Rand Paul Questions Clinton’s Health: Says She Could Have Neurological Problems


Prison Planet

Senator Rand Paul hit addressed Hillary Clinton’s health Thursday, saying that American do not believe what she says about her medical issues because she is fundamentally dishonest.

Appearing on 800 WVHU’s “The Tom Roten Morning Show,” Paul was asked about the stir caused by Hillary collapsing at the 9/11 memorial event two weeks ago.

“When they trotted out that diagnosis of pneumonia a couple days after the fact, America just didn’t buy it because they assume the Clintons will probably lie to you anyway.” Paul said.

“I think it is troubling when we look at the reports from Clinton—not just the potential health problems that she has—but also the dissembling the dishonesty about it.” The Senator added.

Paul seemed to have doubts of his own about Clinton’s diagnosis. “Maybe they need to look deeper into finding an answer, because people with the pneumonia who are recovering from the pneumonia who are not febrile and sort of fluid don’t go out in 79 degree morning weather and faint.” Paul noted.

The Senator, also a qualified physician, then suggested that Clinton may have deeper medical issues that she is hiding. “So you know there are a lot of other possibilities they need to look into, heart, neurological, post-concussion type syndromes on the brain.” the Senator stated. “There are a lot of things they need to look into with her health. I think it hurts her politically because she doesn’t appear to be forthcoming about it.”


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