Hillary Clinton To Disappear for 20 Days Just Prior To November Election


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Perhaps Team Clinton is so confident they have derailed the Trump campaign with the release of the Trump “naughty word” scandal, that Mrs. Clinton does not need to bother with actual campaigning for people’s votes? Or, it could be the risk of something happening akin to her physical collapse last month at a 9-11 memorial event so close to Election Day that has them literally hiding Hillary Clinton away from the public.

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3 comments on “Hillary Clinton To Disappear for 20 Days Just Prior To November Election
  1. She’s having the brain and or heart valve surgery that she’s been putting off. Either that or she’s already dead or in a coma somewhere and they just want to get through the election and then will announce that she has suddenly ‘died’ . . .congratulations president Kaine. The American electoral process has been rigged since they set it up for Obama to win.

  2. She allegedly threw such a screaming, violent mimi of a fit after the second debate that it nearly killed her. She thought the debate commission and the moderators would insulate her from Trumps ‘entourage’ of Bill’s rape victims and some of the issues that were allowed to come up. Bill was reportedly livid as well. A few heads rolled within the campaign.

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