DONALD TRUMP’S SEXUAL (R)EVOLUTION: ALL IN THE APPROACH!                                  


J. Stewart Cook’s Canadian Commentary


(To All the Girls I Loved Before)

In 1984 Julio Iglesias sang a song with Willie Nelson called To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before.” I’m sure both men lived the song in two different ways!

Although I never was a big fan of Julio Iglesias, in my youth I did enjoy his music and envied the fact that he was always surrounded by, or had access to, all kinds of beautiful women. I remember seeing one of his televised concerts where women were throwing themselves at him hoping that he would reach out and touch them or, perhaps, even grab them!

I cannot but think that there is someone else equally famous who likes to sing (I heard him the other night singing (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life), indulge in touching and, perhaps, even grabbing women! Yes, Donald Trump! He has all the attributes of Julio Iglesias or does he? He sings, he’s suave, good looking (perhaps more so in his youth) and likes to be surrounded by pretty women. The only difference between the two…Donald Trump likes to touch or grab women without consent. So they say!

So where was Donald Trump during the so called “sexual revolution” of the sixties and seventies? Well, he was a relatively young lad in his twenties or thirties. I personally don’t know Donald Trump, however, I assume he experienced the sexual revolution within the context of his life at that time! Did it have any influence in the manner in which he acts today? Perhaps!

What Donald Trump did not experience, I believe, was his own “sexual evolution” during his life, or perhaps, in a limited way! I’ve coined this phrase for the purpose of this article and to associate with Donald Trump. It would seem that Donald evolved to a certain point in the world of sexuality and then suddenly stopped. I believe he found a time in his own “sexual evolution” that he enjoyed, was gratifying and served his purpose. So why go any further? Are we all meant to evolve sexually at the same time or can we stop and say, “I think I’m going to hang around this era since my sexual expectations are those of the women I meet. I feel comfortable and the women I meet do not object to my advancements, nor do I need to seek their consent.” The problem, what happens should all women decide to evolve and Donald’s ways are no longer women’s ways? In truthfulness, however, was there ever a time when women felt that open and approachable sexually? One would have to ask Donald Trump!

So, where is this all leading? Are we not in election mode? Elections often bring out the most intimate subject matters relating to the candidates. Some of those are sexual in nature. We certainly had our fill of Bill Clinton’s sexual escapades! Now, we have Donald Trump being hit with sexual misconduct at every street corner. Who are the women hitting him you ask? Well, these are the women that let Donald get too close for comfort. Could it be that Donald Trump simply likes to take a “hands on approach” when dealing with business and people? Or perhaps, he genuinely enjoys the company of women and thinks of himself as a “Casanova.” Although Casanova may have had certain sexual particularities, he too believed that women enjoyed his advances without notice. But, more so, is it his “sexual time warp” that has finally caught up with him? Had he evolved, would he understand that he could no longer approach women in the same manner? Unfortunately, for Donald, all these women (supposedly victims) seem to be “coming out of the woodwork” at the same time. Is it simply because he is running for President that they are taking advantage of this opportunity? Will they be as voice full after the election? Will lawsuits, on behalf of both parties, be flooding the courts? Or, as I have pointed out before, is this just part of the “Jerry Springer” culture we now live in?

Could it be that Donald Trump has, regrettably, opened Pandora’s sexual box? I am not a woman, therefore, I cannot fully understand what a woman goes through when a man (stranger or not) places his hand on a woman’s body without her consent. Oddly enough, something tells me that a man would not refuse such advances should that woman be singer Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera or some other lesser known female! I think it’s time to take a serious look at Pandora’s box!

I believe American women are still not secure in their sexuality. We sexually objectify women in America (too much so). Oh, don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of sexual activity in the good ol’ USA, but still under the covers! I remember visiting Margarita Island (off the coast of Venezuela) one year and had met three Swedish girls at the beach. A conversation ensued and within minutes off came their bikini tops. They looked at me and grinned. I felt uncomfortable, as they started to laugh. They began running towards the water and almost in unison they yelled out…”we’ve been going topless since we were five years old.” For a moment, I thought, how nice it would have been to be born in Sweden! I don’t expect to experience this in America any time soon. America still needs to mature sexually!

Years ago Donald Trump would have been categorized as a “dirty old man.” Now, these types of men are defined as “sexual predators.” How times have changed! Or have they? It is possible that some of these allegations against Donald Trump are not true. On the other hand, some may be valid. Unwanted touching is truly the “default.” No one should touch anyone unless one has consent or permission.

If the American people are going to be honest with themselves, a heart-to-heart discussion on sexual conduct, and all related matters, must proceed. Society has gone too far with open sexuality, be it with pornography, prostitution, simulated or real abuse, derogatory language, etc.

The French actor and singer, Maurice Chevalier, popularized the song “Thank Heaven for Little Girls…they grow up in the most delightful way.” I hope they still do! Should they, or not, all women should treated with dignity and respect. In return, you will be forever grateful, knowing that they are always at your side willing to share their life with you.

As I conclude, I can only picture myself walking on a beach, with warm sand on my feet, the sun going down, surrounded by beautiful women, singing, “To all the girls…”