The last debate, Project Veritas and the crimes of the DNC


By Joe Rangonese

The final debate is over, and it was the best of the three.  It started with moderator, Chris Wallace of Fox News, asking the audience not to cheer or clap; which was promptly forgotten, and then he began the questioning of the two nominees.  When a question was asked, both supplied an answer.  There was no one sided questioning in this debate.  Hillary was put on the spot for the first time in this election cycle. Wallace did as well as could be expected with these two A type personalities. Wallace had the hardest time with Clinton, who refuses to play by the rules.  When she was cornered with facts, she went on a filibuster to try to redirect the conversation, and no matter how hard the moderator tried, she continued to rant.

At one point Hillary Clinton was asked a question about the conflict of interest that arose from her service as Secretary of State and her involvement with the Clinton Foundation. She quickly pivoted the answer to another subject.  Donald Trump noted how she didn’t answer and let the audience know that fact.  Clinton put on her phony smile; you know that creepy, scary smile she pastes on her face when she isn’t telling the truth.  Even when put on the spot, all she could do was smile, and vacillate until she was finally able to turn the question into attacking Russia and Trump.  No answer was ever given.

It was clear throughout the evening that Clinton was out of her league when real questions were asked.  I will give her credit, thought, she is an excellent debater.  This was probably her finest performance.  None the less, she was on the defensive throughout the night thanks to both a fair moderator and Donald Trump (is it too soon to call him Mr. President?).

The differences could not be more evident this night.  How Clinton could smile while talking about the killing of babies during partial birth abortion was disgusting.  Then she told two of her whopper lies; first that partial birth abortion is used to save a mother’s life and second that Planned Parenthood provides cancer screening for women, which is not available elsewhere.

One of the best parts of the debate came when Mr. Trump pointed out the Project Veritas videos which expose the violent disruptions at his speaking events were orchestrated and paid for by her campaign committee.  He did not go far enough with that piece of information, which also exposed widespread voter fraud on the part of the Democrat National Committee (DNC), with ties all the way up to the President of the United States.

Project Veritas is a group of investigative journalists led by James O’Keefe.  O’Keefe, 32, is a 2006 graduate of Rutgers University, with a B.A. in Philosophy.  He began his journalism career by doing an undercover sting operation of the left wing community organizing group, ACORN, in 2009.  That investigation recorded the organization planning criminal activities across the country.  The information was so damning that ACORN went out of business even though it was one of President Obama’s chosen groups.

Project Veritas has recently published three videos, two dealing with voter fraud by paid Democratic operatives, and one with organized disruptions of Trump events.  No main stream media outlet has acknowledged their existence until Mr. Trump talked about one at the debate. Now the media is doing everything they can to discredit the information and O’Keefe, which is very difficult to do as he shows videos of the people bragging about their criminal activities.  Two high ranking Democrats have been fired already because of the criminal activities presented.  O’Keefe is doing nothing more than what the media used to do, investigative journalism.  Does anyone remember Watergate where journalists broke that conspiracy open?  What O’Keefe has discovered makes Watergate look like child’s play.

O’Keefe believes that even though no media outlet, except Fox news and conservative talk radio will broadcast the videos, that social media is having enough of an impact that voters are seeing how deeply criminal the Democrat Party, and the Clinton campaign, is.  Between these and Wikileaks ongoing dump of damning information, there is no doubt that the Clinton Foundation, in conjunction with the Democrat Party and the Clinton Presidential campaign, is a criminal organization that goes straight up to the President.  Voter fraud, alone, has been shown to be an ongoing problem and is the reason that Democrats object so strenuously to any reasonable voter identification laws.  In one video one of the dark operatives brags that this level of fraud has been going on for 50 years and will not end anytime soon.

In a reasonable time this would mark the end of the Democrat Party; but these times are not reasonable and now we know why.  Our democracy has been stolen by nefarious people who don’t care about this country.  The only way we can fight back is by voting in record numbers to win our country back.  We now know the reason that the Democrats have done so well while going against the wishes of the majority of Americans.  The only way to put a stop to this is through the courts, after we’ve taken back the DOJ and FBI to do the right thing.

This debate clearly showed who each candidate is.  Hillary Clinton gave the absolute best performance of her life.  Even having done so, she showed herself as a callous, uncaring, undignified, really nasty woman who has no concept of right or wrong.  Her values are to kill little babies just as they take their first breath and soldiers, while not even understanding enough math to know that the Obama administration has brought us the most debt our nation has ever known.  Somehow she bragged about how Obama has cut the deficit in half, when in actuality it has risen 100% under his idea of leadership.

Donald Trump also gave his best debate performance yet.  He was Presidential throughout the evening, with a complete knowledge of the issues.  His knowledge of business prepares him to run our economy better than any President since Ronald Reagan.  Even moderator Wallace doesn’t understand how successful trickle down economics was.  When governmental policies encourage business, it creates jobs.  Jobs create wealth and wealth creates growth, which creates more jobs and more wealth.  Those are the factors that develop a vibrant economy; something we haven’t seen in at least ten years.  That is how trickle down economics works.

Each side in this debate will declare that they won.  No one who watched with a fixed opinion will have had their minds changed.  Those who came into this debate still wondering who they are going to vote for will probably vote for Trump as he has proven himself Presidential, while Clinton looked like the sleazy politician that she is.  (That wasn’t biased, just an observation; she is the insider politician and he is an outsider.)

There was one clear winner in this debate, and that was Chris Wallace who proved with his fair and balanced moderation that there are still some in the journalistic profession who possess the ethics taught in Journalism 101.

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