Anonymous Promises to End Hillary’s Campaign With Video Of Bill Raping 13 Year Old



Anonymous released a new video that says they will end Hillary Clinton’s campaign. They have a video of Bill Clinton raping a 13 year old girl. The group states that Jeffrey Epstein recorded all the orgies on his perverted island to use as blackmail later. And now Anonymous has one of them! The shocking video below sets the stage for Bill Clinton’s alleged pedophilia. The group has evidence that Hillary knew about this and the cover up.

This could end the Clintons forever. They have escaped justice for far too long. One of the sex slaves on Jeff Epstein’s Orgy Island has already come forward and pointed her finger at Bill Clinton. If a 13 year old has been a victim of Bill’s, it’s hard to imagine a way for either Clinton to escape this mess.

Hillary has defamed all of Bill’s other victims. It’s unlikely even with all that experience in smearing women that Hillary will be able to overcome a scandal such as this.

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