Take heed Hillary; all tyrants fall and you will too


By Ray Starmann

During last night’s debate, Hillary Clinton gave the world a glimpse into her corrupted, dark soul.

Dressed again in clothing purloined from Doctor No’s boudoir, Mrs. Clinton was again missing something on her buttoned up Maoist jacket; a US flag pin.

As the debate marched on, Mr. Trump mentioned the crimes of ISIS and she smiled. As he discussed the fraudulent Clinton Foundation, she scowled. When he talked about her email scandal, the myriad of national security crimes she committed and the obvious sellout by FBI director James Comey, she gazed at all of us with a look of utter irritation and scorn.

How dare anyone question her too big to jail status! How dare anyone say she was a crook! How dare anyone challenge her future coronation as President!

Mrs. Clinton clearly believes she’s a modern day Marie Antoinette, an Eva Peron, a Queen Mary, who is above and beyond national and international law. In her twisted mind she can do anything she pleases; steal millions from poor people dying in Haiti, break national security laws, put intelligence personnel and the nation at risk, commit perjury, obstruction of justice, fraud, bribery, be abusive to security and military personnel and staff members and possibly murder all for the greater good of Hillary.

She is constantly being told how special and smart and cunning she is by an army of minions and suck ups that are so sycophantic they must have trained at the court of Louis XIV.

No, Hillary you’re not special. You’re a twisted individual who has wrecked lives and nations for 25 years. You are totally incompetent and a gangster clad in a pants suit.

You are, as Trump said last night, ‘a nasty woman.’

Hillary continues to rake in millions from the pay for play scheme known as the Clinton Foundation. She continues to lie, threaten, blackmail, cheat and deceive, to get whatever she desires. She, like all tyrants in history has been able to attract so many who are willing to assist her to commit crimes.

Whether for personal gain, out of pure ideology, or under the threat of death, imprisonment or loss of income, Hillary Clinton has garnered groupies in the mainstream media, at the DNC, at the State Department, at the FBI, the DOJ, and in the White House, who are all accessories to the litany of felonies and misdemeanors she has committed and continues to commit to this day.

Why ordinary men and women are drawn to evil is a question mankind has been answering since the dawn of time.

And, there’s no doubt that Hillary Clinton is evil. With a personality that is a hybrid of Ernst Stavro Blofeld, Violet Beauregarde and the Three Faces of Eve, she has disdain for anyone who can’t do something for her and her only. We’re all just everyday American deplorables who are irredeemable.

Like all villains in history, Hillary’s reign of crime and terror will end. Hillary Clinton, the tyrant will fall from power; either by the ballot box, impeachment or after she’s arrested for high crimes by patriots during the Second American Revolution.

Here are some possible scenarios detailing Hillary’s downfall.

Trump may very well win in a spectacular Brexit style victory detonating a Bangalore torpedo across a chain of rigged polls that are attempting to fool people into believing that Trump has no chance, when the real story is much different.

After getting thoroughly trounced by Trump, she holds a rare press conference and blames Putin and the Russians for her loss in the election. She then goes into seclusion at her secret medical clinic located in one of the seven bedrooms in Chelsea’s apartment.

Hillary is elected and is finally brought to justice when James O’Keefe and Wikileaks work together to break open a scandal that brings down Hillary and that makes Watergate look as innocuous as a parking ticket.

President Hillary Clinton and the new Marxist packed Supreme Court declare the Second Amendment null and void. Lexington and Concord skirmishes take place from sea to shining sea. The Second American Revolution has begun.

Eventually, patriots regain control and form a new government based on the original principles of the Constitution, among them the Second Amendment, which is restored to its rightful place as the bulwark against government tyranny. Hillary Clinton is finally arrested.

Like all thugs and crooks that climb over bodies to make their way to power, Hillary is oblivious to the fact that there is one law that she is not above; the law of God. And, ‘though the mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceedingly small.’

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  1. Your best post yet, this article is right on the money and your best on Hillary yet.She should be in jail where sho belongs. Saul Alinski would be proud of her corrupt dealings and lies.

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