The Global Elite’s War on the Middle Class


By Joe Ragonese

Tootsies Orchid Lounge in downtown Nashville, Tennessee, threw itself a 56th birthday party.  They invited anyone who wanted to attend.  Broadway was closed from 4th to 5th Streets, and a huge stage was set up at one end, with booths along the roadway dispensing beer, drinks, and food.  On stage a steady flow of country artists preformed throughout the evening.

The party started at noon, but the music didn’t begin until two o’clock.  That was when a male singer climbed onstage and sang, a capella, our national anthem.  By then fans and tourist alike lined both sides of the street.  As the words filtered out of the sound equipment into the crowd, most stood still, placing their hands on their heart and silently listened to the words of our nation’s song.

No one sat down or knelt to show their disrespect for this great country.  The faces in the crowd were mostly white, but there were black, tan, olive and yellow skinned people, men, women and whatever else among them.  It didn’t matter what their sexual orientation, marital status, political beliefs were, or how much income they had; all reverently stood, hand on heart, staring at the man belting out the words of our country’s song.  It was Middle America, the streets filled with people who work for a living or want to work.

They were hard working people, waiters, bartenders, singers, musicians, producers, truck drivers, coal miners, farmers, public relations executives, cosmetic salespeople; almost any trade or profession that one could think of.  All standing in reverent silence honoring our great nation as the National Anthem was sung.  They are the people who make America great.  They are mostly middle class, from the lower level to the upper income bracket, and even those who have made it into the rich category, like some of the entertainers onstage.  None of them thought of themselves as elite.  They are we the people of the United States; just ordinary Americans.  To elitists, all the people gathered on those sidewalks, hands over heart, are peons, not worthy of their time or effort.

Hillary calls us deplorables, her husband Bill says we are rednecks and losers who watch Fox News.  Barack Obama holds those of us who love God, guns and country in contempt, while his wife, Michelle, readily admitted that she never liked America.  The global elitists don’t like us much.  The global elite are George Soros and those whom he keeps around to do his bidding, like Obama and Hillary.  Bill is just along for the ride, like the predator that he is.

Elitists want to turn the clock back to medieval times; yet they call themselves progressives.  In medieval times there was an elite class.  They were kings, queens, princes and princesses, barons, lords, knights, sirs and ladies.  Anyone who didn’t have a title was a peon, like those standing on Broadway in Nashville.  That is what the political elite see themselves as, entitled people, and the rest of us are so far beneath them that we are not worthy of their consideration.

In medieval times we the people did not have a say in how the elite governed us.  The elite forced the peons to work their lands and send the fruits of their labors back to them.  You were not a citizen, rather a subject of the elite.  You owned nothing and could not control your destiny.  That all changed when a group of upstarts, who had the audacity to call themselves patriots, in the British colonies of America, rebelled against the elites.  With little more than strong hearts, independent minds and a little bit of gun powder, they defeated the world’s most powerful army.  They were armed with guns that they owned and used to defend themselves against marauding tribes of Indians, outlaws and brigands.  Those who lived outside of the cities also used those weapons to hunt for their meals, while city dwellers used those weapons strictly for defense of home, family and their possessions.

There was a lot of animosity between the elites and the people of America before the rebellion began, but the fighting started when the British Army marched into Lexington, Massachusetts, to confiscate the patriots’ stores of arms and powder.  It wasn’t their fowling pieces or hunting arms that they wanted; it was the smooth bore military assault rifle of the day.  The patriots did not take lightly to that and slaughtered the soldiers all the way back from Lexington to Boston.  It is why the Second Amendment to the Constitution is about military arms and not to go hunting or target shooting.  Of course, once the blood flowed, it didn’t stop until victory was won.

It was the first time in recorded history that the people decided their own fate.  The elite didn’t like it much, but the idea spread.  It continues to spread today; but the elite still don’t like it.  They try to suppress this independence constantly.  In America, the elitists are all global elitists.  It is the only way that elitism works.  Nowhere in the world can anyone be allowed independent thought or action.  Because if one nation, say, America, proves that we don’t need the elite, everyone else will want it.

The first step in snuffing out independent thought is to make everyone need the elite.   How do you do that?  Simple, you insure that there is no middle class.  Society must be divided into the elite and peons; nothing can be allowed to exist in between.   That is why America’s elite are working so hard to divide us into smaller, controllable, groups.  It is why we have men against women, black versus white, versus brown, versus yellow, liberal versus conservative, gay versus straight, and every other division we see in this country today.  It is no accident.

America was always different because of its middle class.  No other country at the time of our rebellion had one. In that time everyone was made to toe the line of the elite class or starve to death.  The middle class is the enemy of the elite class.  It is no accident that President Obama’s economic recovery is all smoke and mirrors. While he brags about a five percent unemployment rate, it covers for the fact that more Americans have given up looking for a job than are still looking. In fact, nearly 96 million Americans are out of the work force.

He has insured that employment is underemployment, where young people have to live with their parents because decent paying middle class jobs don’t exist.   Even not having rent to pay, they have to work two to three part time jobs to survive.  He could have done nothing and the economy would have rebounded.  Instead, he did everything in his power to insure that the middle class of America vanished.  He is doing rather well on that point.  Hillary wants to continue with those policies.

The coming election is the clearest choice that there has ever been.  Everyone on Clinton’s team hates middle class Americans.  They hate religion, those who love their country and those who are proud to be Americans.  We have entered a class struggle that hasn’t been seen on these shores since the British were removed at gunpoint.

Hillary and her global elitists will do and say anything to obtain that end.  Every day, between now and November 8th, a new lie will be told to discredit Donald Trump; a new allegation or some other subterfuge will be used to change the subject from the issues and into a personal attack against Trump.  And, their contempt for those of us who work or wish to work will spill out of their mouths, emails, and letters, as if we cannot understand their hurtful meaning to we the people.

Of course, many do not know about those emails because the left’s useful idiots in the main stream media, while pouncing on every unsubstantiated lie told against Trump, ignore the truth of the emails being released by Wikileaks daily.  Any mention of the emails is covered up with some statement about the Russians trying to get Trump elected President.  It is just as obvious that they don’t try to substantiate the outrageous claims against him nor are they the least bit concerned about who leaked the tape of Trump or who leaked his taxes, both in violation of the laws of the state and nation.  They are just as unconcerned about whoever leaked them might be trying to get elected President.  Their hypocrisy is so blatant and outrageous it is impossible to take them seriously; yet many do.

There has never been a clearer difference between two candidates in my life time.  On the left is global elitism and on the right patriotic Americanism.  Going to the polls you only have two very clear choices.  Vote Democrat for international global elitism and an end of America with all of its values; or vote Republican to maintain America as an independent nation with our trusted values of God, Country and mom’s apple pie.

Whatever the candidates may have said or done in their lifetimes is meaningless at this point. By now we know enough about each of them to understand that neither is without flaws. When you pull the lever for the next President of the United States it is simply a vote for America, or against it.

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  1. democrats are living breathing arrogant turds. I am a Deplorable and proud of it. I served in the Marines in Vietnam. Where were these arrogant scumbags when the bullets were flying. Long ago, Democrats were decent and human, now they are human slime, leaving a trail of lies behind them. I will vote for Trump!

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