The Nuclear Option

By Joe Ragonese


In a 2008 political ad, then Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton asked “Who would you want answering that three a.m. call,” referring to Barack Obama’s lack of experience if he were to face a world crisis.  Well, that three a.m. call came on September 11, 2012, from the American Embassy annex in Benghazi, Libya, while Hillary was the Secretary of State and Obama the President, and wouldn’t you know it, neither one answered the phone.  In fact, to this day, no one knows where either one was, or what they were doing, over the 13 hours of the attack that killed Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three others.  The next question you are probably asking yourself, as this writer did, is if Hillary becomes our next President, what could happen the next time that crisis phone rings?  Will she even answer it this time?

The question begs investigation.  Clinton has not been known for her diplomatic acumen.  She does not have a single accomplishment under her belt as either a Senator or as Secretary of State.  In fact, her absence from leadership is her most enduring quality while in any position of power that she has attempted.  Many reading this will not remember when she led the health care initiative under husband Bill’s direction.  Bill was attempting to formulate Clinton Care (universal health care like that which is now known as Obamacare) and directed his wife, Hillary, to produce the legislation.

In typical Hillary fashion, she threw together a group of her minions, along with wealthy donors and contributions to the Clinton Library fund (the predecessor to the Clinton Foundation) and proceeded to develop her plan.  The people that she assembled together were never known, because in typical Clinton fashion, she was trying to financially benefit from the process, while hiding that fact.  Those assembled were so secret that the American press and people knew more about the top secret Communist Chinese Politburo than they did about who was developing health care in America.  Transparency has always been a problem for Clinton.   Of course it was a total failure.  Hillary is incapable of leading a kindergarten class out of its room, let alone develop any integral plan of action.  Her temperament may be the major obstacle to a cohesive plan development under her direction.

Hillary Clinton is best known for her volcanic temper.  Reports have long surfaced of her throwing tantrums in both the Arkansas Governor’s mansion as well as in the White House, when First Lady of both.  Those reports have been confirmed in Secret Service agent Gary Byrne’s recently published book, Crisis of Character.  In his book Byrne states that “Hillary Clinton once threw a Bible at an Agent on her detail, hitting him on the back of his head.” Byrne went on to explain that this pattern of unhinged rage was one that the Democratic Presidential nominee exhibited on a regular basis, happening on a more regular basis “the more at home she felt in the White House.  Hillary vented on everyone and it got worse as time went on.”

Further on in the book he relates that Hillary was paranoid and thought that the Secret Service was out to get them; believing that they were a part of her fantasized right-winged-conspiracy.  Byrne describes one episode where Hillary screamed at then President Bill Clinton that the agents were assholes and out to get them.  “They f—ked us, Bill!”  Hillary screeched, “We need to get rid of these assholes, Bill.”   Byrne was a uniformed Secret Service agent for 29 years.  Prior to that, he was an Air Force Security Police Officer.  Byrne received awards and commendations as both a member of the U.S. Air Force and Secret Service.  His credentials speak for themselves.  His veracity has gone unchallenged by either Bill or Hillary Clinton.

Clinton likes to portray herself as everybody’s friend; however, she is a vindictive woman who takes no prisoners from those who do not bow to her power.  Clinton is a pathological liar who has no shame in any lie or circumstance in which she may be caught.  Just think back to how shamefully she attacked those women who had the temerity to report Bill as the sexual predator that he is, or the casual way that she lied about being under sniper fire when landing in Bosnia.  She told that whopper when running for President in 2008, back when the press was firmly in Obama’s camp and they checked the fact, finding film of that landing and saw her exiting the airplane and being met by a little girl with flowers for her.

Clinton’s personality does not lend itself well with those who might disagree with her.  You know, like those world leaders that are not under the spell of political correctness.  Just think about Vladimir Putin engaging in a conversation with Hillary and her accusing him of being xenophobic or sexist because he can’t handle a strong woman.  I am sure his reaction would not be to acquiesce to her demands.  Russia is on the verge of becoming an important world power due to Obama’s lack of leadership, exactly where Putin wants Russia; and he has no qualms about going to war to further those desires.  You need to look no further than the Ukraine to see how far he will go.   He is a very dangerous man and Hillary is not mentally equipped to handle him.

China’s General Secretary and President, Xi Jinping, is preparing for war with America. Do you think that he will bend the knee to Hillary’s temper tantrums?  Xi wants total domination of the China Sea area and has already prepared to take it over, forcibly, if necessary.   The Chinese are looking for a reason to go to war with America.  A President Hillary Clinton might just provide them the excuse they are looking for.  Clinton’s  personality is probably the biggest reason that she was such a failure as Secretary of State.

Hillary Clinton’s only reason to become President is to put as much cash into her pocket as possible.  She does not care about the niceties of world order or prosperity for America or its people.  She only wants what she can plunder.  The world; however, tends to get in the way of people’s dreams.  While Hillary may dream of plunder, others dream of transforming the world into their desired look.  We are facing one of the most dangerous periods of American history.  Due to Obama’s lack of leadership, a void  has been created in worldwide politics.  There are many who wish to fill that void.  Russia wants its Soviet empire back, China wants to control the Pacific Basin, much like the Japanese wished the same thing during World War II, ISIS wants the fulfillment of Mohammad’s dream of a world-wide Islamic caliphate and Iran wishes to resurrect the Persian Empire.  Nobody knows what North Korea wants.

All of this chaos is coming together with Hillary in a good position to become the next President of the United States of America.  She is totally unfit for that office.  Her mercurial temperament, combined with her lack of ability will make her an absolute failure; just as she was at the State Department.  Hillary is like a scared dog that bites out of fear.  When a fear biter is cornered, it will fight with everything at its disposal.  At some point during her term as President, if she isn’t impeached and removed from office first for all of her corruption, she will be confronted with a situation that will put her into a corner.  It will be something that she cannot see a way out of.  And, she will strike with every option at her disposal.

Think about the possibility of Hillary being confronted by China in the South Pacific or South China Sea, where they have built and militarized islands they now claim as their sovereign territory.  They demand that we recognize their right to complete sovereignty over all of the China Sea, including Taiwan and several small historic Japanese islands.  They tell Hillary that she either accepts their demands or it will be war.  They are looking for a fight with America, everyone knows it and with a weak woman as President they may think that this is the perfect opportunity to act.  But Hillary has a violent temper, is paranoid and believes that everyone is plotting against her, and just like that fear biting dog, she will use the full arsenal of the U.S. Military at her disposal.

The Nuclear Option will be one of her first choices.  Even though she likes to paint Donald Trump with the moniker of someone who is not to be trusted with nuclear codes, the truth is that Hillary is the one with the proven temperament that is unfit to control those weapons.  She is a person who is not skilled at anything other than skirting the law.  I am sure that someone reading this will ask for proof of that last statement.  Rather than this writer proving it to them, let them try to find any accomplishment that Hillary has done throughout her political life.  Include her time as First Lady of both the Governor of Arkansas and in the White House.  Her career has always been shadowed with corruption and lawlessness.  True, she has not gone to jail, yet; but it is not because she is innocent.

Hillary offers no skill as a negotiator, none in a leadership role, and is without patience.  The proof of that statement is public record.  During her tenure as a U.S. Senator she authored no bills, led no committees, and generally showed up, the few times she did show up, empty handed.  That is her record.  Then there is the more than four years as Secretary of State, when she led no successful negations nor did she formulate any useful international policy; which is the job of a Secretary of State.  Again, for four years, she did nothing but sell her office to the highest bidder.

Now that her bonafides are established, we will return to her fitness to control the nuclear arsenal.  She has absolutely none.  There is nothing in her past that would indicate that she has the intelligence, training, or personal strength to know when or how to utilize our armed forces; let alone nuclear weapons.

Back in 1964 Barry Goldwater was the Republican Presidential nominee.  He was the father of the modern conservative movement and as such was not supported by what was then known as country club Republicans, today’s establishment Republicans.  His opponent, Lyndon Johnson was running on the coat tails of a very popular President, John F. Kennedy, who had been assassinated the year before.  But, Johnson, was not a likable guy.  He, like Hillary, was a take no prisoners personality.  Johnson painted Goldwater as a reckless man, who would use nuclear weapons against the North Vietnamese, whom we were at war with at the time.  Goldwater did not take the use of nuclear weapons off of the table, as a good leader would do; and the Democrats and their useful idiots in the news media changed his words to make it look like he would use atomic bombs in Vietnam;  just as Hillary is doing to Donald Trump.

In October 1964, the Johnson campaign produced a television advertisement showing a little girl picking flowers, then a bright flash, and then the recognizable atomic mushroom cloud.  The voice over narrator told people that if they voted for Goldwater, he would trigger a nuclear war.  People could not get that image out of their heads.

That advertisement gave Johnson one of the largest Presidential victories until that time.  (Both Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan topped his landslide in later years.)  He won 44 of the 50 states.  That ad reminds me of Hillary.  She will use something along those lines against Donald Trump, probably around October, unless Trump uses it against her first.  Hillary is very dangerous and not to be trusted with nuclear weapons.  The people of the United States must understand that.  I believe that Donald Trump, or one of the PACs supporting him should produce an ad with a mushroom cloud, showing a wicked Hillary cackling, while dropping an atomic bomb out of a B-52 bomber, on a field of defenseless children.

It is something that she would do, and think nothing more about it than she did throwing a bible at a Secret Service officer; because she does not have the wherewithal to solve problems in any other way.

It is time for Donald Trump to use the nuclear option.

Joe Ragonese served in the U.S. Air Force from 1963 to 1967, working in command & control.  For the next 36 years he was a police officer, 35 of those years on the Cook County Sheriff’s Police Department (Chicago, Illinois).  During that time he went to college on the G.I. Bill.  Joe was a freelance writer until retiring in 2005 as a police detective.   Since then he has written a novel, “The Sword of Mohammad,” available at, about nuclear terrorism in Chicago, and publishes Generations the Magazine, a senior newspaper,(  His passion is military history.

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  1. Irresponsible, unreliable, undependable- that’s Hillary. If you value you life and the future of our country, do not (DO NOT) vote for Hillary for President. And do not (again DO NOT) fail to vote, In the coming election, a failure to vote for anybody, helps only Hillary and increases he chances of getting elected

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