The lies keep on going & going & going, and the truth doesn’t matter


By Joe Ragonese

Black Lives Matter thugs strike again, this time in Charlotte, North Carolina.  The fallacy that police are hunting and killing black men indiscriminately, along with the lie of ‘hands up, don’t shoot,’ keeps growing.  It is not an accident that the lies began under the direction of President Barack Obama.  He is the most racist President that has held that office since another Democrat, Woodrow Wilson.

Wilson, a Southern Democrat, staffed his office with Southerners who began the process of removing black Americans from positions of authority in the government, and re-segregated the armed forces.  He undid 45 years of Republican anti-segregation legislation.  His policies ushered in the era of Jim Crow, with acceptance of all the separate but equal dogma which turned African-Americans into second class citizens.  We know how that turned out.

President Obama, on the other hand, hates white people, even though he is half white, and, more importantly, hates the police.  To top off Obama’s list of hate, he also hates America.  But, it is his hatred of white people and the police that are causing the Black Lives Matter thugs to rampage through the streets of Charlotte.  His dislike for America is why he sits in the sidelines and allows them to riot from city to city.

His disdain for the police became evident in his first few months as President, when on July 16, 2009, he criticized the Cambridge Police Department for acting stupidly when they arrested Henry Gates, a black professor at Harvard University.  In what was to become his usual fashion when whites interacted with blacks, especially if those whites were police officers, he automatically sided with the black person; no matter what they did.

In this case, Gates was having trouble entering his house after a trip to China.  He and his driver were using tools to force open the front door.  A neighbor called police, thinking that there might be a burglary in progress, and police responded, led by Sgt. James Crowley.  Officers were told by an irate Gates that the house was his.  Crowley asked him for some identification, as he did not know the man, which infuriated him.  Gates refused to provide identification, which led to his arrest for disorderly conduct.

During a televised press conference, Obama said, “I don’t know, not having been there and not seeing all the facts, what role race played in that.  But, I think it’s fair to say, number one, any of us would be pretty angry, number two, that the Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own home, and number three, what I think we know separate and apart from this incident is that there’s a long history, in this country, of African-Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately.”  There it was, his anti-police bias, unsubstantiated by facts, for the whole world to see. Young blacks sure took notice.

Afterwards the world heard the facts that Gates was out of line and caused his own problems by simply not identifying himself when asked.  Of course, the facts didn’t matter to Obama.  This was a black on white event and he was going to side with the black side, no matter how wrong they were.  His pattern of anti-police and anti-white rhetoric never stopped, only getting worse in his second term.  By then, knowing that he had no reason to pander to whites any longer, he went on the offensive against police.  Every shooting of a black, by a white or a police officer was immediately given over to the equally racist Attorney General, Eric Holder.

They tried to incarcerate police officer after police officer in places like Ferguson, Missouri, Falcon Heights, Minnesota, Cleveland, Ohio, and city after city.  The original outcry comes quick and loud, but after investigation, the officers are cleared of any wrongdoing, without a peep coming from the White House, who was so quick to offer condemnation.  The clamor to indict the police has become so loud and so often, that a false narrative has been established that the police are hunting and killing black men.

This false narrative is so prevalent that now the truth no longer matters.  Black Lives Matter thugs don’t care about the truth.  They only want an excuse to loot, steal, burn and cause mayhem; because the President winks and gives them the OK nod whenever it happens.  Instead of condemning the carnage, he sits back and watches.  Nothing is done to those who incite the rioters, such as Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton; and this time, in Charlotte, Hillary Clinton.

That’s right, the Democrat Presidential candidate went on television early to incite the black citizens of Charlotte by calling the police actions wrong and stating, “these shootings by the police against black men must stop.”  This is the same woman who criticized Donald Trump for calling the New York City bombing a bombing.  That’s right; she said it needed more investigation before it could be called a bombing????  That is what she said, that they needed more facts.  That was because it was a terrorist incident and that doesn’t play into the radical left’s playbook, so we have to hide the fact that it was a bombing, let alone a terrorist bombing; however, the police are wrong whenever a black criminal, armed with a gun, is shot and killed.

In many of the cases of blacks being killed, the black person could have avoided the incident all together.  Just like Henry Gates could have avoided being arrested by simply showing his identification, people like Trayvon Martin would be alive today if he would have simply backed away from George Zimmerman in Sanford, Florida, on the night of February 26, 2012.  Instead, he couldn’t let it go and attacked Zimmerman, who in self-defense pulled his legally carried weapon and defended his life.  Michael Brown attacked a police officer and tried to take his service pistol away from him, which cost him his life and on September 21, 2016, Keith Lamont Scott would be alive today had he simply followed police orders to drop his weapon.

Their blood lies firmly on the hands of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.  They have facilitated this type of disobedience of the police and continue to do so.  They are fostering a racial climate not seen in this country since the bad old days of Jim Crow, and are doing so solely for political gain.  They want to divide and conquer.  Until Donald Trump is elected our 45th President, and has enough time in office to redirect the course of events; this silliness will continue.

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