‘Oh what he said 11 years ago’


By Michael J. Flaherty

These last 35 days of the election cycle are heating up and the “Hillary Team” is in full concert with the press ensuring that the public and particularly the voter will vote for Hillary Clinton who is a “lying” individual. She is a supporter of the man to whom she is married to. He is a known serial-sex-addict. His accusers run in numbers and she openly pursued and attempted to destroy those women who came forward to accuse her husband. Remember she created and ran the group called the “bimbo eruptions” which sole purpose was to discredit those women who came forward with their own stories of harassment or who were assaulted by her husband, Former President Clinton.

Subsequently, she is totally unrepentant of her methods she undertook on her quest to become President of the United States.

Until this race is over, there will be nothing left to civility! There will be no word that can be distorted to reflect that Donald J. Trump is unqualified to win the presidency. There will be no indecent act, word or thought which can be only conceived by an individual or group that runs in lock-step with this tormented woman who desires total power.

Hillary’s transgressions which include; support of the moral turpitude of her husband, violations of security by utilizing communication equipment that she was specifically instructed not to use. She has signed documents of acknowledgement of those rules and totally violated national security standards. She has allowed individuals without security clearances to read her classified files.

Countries which demean women, murder homosexuals, disallow women to advance themselves and kill Christians and Jews financially support her fund and are provided preferential treatment by agencies which she can control.

She is a master at the distortion of facts. One of greatest is in the debacle of the attack on the United States Consulate, in Benghazi, Libya. She had the ability to purport two different stories almost simultaneously. The story which was told for the first five days to the world and to the United Nations was that this attack on the consulate was initiated by the movie “Innocence of Muslims,” which turned out to be an outright fabrication while Hillary Clinton wrote emails to her daughter stating otherwise. Her lies caused the death of the Ambassador J. Christopher Steven, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone S. Woods.

Yes, Donald J. Trump while around men is a verbal rough stone, many businessmen in pursuit of business fold into the background of those with whom they are immediately associating with. I remember when serving on board a submarine we had a  guest on board, Danny Kaye; he used profanity equal to any submariner I had ever heard. I can be absolutely sure that he did not use this language around women. I know of many who in leadership positions when in private would make a sailor blush. Therefore, his vocabulary cannot be excused nor can it be accepted. However, he has apologized and his present and former female employees hold him in the highest regard. The question is; do you want an individual who is honest as President or someone who is a known liar and criminal?

We all think John F. Kennedy was the best thing since sliced bread but he had a swinging door in and out of the White House. Should we dig up Marilyn Monroe and interrogate her? And, how many years ago was that?

What we are talking about is who is running for the White House. Donald Trump legally took every tax deduction advantage allowed by written law. He was allowed to carry over for those many years and deduct his profits from those losses. Remember, Trump is talking adamantly how he is against the use of lobbyists. As a businessman, he knows how to use lobbyists and he wants to remove them.

Then I respectfully ask why did I just read the following? The USS Gerald R. Ford SVN-78 had been expected to be delivered in 2014. However, there have been many delays, cost overruns and technological problems with unproven systems.  The Pentagon inspector general’s report released in July said mismanagement, cost overruns were the causes and that the ship (hopefully) will be delivered in 2016 at the cost of $12.9 billion a cost overrun of $2.3 billion.

This is why the United States is $21 Trillion dollars in debt. Donald Trump is not going to allow this. He is a business man and has employed tens of thousands of individuals. He understands fulfillment of contracts. Companies hire lobbyists, cost of contracts expand and national debt increases. Congress enriches themselves and taxpayers continually lose.

Then think about this! Why are the majority of politicians presently in office on the cusp of being or already are millionaires? Yes, “Lobbyists” are guys who have taken 99.99% of the politicians out to lunch. The lobbyists have taken their wives, families, their dogs, their cats and/or any other thing connected which would influence the politicians vote for something which the company who hired that lobbyist to make an obscene profit.

Mrs. Clinton is bought and sold by big business and foreign governments.

Why, I ask, with a bit of humility would anyone pay Bill Clinton, one million two hundred fifty-thousand dollars, or yes, Hillary Clinton seven hundred fifty-thousand dollars to speak for one hour?

If elected, Hillary Clinton will raise taxes and keep the Washington scene exactly where it is and it will even get worse. Each day we are treated with documentation of her two-timing scheming methods. She caters to Wall Street and yet tells the common person that the stock market must be controlled. She is a master of talking from both sides of her mouth simultaneously but the little person is not at the front of her list. The viper hisses and the venom flows freely from its mouth and its markings presented by her 30-year history of working in government, which will be a warning to all who consider voting for this individual.

Donald Trump wants to lower tax rates which will bring back businesses to the United States. The employment rate will increase and the middle class will be revived. Homes will prosper and parents will be able to send their children to schools.

The road networks in the United States, along with bridges and other infrastructure, are in dire need of repair and many are simply obsolete. Our infrastructure must be completely fixed. All these items are on Trump’s agenda for the American people.

Remember, the Supreme Court of the United States currently has one opening. With the age of its current membership, it is due to have more. Should Hillary Clinton become President, we can look forward to decades of extremely liberal judges who will change our constitution.

Donald J. Trump has apologized for what he has said!  Hillary Clinton has promised to negate your freedom!

The question is; do you want an individual who is honest, hard-working and who has picked himself up to continue business? Or do you want an individual who has helped put us Trillions of dollars in debt and will continue with more?

It is your decision when you cast your vote!

Michael J. Flaherty retired from the US Navy after 21 years of service as a Chief Radioman. After his military service, Mr. Flaherty served for 23 years in the Central Intelligence Agency.