, FBI Director James Comey, Cheryl Mills and the countless lackeys in the State Department who are accomplices to the myriad of crimes committed by former Secretary of State and now Democratic nominee for President, Hillary Clinton.

Every day, more evidence leaks out which implicates Mr. Comey as the leader of a conspiracy to sabotage the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton and to ensure, with Loretta Lynch’s blessing, that Hillary never comes within 1,000 miles of an indictment. Mr. Comey grew angry last week and accused Congressman Trey Gowdy of inferring that the FBI’s men and women were weasels.

No, Mr. Comey, the people that work for you in the FBI are not weasels. You, sir, are a weasel; a sellout, a Quisling of the highest grade and order. You are, in essence a disgrace not only to the FBI, the rule of law, but to this nation and every FBI agent who has given their lives in service to this great country.

The corruption running through the veins of this Republic is nearly astounding and disgusting. The rule of law has been abandoned for the rule of money. Like some age old Biblical tale, America is becoming a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah of total greed and corruption.

The globalists have no party loyalty. Their devotion is not to ideology, but to power and money and maintaining it all costs. Today, the Daily Mail reported that not only is George W. Bush’s daughter, Barbara, voting for Hillary Clinton, but she was seen in Paris, at a Hillary fundraiser, partying with Hillary’s all-around gopher, probable lover and foreign intelligence officer, Huma Abedin.

To the global elite, there is no left or right, Democrat or Republican. There is only money and their insane desire to take all of it and deny the average person a decent life.

The world is teetering on the edge of another massive stock market collapse. The globalists have created a debt bubble of astronomical proportions that has been delayed from bursting by every monetary scheme imaginable. The day is coming when the bubble is going to implode and with it whatever is left of an ailing US economy.

No matter what lies the government spoon feeds Americans, there are nearly 100 million Americans who are out of work, have given up looking for work, or are only marginally employed. One in five American households has no one working. Nearly 49 million Americans live in poverty.

Meanwhile, illegals pour into the country across our Southern border. They steal US jobs, lower wages and stretch the emergency health care system to a breaking point.

On America’s streets today, nearly every third car has a rideshare sticker, denoting that the driver is working part time or full time for a rideshare service and most likely, because they have no other means to sustain themselves. Ebay is saturated with millions of items being unloaded by Americans hoping to get enough money for food or medicine.

As the average American watches their country slide into the ocean like a sinking ship, as the average American watches the middle class be eliminated entirely, as the average American knows there’s something terribly wrong in this country, the global elite lick their chops in ecstasy.

The globalists shipped out American jobs and American companies. Lousy trade deals have created a mammoth trade deficit for the sole reason that America cannot export as many items as it imports.

Who profits from the average Americans demise, the globalists do? For the fleecing of America to continue, for the money to keep flowing in their pockets, for the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats and ‘national security experts’ to all stay on the payroll, one person must be elected to office.

That person is the globalists’ number one puppet, Hillary Clinton.

Hillary is being propped up like a demi god, a woman whom Julian Assange describes quite accurately as a ‘demon who will put of all our heads in a noose.’

A criminal is running for the nation’s highest office, and is being aided and abetted by her husband a serial sexual predator.

Hillary isn’t just your standard Democrat who wants to take away your guns; she’s a vile, vicious woman who will stop at nothing to gain more power. Once that power is obtained, she will take a wrecking ball to all that remains of the country, while she loots it six ways from Sunday. The Clinton Foundation will be switched on again and the donations and bribes in every imaginable world currency will flow in on a giant conveyor belt into the Oval Office.

In the wake of this onslaught by the globalists, there is one man standing in their way, the first man to challenge them since 1963, a man who represents the sorrow, and angst and frustration of the American populace.

That man is Donald Trump.

If Hillary Clinton wins, the globalists will have a free reign to put the final nail in the coffin of the United States and the West.

As Roger Stone mentioned so eloquently, “It’s either Donald Trump or a 1,000 years of darkness on this planet.”

What will it be; the light or eternal darkness?

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8 comments on “‘The truth is, there’s something terribly wrong with this country’
  1. Americans, YOU, are paying to build a 25 foot tall WALL all around Israel ……. but if You ask for a wall to protect your Families from ILLEGALS you are told you are a RACIST BIGOT.

  2. If Trump is denied the presidency, you can be assured that revolution will come to the fore. Americans need someone at the head of the column to yell charge.

    This has become a game of Cat and Mouse, where no one wants to be the one who sticks their head in a noose, or “Third Man on a Match”.

    We are looking for a man strong enough to take charge who is also willy enough to keep from being assassinated by the government goons while gathering strength of numbers under his banner to strike a line in the sand, saying NO MORE WILL WE BE DRIVEN INTO THE GROUND BY CRIMINALS RUNNING OUR GOVERNMENT !!!

  3. SOME of what you said are true,but most are incorrect,AMERICANS are afraid of their own shadow now and will be easly rounded up into the fema death camps,when they turn off the power and water that will be the end of america,theres no fight left in them,OH sure there’ll be a few survivors there always are,BUT it’ll be dammed few,AND who will write the history books,NO ONE,the US MILITARY intends to destroy the planet and they will,and while you were sucking them off ,IF YOU LOOK you’ll notice everything is dieing around you,SO tell your children their future is over,you had your head so far up SATANS ass you couldn’t see the truth….now your hero’s the police gangs will rape,loot and murder all of you for their DADDY satan,and their friends the CHINESE MILITARY……..

  4. I’m a New Testament Christian but I never fancied myself as an Armageddonist or someone who took the book of Revelation literally. I also never thought God would abandon His love for our precious nation. However, these past 8 years have caused me to rethink and recalculate what I feel is happening to this country. True, undiluted EVIL has wrested this country from the arms of God and set us on a path that can only end in Hell. I now believe that demonic entities CAN become flesh and dwell in our midst. I believe that WE as a nation mocked and abandoned God, and as a result, Barack Hussein Obama and now Hillary Rodham Clinton are working hard to bring about the final destruction of America as a nation founded by godly, moral people, to the glory of God. I do not think that either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton are ‘human’, nor do I feel they have souls or moral consciences. I believe that until we start to see this ongoing destruction of America as the ultimate battle between the forces of God and goodness, and the forces of evil and Satan, that we will have no hope of victory.

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