Muslims in US military now allowed to wear turbans, scarves and beards


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The Department of Defense released regulations on Wednesday to protect the rights of service members to wear a turban, scarf, or beard, to display their religious beliefs—as long as the practices don’t interfere with “military discipline, order, or readiness.”

“We welcome the important decision to broaden the religious rights of American military personnel,” a statement from the Council on American-Islamic Relations read, “We hope it will allow all those in uniform to practice their faith while serving the nation.”

Eligible areas for religious accommodation include hair, grooming practices, religious body art, such as tattoos or body piercings.

Requests for religious accommodation will be decided on a person-by-person basis, but will ultimately be denied only if the item interferes with the use of military equipment, poses a health or safety hazard, or interferes with wearing a military gear or the completion of the ‘military mission.’

The new regulations are receiving praise by leaders of national Muslim American groups, but is still receiving criticism from some Sikh American organizations, who feel that it is not adequate enough. Some individuals, for instance, may still be turned down.

“Unfortunately, this continues to make us have to choose between our faith and serving our country,” said Jasjit Singh, executive director of the Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund, “It has been a work in progress, but we were hoping they would go further.”

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3 comments on “Muslims in US military now allowed to wear turbans, scarves and beards
  1. The military has become a social engineering playground for politically correct general officers and this administration. There is a reason that all military services wear distinct service uniforms. It is because they are all uniform as a cohesive team proud of their particular branch of service in service to our country. The recent decisions by the Pentagon hierarchy such as that addressed by the above noted issue, are politically motivated and not directed at what is best for the military or the country. Our military is under an ominous reformation through decisions that are tearing at its fabric and transforming it into something less than an optimized fighting force in defense of our constitution and our country. It is very interesting to note that the ongoing religious selectivity within the military also calls for removing the Bible from military quarters. Why is this happening? What is the end goal? The administration and its politically correct team in the Pentagon also wants women serving in Special Forces. That is proving to not working out very well. Without elaborating on why, just answer this question: when was the last time that a woman won the Heisman Trophy? There are distinct differences between men and women and it is not sexist to note the obvious differences. It is simply a matter of nature. In fact, it is pathological, meaning “extreme in a way that is not normal or that shows an illness or mental problem”, to think otherwise. Is America dissolving as a nation right before our eyes with the military leading the way? If not, explain to me what the happy ending to all of this is.

  2. You have got to be kidding me !! The military sure has changed if they are cow towing to the Muslims..they should be required to dress and keep themselves together like the rest of the men and women..times sure have changed since we were in…26 yrs in the marine corps..

  3. How can our military (and civilian) leaders be so bereft of their reasoning powers? Islam is at war with the West, especially the Great Satan — aka the United States. Muslims have a sacred obligation to wage jihad on non-Muslim states and individuals. I suppose these jihadists get security clearances just about as easily as they got around our immigration laws.

    Thank you, mr. president.

    Talk about letting the fox into the hen house!

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