By J. Stewart Cook’s Canadian Commentary

The rock band, The Guess Who, released a song in 1970 named “American Woman.” I’m sure that when they wrote this song they did not have Hillary Diane Rodham (Clinton) in mind. Who knows, perhaps one of the Band members had a vision that an American woman would some day be President of the United States of America and that vision was of a woman named Hillary Clinton!

It is not my intent to write a biographical review of Hillary, however, I do note that she was born in Chicago and attended Wellesley College and Yale Law School. After serving as a congressional legal counsel, she moved to Arkansas, marrying Bill Clinton in 1975.

There is no doubt that Hillary Clinton is well educated and articulate. She has gained much knowledge and experience over the years in her various roles. She is well versed in American and worldly affairs. Incidentally, her husband Bill is also well versed in “affairs” of the world, but that is a subject for another day!

Fast forward to present day and we find Hillary vying for the presidency of the United States of America. Well prepared, confident, she has all the attributes of someone who could be the next President. That being said, there is something inherently wrong with Hillary. A large percentage of Americans (50-60%) have an unfavourable impression of her. The obvious one word question…why? The Washington Post cited this view from her opposition, “she’s a terrible person who murders her political enemies, cleans her toilets with the American flag, and would punch your grandkids in the face if she got the chance.” Needless to say, not too flattering for a presidential candidate.

Peggy Noonan once described her with “an air of apple-cheeked certitude” that is “political in its nature and grating in its effects.” Noonan saw in Clinton “an implicit insistence throughout her career that hers were the politics of moral decency and therefore those who opposed her politics were obviously of a lower moral order.”

We have witnessed the “dark side” of Hillary many times throughout the election. Her looks, at times, are cold and calculating. She does not project a warm image of herself. She can be arrogant and condescending. She also feels that she is “entitled to her entitlements.” Her goal, the presidency of the USA. Nothing is going to get in her way, including Donald Trump!

Ever since her husband’s infidelities, Hillary has always looked upon Bill with great disdain. Hillary visualizes her husband Bill when tackling Donald Trump. It gives her an opportunity to flog Donald publicly, all the while thinking that Bill should have been subjected to the same scourging. Kind words, obviously NOT! She knows that Bill made a “true fool” of her over the years, but she has bid her time for this present opportunity. Over time, Hillary developed the characteristics of a “psychological rapist.” She will attack your mind with lies and falsehoods and vow she had your consent to do so, while at the same time asking you for your support and vote!

On the international front, Hillary has chastised Donald for having sought the support of Russia, more particularly, Vladimir Putin. As a matter of fact, Putin could not be happier than having Hillary as President of the USA. He knows her “ins and outs” and how to manipulate Hillary. Putin answers to himself, as opposed to Hillary who answers to the US citizens (supposedly)! Donald Trump is a little too erratic for Putin and, like Putin, “runs his own shop!”

Hillary is trying to act confident and would like to scream VICTORY! Nevertheless, Hillary’s frustrations will become more evident as we get closer to election day. The e-SCAM (or e-mail scam) will be a daily issue. She is, unfortunately, not in Julian Assange’s (WikiLeaks) good books. Endorsements, like that of “smut peddler” Larry Flynt, or Madonna, although not overly publicized, do not help her cause. And watching “The Donald’s” every move will have her on edge.

Hillary is definitely not “The Woman of the Year.” She has long past her “Best Before Date.” She is a few decades too late, but “thinks” she understands what the electorate is seeking in today’s society. As one would say, “thinking” and “knowing” are two different things!

Should Donald loose the election, all “Hell” is going to break lose. It is obvious that Donald is going all the way with this election. The fact that he publicly stated that he will not automatically concede defeat and hand over the reign to Hillary demonstrates that Donald is going to challenge the election outcome. As the old saying goes, Hillary, “you ain’t seeing nothing yet!”

So, there you have it! Who would have ever thought that the band “The Guess Who” would have written a song about Hillary Clinton with words that reflect the view of the American electorate. “AMERICAN WOMAN, STAY AWAY FROM ME. AMERICAN WOMAN, MAMA LET ME BE!