ISIS documents reveal jihadi wives receive SUICIDE VESTS and MACHINE GUNS as wedding gifts

All-Female ISIS Brigade image posted on Twitter

The Sun

ISIS brides are being gifted suicide belts and machine guns in their wedding dowries, new paperwork reveals.

Newly uncovered documents in Libya tell how cash-strapped jihadis are offering their wives-to-be deadly bridal presents as a bizarre sign of their affection.

In one example, Tunisian Abu Mansour married a Nigerian called Miriam but instead of paying a dowry he vowed to pay compensation ‘of one suicide belt’ in the event of his death or the marriage being dissolved.

Forces allied with Libya’s unity government found the documents as they searched buildings seized during a battle with the terror group in the coastal city of Sirte.

The papers belonged to the ISIS ‘Judicial and Complaints’ department and have now been published on the pro-government forces’ Facebook pages.

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