Gorka: This Is ‘Guerrilla Warfare’ & We’ve Seen It All Before


Fox News

Some people – such as Hillary Clinton – have suggested that Islamist-related terror attacks on U.S. soil are evidence that we’re winning the war against radical Islam abroad.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka, however, says that it “absolutely not” the case.

“I look at the last two years and I see the Islamic State fighting a two-front war,” Gorka said on “Fox and Friends” this morning. “They’re using violence in the region – in Iraq, in Syria, in Libya – to consolidate and expand the territory they hold … and they are promoting attacks on the soil of the infidel.”

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One comment on “Gorka: This Is ‘Guerrilla Warfare’ & We’ve Seen It All Before
  1. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are deliberately giving aid and comfort to the enemy, which includes all Muslims, world-wide. Islam’s goal is to annihilate all non-Muslims. Yes, this is an insane notion, but one that all Muslims embrace. Muslims have been inbreeding…first cousin marriages…since the beginning of Islam. The average Muslim has an I.Q. of around 70… mentally retarded. Both Hillary and Obama are well aware of the facts. I suspect that Hillary and Obama are committed stealth jihadists. google http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2015/10/muslim_inbreeding.html draw your own conclusions, the nest time a bomb goes off in your neighborhood, or one of your family members is scattered all over the pavement.

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