ISIS has launched a new recruitment drive among unaccompanied youngsters in Germany’s refugee camps


Daily Mail

Unaccompanied children in German refugee camps are being targeted by ISIS to carry out Paris-style massacres in a new recruitment drive.   

It comes as the Federal Criminal Police (BKA) announced the number of potential terrorist offenders under supervision of German security authorities had once again increased.

‘At the moment we are looking at 523 suspects,’ said BKA Chief Holger Münch – up by 22 in June.

Now underaged and unaccompanied minors are the targets of radical Salafists eager for recruits to cause Paris-style carnage in towns and cities in Germany.

The interior ministry expressed concern on today saying that youngsters in particular ‘are being recruited with money and false promises.’

Salafism is an extreme form of Jihadism that believes in violence to combat anyone who is not a Sunni Muslim.

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