Is Megyn Kelly voting for Hillary?


By Ray Starmann

Many Fox News watchers lately seem to be mouthing the same thing; ‘What’s the deal with Megyn Kelly?’

Her show has materialized into the Trump People’s Court, with her as a newspeak Judge Wapner,  passing death sentences on the nightly myriad of Trump news stories, spokespeople and pro-Donald pundits.

The show is sponsored by Megyn Kelly’s out of control ego, which if bottled, could power every village, town and city on the East Coast.

Under the pretense of appearing ‘fair and balanced,’ Ms. Kelly is anything but that. Every minute of her hour long show is devoted to one mission; destroying Donald Trump.

A perfect example is last night’s segment where Ms. Kelly interviewed former Miss Universe, Alicia Machado. Megyn Kelly was practically frothing at the mouth as Ms. Machado made every allegation in the world against Mr. Trump.

Ms. Kelly failed to mentions Ms. Machado’s possible involvement as a getaway driver in a 1997 murder and her alleged threats she made to a judge in Venezuela.

Every opportunity is spent bashing Trump. Ms. Kelly blames Trump for everything from the Manhattan traffic to current gas prices.

Every Trump sound bite is examined and verbally drawn and quartered by Ms. Kelly and her coterie of Democratic pundits and Never Trumpers.

Every Trump act is chopped and marinated and thrown into Megyn Kelly’s verbal Cuisinart to be ripped to shreds.

Every Trump triumph is gas lighted and somehow turned into a Trump failure.

Every Trump supporter and Trump campaign representative is grilled and interrogated as if they were prisoners of the Gestapo in a medieval dungeon.

I find it amusing that one of the most watched anti-Trump news shows runs every night on the nation’s only conservative network, Fox News.

Sandwiched between Bill O’Reilly who likes Trump, but treats him like a kid in Father O’Reilly’s sophomore Jesuit high school classroom and Sean Hannity, who hero worships Trump, it’s more than odd that Ms. Kelly’s show is a 60 minute anti-Trump advertisement every night.

One wonders what dirt Megyn Kelly has on the Fox News leadership that they allow her to run amok every night.

During the primaries, Megyn Kelly’s dislike for Trump was evident, but understandable, since they had both bickered during the first debate. Also, there were 16 other candidates out there in GOP Land.

But, now, during the general election, her open hatred of Trump is more than hard to take. Is she rooting for Hillary? If one wants to listen to a news anchor destroy Trump, why not turn on CNN or MSNBC.

Megyn Kelly no doubt has delusions of grandeur that are apparently higher than her throne on Fox News.

But, to many viewers, her attitude and her treatment of Mr. Trump are becoming unbearable.

Even worse than her careening off the cliff ego is the fact that Ms. Kelly might be harboring the biggest secret of all at Fox News; she may indeed be voting for Hillary Clinton.

How long will Megyn Kelly’s reign of terror on network news be allowed to continue?  She’s turning off most Trump voters and her only possible viewers stem from the Never Trumpers and Democrats who enjoy watching the thin blond chick with the biker mullet attack the mega billionaire at 6 PM every night.

Megyn Kelly hates Trump because Trump is the kind of Type A personality, macho, self-made man who sees right through her veneer of feminist bravado and views her for what she really is, a legend in her own mind.

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6 comments on “Is Megyn Kelly voting for Hillary?
  1. Well said Ray!!
    I see the same in her too.
    It’s a power thingy, like killery’s is!!!
    I was shocked at first, but used to her now, and don’t watch her.
    Good article!

  2. Can’t stand Megn Kelly! She has an ego that knows no bounds. Her presentation makes me sick watching her. Why is she still on Fox! Yuck

  3. Easiest way to solve the problem of Megyn Kelly and her nightly tirades is DON’T WATCH HER! PERIOD!

    DO NOT give her viewership numbers. THAT will speak volumes to management.

    Although, I do have to give her credit when she interviewed Miss Universe. Her facial expressions were absolutely deadpan and she looked disgusted at what she was listening to. IMHO, she cut Miss Universe off so fast that is was pretty clear she knew she was being lied to.

  4. I totally agree Ray. With all of the problems in the world, and the systematic destruction of the U.S. and its once proud military at the hands of Obongo, Killary, and the rest of the hate mongering buffoons in this administration, Miss Killary lover goes on and on and on ad nausea about Trumps alleged treatment of women. I’m done with her, have been, and have zero respect for that Trump hater.

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