The US Navy is heading to the bottom of the sea


By Ray Starmann

It’s been another stellar couple of weeks for what used to be the world’s greatest navy, but now is nothing more than a continual Carnival Cruise with weapons, all courtesy of Barack Obama, Ash Carter, Ray Mabus and the pusillanimous doormen who call themselves the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Over a week ago, it was reported that a female sailor, serving aboard the aircraft carrier, USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, delivered a 7-pound baby girl. According to the Navy, the woman had no idea she was pregnant.

Uh huh…

If the concept of delivering babies aboard US ships of war isn’t ludicrous enough, the Navy doubled down on the insanity by making the following statement:

“As the baby was born at sea aboard an operational unit, the main focus for the U.S. Navy, the ship and its crew is the safety and well being of the baby and the mother,” Cmdr. Bill Urban, U.S. Naval Forces Central Command spokesman, told The Virginian-Pilot.

No, Commander Urban, the main focus for the US Navy should be training to defend the nation and win wars, not running OBGYN clinics aboard ships, you politically correct dimwit.

Urban also stated that an incubator, diapers and formula were flown out to the carrier following the baby’s birth. The incubator was used to transport the baby during the medical evacuation.

Commander Urban told the news outlet that the sailor’s superiors were not aware of the pregnancy, it could not be confirmed if she herself was aware either. Navy policy allows for expectant mothers to stay on ship up until the 20th week of pregnancy if a medical treatment facility is less than six hours away, and requires expectant mothers to self-report pregnancy within two weeks of confirmation from a medical care provider.

“While it would have been preferred to send her to her homeport earlier, per policy, we are now focused on caring for the health and welfare of our Sailor and the newest member of our Navy family,” Urban said.

Raymond Spruance and John Paul Jones are spinning in their graves. Apparently, the Navy’s focus is now running maternity wards aboard ships and stocking carriers with diapers and Gerber baby food. What’s next, day care on the flight deck?

Has anyone in the Navy asked the question why pregnant women are allowed on ships at all? In fact, what is the point of letting any women serve on combat ships at all, other than to be sensitive and diverse?

As noted in journalist Stephanie Gutmann’s book, The Kinder, Gentler Military: Can America’s Gender-Neutral Fighting Force Still Win Wars, close to 90% of the females who graduate from Navy boot camp can’t pass the fire house carry test, where a fire hose must be dragged up a stairs to extinguish a simulated fire. What happens when and if a ship like the Ike is hit and starts burning? What happens when half of the ship is comprised of females who can’t carry the hose to put the fires out?

People die. People die for diversity and political correctness. That’s what happens.

Obviously, this kind of stuff never crosses Ray Mabus’ mind, or if it does, he could care less.

While sailors aboard the Ike were lactating, 3,000 miles across the Atlantic, the Pentagon was coming up with more insane directives regarding the inclusion of the mentally ill, aka transgenders into the ranks.

In an all-Navy message published Tuesday, Chief of Naval Personnel Vice Adm. Robert Burke said a three-pronged training approach will equip senior leaders and rank-and-file personnel for the changes.

“This training will emphasize policies and expectations of personal behavior,” the message states.

Beginning Nov. 1, mobile training teams composed of Navy fleet representatives and subject matter expects will be dispatched to deliver face-to-face briefs to senior leaders, including commanding officers, executive officers, command master chiefs, and chiefs of boat.

Here we go again, more mobile training teams, similar to the Marine Corps’ Unconscious Bias Mobile Smersh brainwashing teams that currently operate throughout the Corps like some kind of Diversity Einsatzgrueppen, determined to exterminate the last masculine vestiges and traditions of the Corps.

These sessions will also be open to equal opportunity advisers, ombudsmen and other command-designated representatives who will have a role in training the tenant commands on policies governing transgender troops.

As with the Marines, Navy commanders are being issued ‘toolkits’ to help them prepare for the forced integration of mentally ill people into their commands.

A spokeswoman for Naval Personnel Command, Lt. Jessica Anderson, told in an email that a commander’s tool kit is being developed to guide training, and that additional information about what these training sessions will include will be available in a future message to the fleet.

Along with permitting transgender troops to serve openly, the military is creating procedures for troops to change their “gender marker” in the administrative Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System, and laying out rules to govern how troops might undergo medical gender transitions while in uniform.

With all the budgetary issues the military currently has, the DoD’s priorities are financing gender reassignment surgeries.

Since the Marines Corps is a component of the Department of the Navy, they must be included in this article, sorry to say.

As reported in the Washington Times this week:

Marine Corps headquarters has sent out a Communications Playbook that says top brass in Washington, not local public affairs officers, will control press statements about women in combat.

The Corps normally gives wide latitude for spokespeople worldwide to discuss all sorts of Marine issues — but not in this case.

Obviously, the Marine brass led by ‘Fighting Joe’ Dunford who should be renamed ‘Dugout Dunford’, are weary of letting the world know the truth about women in the combat arms.

In all fairness to Dunford, he tried to stop Ray Mabus from integrating women into Marine combat arms units. But, Mabus brushed him off like a house fly and Dunford quickly saw the light; cooperate or cooperate.

Like the rest of the brass, Dunford has been bought off with the promise of a lifetime PX card and a six figure pension on the horizon.

Instead of continuing the lie of women successfully integrating into the combat arms, why doesn’t Dunford do the right thing and just resign under protest?

Why don’t any of them?

In the midst of all of this social engineering insanity, the Joint Chiefs informed Congress last week that, the United States military is not ready to confront a peer-level threat such as Russia or China in a high-end conflict.

You think?

How can you be ready to fight wars when your number one priority is flying diapers out to carriers and ensuring the rights of cross dressers aren’t infringed upon?

Ash Carter and Ray Mabus’ priorities are so out of whack it’s almost frightening.

When do you ever see or hear Ash Carter or Ray Mabus discussing a new Navy weapons system or a Marine amphibious exercise? Everything that comes out of their mouths has to do with diversity, LGBT rights, gender neutral lexicons or sensitivity training.

The US military is just about at the point of no return. It’s being attacked by budget cuts, readiness issues and social engineering. Meanwhile our enemies probe our weaknesses, which are just about everywhere now.

Bill O’Reilly’s new book, Killing the Rising Sun paints a fine picture of the brutality during the war in the Pacific and the violence the US military unleashed to finally extinguish the Japanese Empire from the face of the earth.

O’Reilly discusses the invasion of Peleliu in 1944 and Marine Colonel Chesty Puller. Before the invasion, Puller told his Marines. “You will take no prisoners. You will kill every yellow son-of-a-bitch and that’s it.”


Sensitive, politically correct morons like Carter and Mabus would certainly accuse Puller of not adhering to diversity policies in treatment of the ruthless Japanese enemy. Puller would be up on charges for not using proper gender neutral vocabulary and not being sensitive enough to Japanese transgender soldiers.

What bureaucratic twits like Carter and Mabus do not and will never understand is that men like Chesty Puller win wars. Winning wars is why the Navy and Marines exist. That is their only purpose; that and nothing else.

To quote R. Lee Ermey in The Boys in Company C, “God bless you Chesty, wherever you are.”

If the current insanity continues unabated in the military, the United States is going to lose the next war and the next one after that. In fact, we may never win a war again.

Chesty, we need help and we need it fast.

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13 comments on “The US Navy is heading to the bottom of the sea
  1. I am disgusted to be a retired US Marine.
    General Smedley Butler warned us all over 75 years ago.
    Carry On,
    E-7 Ret.

  2. This is “gaslighting” the military on an epic scale, in order to destroy morale and ruin our ability to fight and win the next war. If your commanding officer addresses the formation wearing a skirt to go with his regulation mustache and hairy legs, and orders his troops to hence force address him as Colonel Josephine, Ma’am,” they will either comply, and pretend that he is not insane, or leave the military. This is sabotage, this is treason, this is intentionally being done to hamstring our military, no different than ordering bio-diesel to be substituted for jet fuel in our fighter aircraft.

  3. I agree with you Gunny, I served in Vietnam as a Marine Grunt and had a brief deployment on a Navy ship off the coast of Vietnam. I no longer refer to Obama as President Obama or Commander in Chief. As far as I am concerned he is a turd and commands no respect whatsoever.

  4. I also agree with your assessments. Women do not belong in combat positions, and as far as I am concerned, every position on a ship is a combat position, regardless of whether anyone want to admit it or not.
    The scary thing is this; If a woman who just had a 7lb baby says she didn’t know she was pregnant, I would be quite skeptical of her ability to do any viable work on a ship. Only a 300Lb. woman may not know she is pregnant because of all her fat.

    That young lady was concealing her pregnancy from her bosses which is as stated in the article, illegal.

  5. When did this corrupt country EVER win a war?Korea? Vietnam? Iraq? Afghanistan? The war on
    Poverty? The war on drugs? The war on terror?
    Without Russia, we would have lost the 2nd world war.

  6. IF any of you read YOUR BIBLE,then you would understand whats wrong,But I don’t really expect that to happen,THANK GOD The founding fathers were smart enough to require ALL government employees to take an OATH TO GOD,and now its being ignored by the very people who took that Oath,YOU know if you had read that book you all hate,YOU’d be Blowing traitors heads off,trying to get back into his graces,BUT in politicaly correct america,you’d rather see the country completely destroyed then do that,OH,and your going to be crying when you realize what I just told you is horroifingly true,whats about to come on this GODLESS country will be beyond your wildest imagination….

  7. This same crap that Clinton pulled in the 90s is the reason I left the Navy in 1993 with 16 months short of 20 years because I was so disgusted with what they were doing to my Navy. A pension was not worth it to me to play along with the brasses push for social change at the expense of our fighting ability. If the Joint Chiefs had any balls, they would forgo their pensions for the sake of their respective services. God help us.

  8. MY DAD was stationed on the USS ARIZONA,at pearl harbor the morning the Japanese attacked it,and they knew they were being set up by the base commander,TWO days before the attack,THEY had a meeting aboard the ship to decide what to do about it,TOO LATE and a DOLLAR SHORT,that was friday night..the rest is history….AND NOW your fearless leader is setting up all of america, to do it over again,PEARL HARBOR will be blown off the map completely this time,BY THE NORTH KOREANS,and not a finger will be lifted to stop them…THIS is a warning FROM GOD TO all you in the navy……

  9. To a submariner there are two types of naval craft: subs and targets.

    The communist countries like Russia, China and N. Korea have LOTS of subs.

  10. You know what? The American population doesn’t give a shit! If they did we would have run the sorry ass of this imposter socialist, if not communist, an intellectually deprived, divisive & destructive blob of human waste, out of this previously excellent, not perfect country

  11. I got RIFed in early 93, and managed to get my separation date to early 94, to collect separation pay.

    I can remember when sexual harassment training was mandatory, and a warrant officer was given that as a collateral duty to train the entire ship. He was clearly the wrong guy to do it, but I knew why he was chosen. It was so bad that I couldn’t help myself by goofing on him & the material. He was especially pissed when I told him that all we had to do was “do not call a c*nt a “c*nt”, especially in front of another c*nt”

    It was liberating to have a short-timer attitude for nearly a year. What could they do, send me out to sea?

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