More Reports of Votes Flipping From Trump to Clinton in Texas


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Following our story yesterday, there have been more reports of early voters in Texas seeing their ballots flipped from Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton.

Voters in Arlington and Amarillo complained that when they highlighted the box to select Trump/Pence, it switched to Clinton/Kaine.

Now numerous other Texans have gone public on social media to report similar problems.

However, election officials in Texas are denying that there is a problem.

“Typically, we’ve found it’s voter error with the equipment,” Frank Phillips, Tarrant County’s election administrator, told WFAA. “Sometimes they vote straight party and then click on other candidates … or do something with the wheel….There is not an issue with the equipment.”

Are all these examples just voters making mistakes or inaccurately reporting what happened? Or could there be a real problem with electronic voting machines in Texas?

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  1. Mr Phillips better get his systems verified as accurate or else he will be in deep trouble with the people of Texas. Voter fraud and rigged elections are serious issues with Texans.

  2. The stores voting machines are deployed. I say be vigilant and very cautious when voting verify, verify again!

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