Hillary’s first appearance after her 9/11 collapse may have been staged



Videos are surfacing online that appear to show proof that Hillary Clinton’s event in North Carolina, her first after her 9/11 collapse, was staged or not what it appeared to be.

2 comments on “Hillary’s first appearance after her 9/11 collapse may have been staged
  1. Our country is being stolen in front of our eyes. A current presidential candidate may be dead or dying and using a body double, and our acting president may not even be legitimate. It’s obvious that BOTH individuals hate America, her people, and are more sympathetic to radical Islamic laws and values than God and traditional American and judeo Christian values. The opposing political party and law enforcement agencies don’t even care. God help us. How can we have possibly allowed this to happen?

  2. Sure it was staged.
    She was probably in her bedroom.
    I DO NOT THINK she will be at the debate with Trump, her – stand up for hour ‘n half? Don’t think so.
    huma, that muslim creature that “thinks” for her and IF killery gets in office, she will be running the WH, just as valerie jarrett and soros do now for obama.
    Look around you people, it’s all about muslims now.
    sharia coming to a town near you soon!

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