The Problem with Powell


By Ray Starmann

Recently released hacked emails from former Secretary of State and retired General Colin Powell’s gmail account detail communications between Powell and Jeffrey Leeds, the founder of a private equity firm and a Democratic mega donor.

Leeds wrote, in reference to Hillary Clinton, “It’s the one prize she wants. She has everything else, and she HATES the President (‘that man’ as the Clintons call him) kicked her ass in 2008. She can’t believe it or accept it.”

Powell wrote to Leeds that he “would rather not have to vote for” Clinton, though he calls her “A friend I respect.”

Powell continued. “A 70-year person with a long track record, unbridled ambition, greedy, not transformational, with a husband still d—ing bimbos at home.”

In one 2015 email, Powell commented on Clinton’s use of a private email server during her tenure at the State Department and charged that “everything HRC touches she kind of screws up.”

Powell shifted fire on to Mr. Trump. He wrote that the GOP primary was “a reality show with Trump playing the role of Jerry Springer.”

Powell recalled that, as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, every few months he had to review nuclear plans and keep the President up to date.

“The very thought of putting Donald in this system is unbelievable,” wrote Powell, who also referred to the business mogul as a “know nothing” and “national disgrace.” 

Breitbart recently reported on more hacked Colin Powell emails that discuss his association with the elite globalist organization, Bohemian Grove and their members’ disdain for Donald Trump.

Here is Powell’s full July 24, 2016 email, which was hacked by DCLeaks.

Peter, I am back from the Bohemian Grove. Surprise, surprise, I sat next
to Stephen Harper a couple of times and had a nice discussion.  Grove
attendees know that Trump is a disaster. Most will vote against, but quite
a few will not vote for Hillary and will vote for a third party candidate.
Strange doings down here. Otherwise all is well with the Powells. We’ll
sneak away for a few days in August. Of course I’d love to see you. Let me
know your dates.  I told Stephen that you seemed quite content in your new
place in life.

All the best, Colin

The email was addressed to Canadian politician and lawyer Peter Gordon MacKay, a former Canadian Member of Parliament, who also served as Minister of Justice and Attorney General, Minister of National Defense, and Minister of Foreign Affairs.

“I am racing out of town to the California Redwoods for the weekend,” Powell wrote, referring to the Grove. “No phones, email or even Kindles.”

In a 2011 profile, the Washington Post reported on the annual July event:

Every July, some of the richest and most powerful men in the world gather at a 2,700 acre campground in Monte Rio, Calif., for two weeks of heavy drinking, super-secret talks, druid worship (the group insists they are simply “revering the Redwoods”), and other rituals.

Their purpose: to escape the “frontier culture,” or uncivilized interests, of common men.

The people that gather at Bohemian Grove — who have included prominent business leaders, former U.S. presidents, musicians, and oil barons — are told that “Weaving Spiders Come Not Here,” meaning business deals are to be left outside.

Colin Powell believes that everything Hillary Clinton touches turns into a trash bag full of horse manure, yet he respects her and is going to vote for her.


Powell knows Hillary Clinton’s record like the rest of us. He knows that she was an unmitigated, walking, talking Kafkaesque nightmare as Secretary of State. From Libya to Egypt to Syria Iran and Russia, the world is a much more unstable place, courtesy of Madame Secretary.

How can Powell vote for Hillary Clinton when the women’s national security policy is and would be the antithesis of the Powell Doctrine, which calls for massive military force to be applied to an enemy? Hillary Clinton would continue the Obama Administration’s incremental farce of a war against ISIS.

What does Colin Powell have to respect about Hillary Clinton? Why should anyone respect her? She is a woman who rode the coat tails of her husband for her own personal gain, to secure positions where she either did nothing, caused massive chaos, committed crimes or a combination of all three.

Powell will vote for Hillary because they are both members of the global elite establishment. Like Hillary and his stuffed shirt robber baron colleagues at Bohemian Grove and Bilderberg, Powell believes that he has superior knowledge over the rest of the American populace, particularly those in Hillary’s infamous basket of deplorables.

Colin Powell’s criticism of Mr. Trump is most distressing, but atypical of the national security establishment. Powell refers to Trump as a ‘national disgrace’, yet it was Colin Powell who deceived the United Nations and the world, either deliberately or inadvertently about the status of WMD in Iraq and the Iraqi NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) threat to the West.

Starting a war based on false premises, a conflict that maimed and killed tens of thousands is a real national disgrace Secretary Powell.

Powell calls Trump a ‘know-nothing,’ yet what does Powell believe the President’s job to be? The President is not a policy wonk who can recite the Order of Battle for the Russian Baltic Front or the disposition of Russian ICBM’s in Southern Ukraine. The President is a CEO, who must know a little about every subject and when needed, must call upon trusted advisers to assist him and provide guidance, detail and recommendations.

Trump has been the CEO of his company for decades. What private business has Hillary or Powell ever run?

What great knowledge, Secretary Powell, does Mrs. Clinton possess? Her only knowledge is in the area of bribery, fraud, extortion, security violations and destabilizing half of the world.

At the end of the day, Powell, like Mike Morrell and many in the so-called national security establishment are frankly, just jealous of Donald Trump.

Trump is a self-made man who turned $1 million into $10 billion over the course of 40 years. Like all self-employed people, Trump marches to the beat of a different drummer. This trait of raw American individualism drives men like Colin Powell crazy. Men like Powell, who have survived by walking on eggshells, saying the right thing and catering to the boss’ every whim and fancy, simply can’t understand entrepreneurs like Trump.

Powell is an organization man, who in his autobiography, My American Journey, wrote about his family’s motto of ‘a shilling for the king;’ meaning don’t rock the boat in whatever organization you serve.

Powell was a yes man who made his way to the top by punching the right tickets and pleasing the right people. Powell wouldn’t have the entrepreneurial guile to start a lemonade stand, much less a commercial real estate business.

People like Powell and the rest of the Never Trump crowd can hem and haw all they want about the Republican nominee. At the end of the day they need to know only one thing about Donald Trump: to start calling him Mr. President on January 20, 2017.

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  1. So a suspect Republican votes twice for Obama and doesn’t like Trump. Well, I like Trump. Don’t agree with Powell’s opinion of Trump. I am a retired Army officer also but my life experience is a lot different. I fully support Trump. I agree with what he says. Vote TRUMP$ Make America Great Again!

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