President Hillary DEFCON 1 Clinton


By Ray Starmann

DEFCON 1 – Defense Condition 1 – Code Name – Cocked Pistol, Situation – Nuclear War is Imminent.

During the 1964 election, the Johnson Campaign was largely successful at painting Republican nominee Barry Goldwater as a maniac on the right who would push the button and destroy the world in a thermonuclear war.

The Clinton campaign is attempting to do the same thing to Mr. Trump, albeit with much less success, if any success at all. Trump is consistently being described as an erratic thinker with a bad temper, who doesn’t have the judgment to be the President of the United States.

Mrs. Clinton described herself tonight during the Commander in Chief Forum on the USS Intrepid, as someone with a rock steadiness, moral strength, excellent judgment and just the right temperament for the job.

In actuality, the truth is quite the opposite.

Hillary Clinton is clearly dishonest, a congenital liar who has endangered her country and worldwide human intelligence assets with her blatant disregard for our nation’s national security laws. Hillary Clinton doesn’t care about her country. Hillary Clinton cares about two things; her bank account and the greater good of Hillary.

Hillary Clinton is an out of touch globalist who is surrounded by sycophants who worship her as if she was some Ancient Egyptian queen.

She was one of the worst Secretaries of State in the history of the United States. Her judgment was, is and will always be worse than horrific. Her foreign policy decisions have resulted in the implosion of any stability in Iraq, the rise of ISIS, the collapse of Libya into anarchy, the chaos and carnage of the Syrian Civil War, the disastrous Iran Deal, the debacle known as the Russian Reset and the amassing of power and might by the Chinese in the South China Sea.

Obama is dangerous because he refuses to take action against the world’s bullies and thugs. Hillary is even more dangerous because she’s reckless, arrogant and often downright stupid in her decision making.

Mrs. Clinton is obviously physically ill. Rumors abound of ambulances in her Secret Service convoys, strange and obsolete treatments, adult diapers, Parkinson’s disease meds, seizures, early dementia, double vision, confusion, and the endless coughing that could be an indicator of cancer.

Besides the indicators of serious physical ailments, Mrs. Clinton may be suffering from mental illnesses as well. Her behavior since the days of Slick Willie as Governor of Arkansas has been described by psychiatrists and psychologists as exhibiting the traits of Anti-Social Personality Disorder, paranoia and delusion.

Mrs. Clinton has a reputation as having a wretched temper. There are numerous reports of her throwing objects at people in the White House as First Lady. She would regularly berate military personnel and Secret Service agents with her foul mouth. In fact, guarding Hillary is considered a punishment detail in the Secret Service.

There are also rumors that Hillary Clinton used illegal drugs as First Lady of the United States and Arkansas. Apparently, the only thing that could control her violent temper was drug use.

What happens when this country faces an adversary with a locked and loaded military with tanks, planes and ships and the competent quarterbacks directing them?

What happens if Putin takes the Ukraine, the Baltics or the Chinese make a big move in the South China Sea or against Taiwan?

Does the nation, does the free world want a President Hillary Clinton taking that call at zero dark thirty?

Hillary Clinton is an ailing despot, whose terribly reckless judgment and erratic mind, could lead the nation to a world war and a nuclear war. She is simply the most morally bankrupt and the most dangerous person to seek the White House in American History.

The US military has never gone to DEFCON 1. With a President Hillary Clinton at the helm that could be a very real possibility.

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  1. Remember Benghazi and the men she sent to their deaths while she was lying to the American public. She should be put in prison for the rest of her life.

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