Hillary Grins Throughout Debate; Smiles At Mention Of ISIS, Human Rights Abuses


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As a range of issues were discussed at last night’s final presidential debate, viewers couldn’t help notice that Hillary Clinton was grinning… A LOT. 

Viewers noted that Hillary’s creepy grandma grin was almost ever present, even when Trump and debate moderator Chris Wallace were raising serious issues such as human rights abuses and the spread of ISIS.

As the above video shows, Clinton couldn’t help breaking into her creepy grin when Trump was talking about mass immigration, the idea of open borders, geopolitical tension between Russia and the US, economic hardship, her own flip flopping over TPP, and the spread of ISIS throughout the Middle East.

What is so funny Hillary?

Perhaps the most disturbing creepy Hillary grin came as Trump raised the point that the Clinton Foundation has accepted massive financial donations from countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar who subjugate women and punish homosexuals, sometimes even by killing them.

2 comments on “Hillary Grins Throughout Debate; Smiles At Mention Of ISIS, Human Rights Abuses
  1. When she smiles and grins during the debate she was looking like a devil. I wonder how would she be looking when she would laughing?

  2. Folks, that is what pure, unadulterated EVIL looks like. The woman has lost her soul and any shred of humanity that she may have once had. She is a damned, empty, hollow shell filled with hatred and the knowledge that she is destined to burn for all eternity.

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