Mr. Trump: How to Win the Next Two Debates and the White House


By Frosty Wooldridge

Americans cringed through the last eight years of one of the worst presidents in U.S. history:  Barack Hussein Obama.  Reality check: he wasn’t a part of our country, our culture or our ethos.  He grew up with Muslim parents, along with the Quran’s teachings in his first 11 years of school when he lived in Indonesia.

In eight years, he’s created the greatest racial divide experienced in this country since the Detroit riots in 1968.  He seeded this country with hundreds of thousands of Muslims bent on overwhelming our country with Sharia Law.  He created 20 million more food stamp recipients because of lack of jobs.  He emasculated our military.  He embarrassed us around the world.  Obama features 10 Islamic activists in the White House—all of them working to destroy our U.S. Constitution.  Obama completely obliterated our borders as he stopped all immigration enforcement as illustrated by this video:

He opened our borders to Muslim jihadists from the Boston Marathon to St. Cloud, Washington to Minneapolis, Minnesota to San Bernardino, California to Orlando, Florida—and more in the coming months.

Right on his tail feathers, Hillary Clinton promises to bring in 110,000 Muslim refugees within the first year of her presidency.  She expects to give amnesty to 31,000,000 (million) illegal aliens.  She promises to open our borders to anyone.

Mr. Trump, we will not survive this immigration invasion both legal and illegal.

Therefore, I hope millions of readers take this commentary to Trump’s coaches in order to defeat Hillary’s masked subterfuge in the next two debates.  Mr. Trump, if you don’t win those debates and the White House, we face losing our country.

Five big “to do” rules of engagement with Hillary Clinton:

Do not interrupt her during her two minutes of time.  You interrupted her 18 times in the first debate during her two-minute segments.  It made you look like a 6th grader.   It shows you don’t respect “Robert’s Rules of Order.”  It turns a debate into a free-for-all.  It demeans you and destroys your credibility with the public.  Even if you won, you lost.  Our country cannot afford to lose to Hillary.

Do not get into a pi**ing match over trivial matters.  Stay on point.  Remain as cool as Sean ‘James Bond’ Connery.


Move toward your objective and make your policy points.  Speak with authority.  Maintain your offensive game plan because you are the Peyton Manning and Tom Brady of America.  They NEVER go on defense.  You don’t need to brag about your company or real estate or anything. This is not about you.  Tell what you will do for the American people.  Spell out by the numbers what you are going to do to create jobs, lower the debt, defend our country, stop illegal immigration, change trade agreements for Americans first, insure African-Americans enjoy jobs and all other issues that need your attention.

Do not waste time attacking her.  Everyone knows she’s a lifetime liar, incompetent and a power monger.  Point out what you will do to get black, white and brown Americans working by changing incongruent trade deals, jobs for inner cities in building homes, paving streets, infrastructure and community services.  Tell how you won’t drag this country into ‘forever’ wars.  Tell how you will pay down our $20 trillion debt.

You MUST inform the American people that you will stop all illegal immigration, enforce employment laws internally and build a fence-wall that will keep out drugs, terrorists and cartels.  Tell how you will track visa-overstays and deport them.  Tell the American people how you will bring a 10-year ban on all immigration because it’s not benefiting our country, our language and our culture.  Give the costs of $346 billion annually across 15 federal agencies to take care of immigrants—legal and illegal—all out of our pockets. Inform Americans how that would increase with Hillary’s bringing in millions of Muslim immigrants from Africa and the Middle East.

When the moderator asks a stupid question, tell him or her that the question does not deserve any answer.  “Give me a question that applies to making America great again.

If you stick with this game plan, you will beat Hillary with ease. She cannot stand up to the facts, to integrity and to her sordid past.

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  1. I agree with all that completely. He has to stay on point on the issues as said above and attack her on her scandals and stick to the main issues.

  2. All of this advice hinges on Donald Trump being able to resist being baited by Senator Clinton.

    Not a bet I’d make willingly.

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