FBI: Clinton Withheld 17,500 Emails

Washington Examiner


FBI agents said they recovered 17,448 “unique work-related and personal” emails from Hillary Clinton’s private server that were not provided by her legal team.

The revelation came in notes released Friday by the FBI related to the investigation of Clinton’s email system.

Agents said 81 email chains discovered in the course of their year-long probe should have been considered classified at the time they were written, contrary to Clinton’s claims that everything sensitive was retroactively classified.

In addition, three emails bearing “confidential” classified markings were discovered on her server. The Democratic nominee said she assumed the “C” marking was a way to sort paragraphs alphabetically.

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One comment on “FBI: Clinton Withheld 17,500 Emails
  1. What more do we need to say. Her ending is prison –thats it. She has broken so many rules and laws and is still free to run as Pres—-really?????? The Dem party needs to withdraw her name —finish rhis sorry excuse of a person.!!! if the dems want to have any more standing in the country. Because right now you rate a 10 out of 100.!!!!!!!!!!!!

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