Drain the Swamp: Trump declares war on globalism and the establishment


By Ray Starmann

The Establishment believes there’s nothing wrong with America now.

The American people know nearly everything is wrong with America now.

US wages are stagnant or sinking. Jobs and businesses are being outsourced across the world. Nearly 96 million Americans are out of the workforce. Almost 50 million Americans are living in poverty. One out of five US households has no one who is currently employed.

Meanwhile, the global elite dine on Beluga caviar and sip Dom Perignon while the greatest nation on earth is slipping into a coma from which we will never awaken.

At Gettysburg yesterday, Trump channeled Lincoln, yet called for a Confederate style rebellion against the national and international elite who are raping and pillaging the US economy and the very fabric of America itself.

Trump is battling the combined resources of the GOP establishment, the DNC establishment, the mainstream media establishment, neocon maniacs from the national security octopus, the globalist bankers, the corporate behemoths and international political leaders. Trump is fighting Soros, Buffett, Univision, Jeff Bezos, Jeff Zucker, the EU, the Pope, the President and Gloria Allred.

No doubt Trump’s speech and his call to ‘drain the swamp’ of corruption, sent fear down the spines of the establishment. He called for putting term limits on elected leaders, a lifetime ban on White House officials lobbying on behalf of foreign governments and a ban on foreign lobbyists raising money for US elections.

Trump said he would pull out of NAFTA and renegotiate its terms, completely reject and never sign TPP, end UN climate payments, lift restrictions on US energy production, shut down all immigration from countries that harbor and promote terrorism and stop illegal immigration from Mexico and Latin America.

Trump is simply the greatest threat to the establishment since John F. Kennedy. Although, the times and issues were different, the similarities endure. Like Trump, Kennedy, was a rich man who was also the enemy of the global elite. Like Trump, Kennedy wanted to build a working relationship with the Russians, reign in US military intervention and create a better future for all Americans, Since November 22, 1963, the globalists have been steadily destroying America. Only the intervention of Reagan in the 1980’s slowed down the process.

And, now in 2016, the establishment is propping up the lying, ailing, criminal, sociopathic Hillary Clinton who has the evil smile of a Jack O Lantern and the scruples of Ma Barker.

The establishment, including the traitors from the GOP, know all about Hillary. They know she is not only a criminal, but criminally incompetent. They know she would be dangerous as President and could drag the world into a thermonuclear war.

They don’t care. All the establishment cares about is money in their pockets from the continual 211 in progress across America.

If anything could be worse than the burning down of the US economy by globalism, it is the end of the rule of law and the descent into lawlessness in America, courtesy of the establishment and the Clinton Crime Family.

The establishment, including the GOP, knows that the Clinton Foundation was founded on fraud and is a pay for play scam that milks in foreign dollars and spits out nothing more than platitudes of hope for the downtrodden while the Clintons line their pockets.

The establishment knows that Hillary Clinton should have been indicted for national security crimes. They know that the DOJ, under Loretta Lynch is bought and paid for. They know that FBI director, James Judas Comey is a disgrace to law and order and the honorable people who served in the FBI under him.

The establishment knows all too well that Hillary Clinton is no more qualified to run for dog catcher, than she is for the highest office in the land.

Yet, they could care less. They could care less what happens to America and to Americans.

As Pat Buchanan remarked to Sean Hannity last week, ‘the Washington establishment is now thoroughly separated from and ignorant of the desires of the American people.’

Even more, the establishment is involved in destroying the hopes and dreams and the pursuit of happiness of the citizens of this great land.

The country has seen corruption before, but never on the organized grand scale of today.

Donald Segretti’s Watergate dirty tricks done with a ‘little wit,’ such as the Canuck and Scoop Jackson Letters, seem like the pranks of an 8th Grader compared to the recent revelations by Project Veritas that the Democrats were sponsoring Nazi Brownshirt style violence at Trump rallies, while committing massive voter fraud.

Tyrants throughout history have always sat on high and looked down at the little people with distorted glasses. No doubt the elite believe that the good times are going to keep on rolling forever. Tyrants always believe that. They believe that they will continue to watch the cash roll in and the power to accumulate and no one will ever challenge them.

Like all tyrants they are unable to sense the mood of the people. And, in the US, the people have had enough.

This country is ripe for revolution. Will it be a peaceful one that springs from the ballot box and ushers in Mr. Trump on Election Day, or will it be one of arms?

We are, as Mr. Churchill once wrote, “On the Hinge of Fate.”

Pray for Trump

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