Trump is Right: the Generals are Rubble



By Ray Starmann

During last night’s Commander in Chief Forum on the USS Intrepid, Mr. Trump told moderator Matt Lauer, in reference to the War on ISIS, “Well, the generals under Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have not been successful,” Trump replied. “I think under the leadership of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, the generals have been reduced to rubble. They have been reduced to a point where it’s embarrassing for our country.”

Mr. Trump is certainly correct. The generals have been reduced to rubble. Actually, they have been ground into space dust, for the value that they give to this Republic.

Under the Obama Administration, for over seven years, the military’s senior leaders, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and three and four star generals and admirals in worldwide command positions have rolled over on every single foreign policy debacle and social engineering directive emanating from the White House, the Pentagon and the State Department.

Where were the generals and indeed the admirals when Obama pulled out of Iraq in 2012, turning the country into a Pandora’s Box from hell?

Where were the generals as the President tied the military’s hands with obscene rules of engagement in Afghanistan?

Where were the generals and admirals when the disastrous Iran Deal was signed, a deal that provides Iran everything it needs to build up its military, support terrorism and pursue a nuclear weapon, while doing nothing for America?

Where were the generals and admirals while Obama and Hillary Clinton dithered as the Syrian Civil War raged and we sat on the sidelines and did nothing?

Where were the generals and admirals as ISIS formed like a malignant category five hurricane in the Middle East?

Where were the generals and admirals as CENTCOM created intelligence to placate the imaginary beliefs of the White House concerning ISIS?

Where were the generals and admirals as China constructed an artificial archipelago of military bases and airstrips in the South China Sea?

Where were the generals and admirals as the White House abandoned one of our oldest and most loyal allies, Israel?

Where were the generals and admirals as the Marines cannibalized aircraft and equipment for spare parts and the Air Force raided aircraft boneyards?

Where were the generals as the US Army was reduced to a pre-1940 size?

Where were the admirals as the US Navy grew dangerously small?

Where were the generals and admirals as Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was repealed?

Where were the generals and admirals as transgenders were authorized to serve on active duty and also authorized to receive free gender reassignment surgery?

Where were the generals as a conspiracy to graduate three women from Ranger School took place?

Where were the generals and admirals as the Secretary of the Navy ordered a new gender neutral lexicon for the Navy and Marine Corps?

Where were the generals as US Army ROTC cadets were ordered to parade around our nation’s campuses in women’s red high heels?

Where were the generals as US Army male soldiers were ordered to conduct physical training while wearing pregnancy simulators?

Where were the generals as the Secretary of the Army wrote, signed and distributed Breastfeeding and Lactation Support memos to worldwide Army commands?

Where were the generals when the Secretary of the Navy completely ignored the Marine Corps’ 36 million dollar study that outlined and proved in excruciating detail why women shouldn’t be assigned to combat arms units?

Where were the generals and admirals as the Secretary of Defense authorized women to serve in the combat arms and special operations?

Where were the generals and admirals when the Secretary of the Navy ordered the Marine Corps to conduct so called Unconscious Bias training, the Corps wide, Soviet style brainwashing to try and convince Marines that all genders are equal?

Where were the generals when the troops were ordered to receive sensitivity training in combat zones?

Where were the generals when the US Army conducted White Privilege Training?

Where were the generals and admirals when the DoD included online classes that portrayed the Bible and the US Constitution as sexist documents?

Where were the generals and admirals as the grand and glorious traditions of the US military were flushed down the toilet by the President?

Critics will say, what can the military’s senior leaders do? The military is subordinate to civilian leadership. Yes, that is true. Yet, not one single senior military leader has resigned in protest over Obama’s policies, or for that matter, not one single active duty senior military leader has voiced an opinion against Obama’s horrible national security decisions and destructive social engineering.

We don’t live in Idi Amin’s Uganda or North Korea under Kim Jong Nutjob.  For God’s sake, even in Nazi Germany, the German General Staff argued with Hitler about strategy.

Obviously, America’s senior military leaders are lacking in intestinal fortitude and are more worried about their pensions than about the nation they took an oath to serve.

America’s senior military leaders have no more value than dime store dummies in uniforms.

Last night Mr. Trump correctly stated that he would fire many of the military’s senior leaders. In fact, Mr. Trump, if elected, must completely clean house in the US military. The top generals and admirals in the US armed forces have stood by and done nothing for over seven years as the military’s readiness, combat power, fighting spirit and morale have been thrown in a wood chipper by the President and his willing executioners in the Pentagon.

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19 comments on “Trump is Right: the Generals are Rubble
  1. Once they get a rank of over Major , they become politicians. Words from my sons who were captains in the USMC.

    • I heard a retired General (can’t for the life of me remember his name, this was 30 years ago) at a dinging in give a speech in which he basically said: “There are three types of officers in today’s military. Scholars, politicians, and warriors. There are far too many of the former and no where near enough of the latter.”

      I couldn’t agree with him more. And it seems to have just gotten worse over the years.

      I think what has happened is that by the time you make the higher ranks they have weeded out all of those that are not “Yes Men.”

      From a retired Marine.

  2. The marine grunts have begun leaving the military because of their panzy ass display of cowardice. I served in Vietnam as a Marine Grunt. If Trump is President, he will bring back America and it’s military.

  3. This is NOT the military I served in 1968-69 in
    Vietnam. My beloved Marine Corps has “gone
    along-to get along” What a shame.
    I hope Mr. Trump can make it right and strong


  4. However, multiple top generals have described that there has been a full-scale “purge” of the U.S. military by the Obama administration, more than 200+ in fact, being relieved of duty, reassigned or ‘investigated’ for misconduct. The ones still with jobs are obviously being silent and not rocking the boat, so that they can reach retirement and receive their nice pensions.

  5. My 24 years in the U.S.Air Force as a CrewChief in the Fighter
    World, I was the officer leadership as yes men.
    One morning at a production meeting the DO in Fighter Ops wanted to change wing tanks between the first take offs and the second take offs.
    I told him no that was not going to happen because I only had enough crew chiefs to cover the aircraft on the flying schedule and I had no extra CrewChief that were working I didn’t have the manpower to do the extra wing tank swap because there are ops checks to those tanks prior to flying the aircraft
    All of which take time
    And we didn’t have the time between launching the second take offs to make it happen
    As a Pro Super I was looking out for my Airman on my watch
    My leadership fired me because I saw no
    I saw the Air Force reduce the maintenance troops manning levels at Fighter Sq from over 300 to less than 180 worker on the Flightline for 24 aircraft to fix and cover three shifts, it’s no wonder everybody is getting out no more 8 hour shifts is always 12 hours shifts in a peacetime military

  6. How sad that our American Generals and Admirals have been AWOL when, as you pointed out, even some of their German counterparts stood up to Hitler in WWII. They should all be ashamed of their lack of courage to stand up to Obama and his regime!

  7. Fully concur that these overpaid pantywaists are a bunch of empty uniforms full of crap. As a female 05 with almost 30 years in, I retired 2 years ago from what used to be the Navy. During my career I was assigned to both Navy and Marines. The last 2 years I, like my fellow service members were forced to be a part of a socialist/progressive experiments with all of the so called “sensitivity” trainings. The Admirals in the Navy were gutless wonders concerned only about themselves and carving out a niche in the government so that once retired from the military they could don civilian attire and continue to screw the troops. I was also a whistle blower who got no protection from my command nor the joker in chief regarding illegal practices that had gone on for years. Leadership in the military is dead. I pray Trump cleans house of these useless “yes” men and women who call themselves Fag, I meant Flag officers.

  8. For the past 7+ years Obama has been quietly forcing Generals and Admirals who were politically suspect out and promoting those he knew were willing to do whatever he wanted. I served in the military, there are officers who are fighting men and there are those who are politicians.

  9. Where were the citizens in taking responsibility for the leaders they elected? It is not the Generals job to disobey elected leaders. Protests to nearly everything you cite were voiced in from of Senate and House committees by key Generals.

    This unraveling is selfishness and cowardice by our elected leaders and ignorance or ambivalence by the citizenry.

    It has been said by many, “in a democracy, people get the government they deserve”

    We have ourselves to blame. Get educated, get involved, demand better from our elected officials and quit blaming the only people who have been holding this national tragedy together.

  10. The tail doesn’t wag the dog! Unlike Congress, the Generals and Admirals are bound by law to obey the lawful orders of the President. It is not their place to try to rally opposition to his policies, it is their place to hear and obey. Yes, they can resign their commissions as a protest, forfeiting their retirement and other benefits to protest against what they consider ill-advised actions (early retirement is not an equivalent, for they remain commissioned officers in retirement, subject to recall). It is not the place of our military leaders to tell the President how the country should be run, and they should not be criticized for failure to do so.

  11. Have you forgotten that the President
    got rid of all the senior officers early on
    and replaced them with his chosen

    Of course they will not speak out!

  12. May GOD Bless all our troops. Our troops are necessary to ensure we have the military strength to defend our country and successfully carry out their assignments. As a Korea and Vietnam Vet of 2 tours incountry with the Army,plus numerous USAR assignments,I have to agree with today’s naysayers. In closing,I fully support our troops,but,not the so-called leadership in the White House.

  13. A sticky business this… Do we, as citizens of a republic vested in the ideal that the military is subordinate to the elected civilian leadership, believe that military leadership “should” attempt to drive the policy of that elected civilian leadership? Really?

    Elections, and I don’t mean just the last two presidential theater performances, have (cumulative) consequences. We have allowed very selective “science” and very prejudiced “experts” to drive policy and outcomes for far too long. Trump, no matter his intentions or ultimate actions (if indeed elected) is not a panacea for 35 years of foolish choices by the electorate, beginning with how we educate our younger citizens, what they’re taught to value and prioritize, how they subsequently view the world, and the world of politics.

    The right believes that the left is foolish, perhaps stupid – that it pursues either impossible goals or outcomes through exceedingly unlikely to succeed means. But the left believe that the right is amoral – that it prioritizes the wrong things, values the wrong things, altogether. In this contest, the right will attempt to starve the actions of the left, while the left will try to “re-educate” (or just generationally so) the right.

    In that world, generals and admirals that prioritize red high heals and lactation classes are completely predictable.

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