Not one more


By Ray Starmann

How many stabbings and bombings and other assorted acts of terrorist violence have to be committed in the name of Allah, before the liberals running this country learn that permitting Muslims to emigrate from countries like Somali and Afghanistan is tantamount to national suicide?

This weekend, the country was beset with Islamic terror; in once peaceful Minnesota and in Manhattan and New Jersey.

In Minneapolis, a Somali immigrant, Dahir A. Adan, 22, stabbed nine people while screaming Allah Akbar, before he was shot to death by an off-duty police officer and NRA firearms instructor, Jason Falconer.

ISIS claimed that Adan had carried out the attack in the name of the Islamic State.

Since 9/11, 97,046 Somalis fleeing civil war and Islamist extremism in their homeland have been admitted to the United States. Of those, 15,681 were resettled in Minnesota, 7,493 in Ohio, 7,179 in Texas, 6,136 in New York, 5,678 in Arizona, 4,513 in Washington State, along with smaller numbers in other states.

The vast majority of the Somali population is Muslim, mostly Sunni, and the statistics of those admitted to the U.S. as refugees reflect that: Of the 97,046 Somali refugees resettled in the U.S. since the fall of 2001, 96,725 (99.6 percent) are Muslims.

In FY 2015 Somalis were the third largest contingent of refugees admitted to the U.S. – 8,858, or 12.6 percent of the total from around the world. Only Burma, with 26.3 percent, and Iraq, with 18.1 percent, accounted for larger groups of refugees arriving in the country.

In the last five years, nearly 15,000 Syrian refugees have been brought to the United States. This number includes the 10,000 recently admitted to the country.

According to the Washington Examiner, Nearly 20 percent of the 4,600 Syrian refugees already brought to the United States were settled in the New York-New Jersey area, site of weekend bombings that reportedly could be a dry run of future terror attacks.

Why is the United States of America bringing in people from countries that are at perpetual war, people who only understand violence as a way of life and who worship at the altar of a religion that is anything but peaceful?

The Qu’ran speaks of killing infidels, aka Jews and Christians and other non-believers in nearly 73 places. Moreover, at least 35 to 50 percent of Muslim immigrants in the US want to live under Sharia Law, aka Stone Age law.

The suspect in the New Jersey and Manhattan bombings that was shot and apprehended by police this morning was identified as Ahmad Rahami, a naturalized American from Afghanistan.

What a surprise…

The globalists are trying to destabilize the West by flooding the US and Europe with millions of violent refugees from the Middle East charnel house. People like George Soros are running this sedition. Who gave this Holocaust collaborator the carte blanche to destroy Western civilization?

Doing the dirty work of the globalist elite are the liberal media and leftists in government. Liberals will punch back with their traditional pie in the sky nonsense: we have to allow these people in; for the children, even though most of them aren’t kids, but single, twenty something men whose only goals are sucking off the government tit, raping women and committing acts of terror.

People who call for sane and pragmatic procedures to stop the flow of immigrants from violent countries like Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somali and the rest of the Middle East hit parade are deemed racists by the left.

Liberals expect Americans to accept these random acts of Islamic terrorism as a way of life. We’re supposed to subordinate our culture, our guns and our national identity to barbarians who worship a religion that is demonic in nature. Like the political elite calling the shots in Western Europe, liberal fools like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama expect Americans to adapt to Islam and anyone who wants to preserve their national identity and more importantly, to protect their national security is a racist.

It’s pure, unadulterated crap.

If blonde Swedes were committing these acts or terror, then blonde Swedes should be banned from immigrating to the US. It doesn’t matter what you look like, it matters what you believe.

The enemy of humanity is radical Islam in all of its forms.

Not one more Muslim immigrant in this country from countries that are sanctuaries of violence and terror until radical Islam is vanquished from the face of the earth.

Not one.

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7 comments on “Not one more
  1. Barack Hussein Obama is responsible for enabling and encouraging acts of Islamic terror in this country. His allegiance is clearly with those who want Americans to die.

  2. A cognizant, fully aware and informed electorate will not vote for the Hiidebeast. One cannot have the afore mentioned attributes and be a “progressive”.

  3. “How many stabbings and bombings…………….?” Can’t you see that the destruction of America is WHAT THEY WANT???? The liberals that run the country are puppets of the globalists. They must change the demographics of this country and disarm us in order to usher in their New World Order. This is all by design and carefully planned. The only thing standing in the way of the New World Order is an armed and angry American public.


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