The Liberal Media’s Soviet Style Disinformation Campaign Against Trump

By Ray Starmann


Trump is simply the greatest threat to the Establishment since JFK.

The Establishment defined as the military-industrial complex, Wall Street and the corporate and political elite.

The Establishment robber barons hate Trump because he’s uncontrollable. They know Trump will never be a puppet if he’s elected President. And, if he is elected, the Establishment’s gravy train: the endless, unwinnable wars, the Wall Street crony capitalism, the lousy trade deals that bring in billions to the elite and garrote the American worker, will be a thing of the past.

Therefore, Trump must be destroyed at all costs.

Enter the Establishment’s best friend, the liberal mainstream media.

Seventy-five percent of the media despises Trump because of what he stands for: Americanism, red-blooded American guts and glory and the destruction of political correctness; the lifeblood, the tonic that fuels the left.

The liberal mainstream media has been conducting a disinformation and deception campaign against Trump that is so widespread, so intricate and so insidious it would have been envied by former KGB Chief, Yuri Andropov.

The mainstream media’s Soviet style active measures against Mr. Trump involve seven different tenets.

1.Paint Trump as a Racist – This is undoubtedly the media’s favorite tag to hang on Trump. According to the media, Trump is a racist because he wants to build a wall that will stop the flow of millions of illegals from Mexico and Latin America into this country. Trump is a racist because he wants to deport and fine and deny American citizenship to the 11 million illegals who are here ILLEGALLY. Trump is a racist because he called Mexicans convicted of rape, rapists. Trump is a racist because he referred to Mexican criminals in America as criminals. Trump is a racist because he visits black communities and asks them for their vote in exchange of his promises to fix their economic predicaments.

2.Paint Trump as a Sexist – What really drives the liberal media crazy is that Trump is a man not of this time. Trump has none of the characteristics of the modern American man; effeminate quirkiness and passiveness. Trump is brash and daring and honest. His off the cuff comments sound like something a guy would have said during Coach Stelnicki’s water polo practice in 1970. Trump is high octane testosterone and the average American male, who has been bludgeoned to death by pajama boys and political correctness can’t get enough of Trump’s regular guy stature. Trump is the blue collar billionaire who dines on KFC on his private jet while watching the NFL.

To the mindless trolls of the leftist media, Trump is Don Draper, Mike Ditka and Patton all wrapped in one. They continue to try and discredit Trump to one of the biggest voting blocks he is having trouble with; suburban soccer moms. The liberal media knows that soccer moms are over-protective helicopter parents who yearn for Mr. Sensitive, aka the Tim Kaine’s of the world. But, reality states that the Tim Kaine’s of the world belong to a political party that is crushing suburbia. A Pleasant Valley Sunday is becoming a 24/7 nightmare for the middle class. Gradually, soccer moms are realizing that Trump is the guy who will make sure the economy hums, the mortgages on their four bedroom houses are paid on time and their kids are safe.

The left’s attempts to call Trump a sexist have been largely unsuccessful. Trump has hired and promoted and paid very well, thousands of women in his companies. How is Trump a sexist?

On the contrary, Madame Secretary and her criminal enterprise, aka the Clinton Foundation accepted donations in the millions from places like Saudi Arabia that place women one notch above laboratory rats.

3.Paint Trump as a Hot Head – The liberal media loves to portray Trump as a hot head who will take us to nuclear war if he’s elected. This sounds strangely familiar to the left’s attempts to destroy Reagan during the 1980 election. Yet, has Trump thrown objects at people in the White House? Has Trump called Secret Service and military personnel every foul mouthed word in the dictionary? Does Trump have a reputation as having a violent and erratic temper?

No, certainly not. But, Hillary Clinton has and does.

4.Paint Trump as Inexperienced – Trump is consistently painted as the amateur without the requisite political or national security experience to be President. Yet, Hillary Clinton accomplished nothing as a junior Senator from New York and was a walking, talking nightmare as Secretary of State. Anarchy reigns across much of the Middle East today thanks to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

5.KGB False Flag Urban Chaos 101 – One of the most important aspects of the active measures being conducted against Trump is the use of radical anarchists like BLM and local communists to attack people at Trump rallies, vandalize police cars and incite general violence. When chaos ensues, the media blames it all on Trump and his supporters who are accused of being violent racists. In fact, the real violence is being supported and funded by Soros and his leftist minions. In fact, the real racism is preached and practiced by BLM.

6.The GOP Establishment Hacks – Republican Establishment hacks are dutiful servants of the left wing media as they appear on countless news programs explaining their disgust for Trump. With their club ties, Church’s cordovan loafers and smug Thurston Howell III accents, they tell the world how the thought of voting for a nouveau riche Neanderthal like Trump is abhorrent.

7.Control Information – A successful disinformation campaign cannot be waged unless information is tightly controlled. The liberal media does its best to ensure that any positive information concerning Trump is flushed into the DC sewer system. A great example of this is the police officer and Trump supporter who saved a small child from a hot car. When interviewed on HLN, the officer was dressed in a Trump t-shirt. HLN deliberately blotted out the logo on the man’s t-shirt, not to protect any copyright infringement, but to deny Mr. Trump any semblance of good publicity.



Yesterday, Reuters ordered its cameraman to cut live footage of Trump receiving praise from African-American Bishop Wayne T. Jackson in Detroit.

And, every day, liberal panels and pundits galore delight in railing against Trump.

The Establishment knows that in order for the fleecing of America to continue, Hillary must win. They will continue to utilize the willing lapdogs of the leftist media to prop up a physically ill criminal who is morally bankrupt and a despot straight from an Elizabethan Era dungeon.

Will the liberal media’s Soviet style disinformation operation succeed? Perhaps not; no matter what lies they propagate about Trump. Donald Trump’s greatest gift is his unpredictable nature. No matter how much the left attempts to control and manipulate the news cycle against Trump, Trump can usually sidestep them.

Also, the media has one thing going against them; Hillary Clinton’s crimes, which are plentiful and horrible and popping up every 24 hour news cycle like some haunted Jack in the Box from Julian Assange’s House of Horrors.

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  1. The Media is not the establishment’s ‘Best Friend’, but rather it’s servant. Establishment corporations own the major networks and news organizations that are systematically spewing this propaganda.

  2. Don’t forget to paint him as a fascist. That’s the one that gets me laughing loudest and is the quickest to get me to turn off my “well this is a serious article” radar.

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