The Road to the Finish Line


By Joe Ragonese

Fox news anchor, Chris Wallace, will moderate the final Presidential debate tonight.  This debate is critical if Donald Trump has any chance of becoming the 45th President of the United States of America.  As far as that debate is concerned, this writer feels that it will be the least biased debate.  As such, Mr. Trump has to exceed expectations because it will be the first debate that he hasn’t had to debate Clinton while at the same time fend off biased moderators.

Mr. Trump did not do well with Lester Holt.  Holt’s first statement set the tone of his bias, laying the foundation after the first question with a false narrative about our economy being the best it has been in many years under President Obama.  Had Mr. Trump simply challenged the opening logic as being false, Holt may have been more objective.  That did not happen and Holt continued to jab at Trump and provide openings for Clinton to state falsehoods and jab at Trump.  Mr. Trump took Clinton’s bait and veered off message.  That was exactly what Clinton and Holt wanted.

The second debate ended differently.  Clinton was in the loser’s column that day, in spite of the best efforts of CNN’s Anderson Cooper and ABC’s Martha Raddatz.  Raddatz, in particular, tried to prop up Clinton with false ‘facts’ and insert herself into the debate, akin to Candy Crowley during the 2012 debates.  Mr. Trump did not take the bait and remained on track, talking of nothing but Clinton’s failures in every elective office that she has ever held.  He even skewered Clinton for her part in covering up Bill Clinton’s predatory sexual behavior.  Again, Cooper and Raddatz asked as many embarrassing and difficult questions of Trump as they could, while only asking one or two softball questions to Clinton.  It didn’t work; when the conversation stays on her actual leadership, or lack of it, Clinton loses.

This last debate should be different.  I do not see Chris Wallace showing his prejudices.  He is listed as a registered Democrat; however, having watched him on both ABC and Fox News, he tries to be fair and balanced in his questioning.  I believe, maybe only hope that for the first time Hillary Clinton will be asked real questions that have not been given to her prior to the debate.  That is known to have happened in other venues and is believed to have happened in both of the previous debates; especially the one with Holt.

If the debate is fair, and Mr. Trump stays on track by dealing with the issues and isn’t sidetracked with all of the allegations against him in the past week; he wins both the debate and the election.  It is still that close.  Recent polls show him in a virtual tie with Clinton.  Some show him with a slight lead and others slightly behind.  The NBC / Wall Street Journal poll has her ahead by 11 points, well above the percentage for error and if accurate, places her as our next President.

Those numbers are still very close and change on a daily basis.  The fact is that there are a very small percentage of the voters yet to make up their minds on whom they will vote for.  Mr. Trump must direct all of his energy, over the coming days, convincing them that he is the right choice.  None of the allegations against him, nor any that will be told over the last days of this race are important; to either candidate.  That small field of undecided voters really doesn’t care.

What the undecided voters are looking for is leadership.  Mr. Trump has it in abundance, but when he is sidetracked into defending false allegations, he looks like a loser.  When he talks about the things that he will do as President, he looks like a leader.  Mrs. Clinton tries very hard to look like a leader, but she has a track record full of failures and cannot present herself as a leader when questioned about that failed record.  This is where Mr. Trump must concentrate his attacks in these final days before the election.

The road to the White House belongs to the more positive of the two candidates.  Being negative has not worked and will not.  Those who have yet to make up their minds, especially women, want someone who will lead this country.  They don’t care which one it is, but they want a leader.  People, especially women, are frightened about our future.  Terrorism, something Clinton’s policies make more likely, scares people.  Yet no one has asked Hillary about her stance on the issue.  Mr. Trump, or Chris Wallace, should ask her what she plans to do about that and how bringing in several hundred thousand un-vetted Islamic immigrants will play into that plan.

More importantly, for the women’s vote which will probably swing this election, someone needs to bring out that Angela Merkel’s open border policy in Germany has led to over 70,000 forcible rapes by Muslin immigrants this year alone.  Many of those rapes were by multiple offenders.  This has been underreported in our press.  The rape situation in Germany is so bad that Germany’s government placed an ad on its television stations trying to convince German women to wear a Burka and cover their faces with a veil of some type.  Were those undecided women to hear about this, which is not reported at all in the main stream media, in conjunction with Clinton’s plans for open borders, the election would be Trump’s.

This final road to the finish line if full of land mines.  Both candidates will have to navigate around them in order to become our next President.  The winner of this election will be the one who steps gingerly around each exploding ‘October surprise’ yet to be thrown at them, while looking like a leader in the process.  Whichever one can do that wins.